Saturday, June 23, 2012

Keeping a low profile.






No plans.   Today started off kind of miserable, as we woke up to rain, so last nights rainbow was rather fitting.  I didn’t realise at first that it was a double.  Hence the series of photos. 


By “low profile”  I’m actually referring to the notion that we’ve been pretty gul derned lucky in these here parts,  weather wise.  Without getting constant snippets of news on the TOOB,  (‘cause we don’t get TV)  it’s sometimes necessary to seek out the news.

Apparently they’re still cleaning up in other parts of Austria as the result of some crazy assed* weather they’ve been having.   I had no clue.


*That’s a highly technical metrological term,  by the way.



Of course,  when it comes to telling just about anyone in North America about this sort of thing,  I’m pretty much “preaching to the choir”,   since weather cr*p is pretty much part of daily life there.  Sorry to trouble you.  I’m just saying,  we’ve been lucky.  Just pointing it out is all to try and balance out any of those times when I whine and snivel.

There were a few gruesome pictures on the web,  and since websites do get changed from time to time,  I’m just going to pilfer a couple pics to demonstrate.


It’s one thing when there’s a sea of mud running outside your house:


But it’s quite another when it comes in uninvited:



Like I said.  We’re having just a fine day here.  Sun’s out.  No need to man the buckets.   Life’s good.


Enjoy your weekend.


Thanks for peeking in.





  1. Nice Rainbow.... Nice Rainbow (it's a double one, right?).... Where in the world is that mud story? How awful! About the heat... where we're at up here in Maine it got up to the mid 70's today... the locals are sweltering... I'm finally getting warm!

  2. nice weather you are sun and more rain ..then a deluge and then some thunder and lightning?..welcome summer on the west coast!

  3. Glad you are enjoying your nice weather there, not too bad here either. Nice rainbow shot!

  4. Yes you have been lucky. Our day will come....


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