Friday, June 22, 2012

Where’s Eggenburg?

Actually,  I think I muttered something else,  but I probably shouldn’t repeat it.

And no,  that’s not like some sort of “Where’s Waldo” thing,  it’s just that Eggenburg is the village that Travelling Companion was headed towards last night when she called me for the second time to say the road that she usually takes was closed.  She had been given some instructions that she could head through Eggenburg,  and then down through Maissau and then back onto the highway.  Well, the term “highway”  is being generous,  since it does go through all the little towns along the way.  And THAT is where the speed traps are. 

And you know,  I’m quite content to not be the chauffeur when it comes to these meetings and such at the second office and all,  since there’s a whole bunch of evaporated time that I have to fill if I do that gig.  Just the same,  it’s moments such as this when I’d really and truly just as soon be at the wheel,  since taking a detour through a couple back country villages doesn’t phase me in the least.  We’re somewhat at cross purposes really,  since I’m the Dude who speaks the lingo,  and T.C. is the one who needs to go places.  Just one of those little life cluster f…messed up things.

Oh,  there I am using that bad language again.


Anyway,  it turns out it wasn’t construction as I had originally thought.  I think I jumped to that conclusion since there is a by-pass that they’re working on,  so somehow I had this visualisation that popped into my head.  No, it was some sort of horrendous accident that made it prudent to close the road.

Now this is what I have to say about that.   It doesn’t surprise me.   It’s a two lane road,  with passing lanes every so often,  but for some reason*,  there are those who can’t seem to wait the extra three or four minutes to get to the next passing lane.  I’m not aware of the details in this particular instance,  but I’d hazard a guess that there was some frontal contact involved.  Quite likely when someone was passing when they shouldn’t have. 

*As near as I can figure,  the “reason” is the way a person’s IQ plummets at that precise moment when they get behind the wheel of a vehicle.  And if you’re completely bored at this point,   which is understandable,  you’re perfectly welcome to see an example of this phenomenon here.  It actually has more to do with a perceived personality change one undergoes at the wheel,  but the concept is similar.  Have fun.

Almost forgot.  Last nights sunset.  Complete with the Vienna State symbol.


Sorry to jump around.  It’s getting late in the day.  Suffice to say T.C. finally ended up at home some time after 9:00 pm.   This working has to stop I say!


I suppose in light of this afternoon’s activities,  I should really have called this “Getting Home”,  since she was once again faced with some sort of difficulty within a couple blocks of our front door.  SO CLOSE.


In keeping with the way these things go,  the phone rings,  and I’m asked if I ‘can see anything?’   Which means I ultimately have to go down to street level,  mobile phone in hand,  trying to figure out just what the heck the problem is.   Well, the street was closed.   That explains it.




Bike riders could get through. 







Looks like a pretty easy gig for the cops.


I didn’t take a video since I took the Nikon down with me,  but suffice to say,  this was today’s obstacle for Travelling Companion. 

Some sort of demonstration against Iran (OK,  I can dig it)  but then they were playing Reggae music.   Right.

I guess I’m just not developed enough culturally or something,  since I didn’t think there was any relationship whatsoever between Iran and Reggae.  And if that’s the point,  then I’m missing it.


Yessir.  Life in the big city.

In case I don’t check in,  have a fine weekend.


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  1. Life in the big city, I think thats why I left it (Toronto) in 1979 and you know don't miss it at all. Good luck


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