Thursday, June 28, 2012

So THAT’S why my feet hurt.

And no,  I won’t be showing any pictures of my feet.  Even though they don’t quite match. 

Seriously.  Not sure what sort of mutation happened there,  but one fine day as I was perched on The Throne and happened to take a fresh look at those appendages,  I though,  “Hey,  one of these things is not like the other.”




Feel free to sing along.

I’m so easily distracted.  Gawd.


Where was I? 



Well,  I TRY to take a glance at myself in the mornings before heading into the big world out there,  even though I might not be the shabbiest one on the street.  *By a long shot.*  It’s a matter of personal preference I suppose.  This morning I even shaved.  


I mean,  after the Hair Lady tidied things up yesterday in the rest of the hair department,  it seemed like the reasonable thing to do.   Along with that of course,  it never hurts to check on any other wayward hairs that *ahem* might be growing in places where they’re really not appreciated.  Nose.  Ears. 

You know. 

And if you’re too young to know?   You will.  Just you wait. Trust me.

Hair Lady even took a couple minutes and trimmed my eyebrows,  so we’re good to go in that department.  Here I thought I had them under control,  but they weren’t to her liking apparently.  Maybe I have to rethink my standards when it comes to eyebrow trimming?  I never took the course or anything,  so maybe I’m missing something.



Saw these guys putting up something out on the main drag.   Talk about having the ultimate tool for working on the house.


I try not to stand and gawk covetously,  but it ain’t easy.


On the way back,  about half way I suppose, I started to notice that something wasn’t quite right.  Just a minor annoyance,  and nothing that was serious enough such that I wanted to hail a cab or anything.  It wasn’t until I got in the elevator and was stationary,  that I finally decided to look down to see just what the heck was going on,  when I realised I was wearing the wrong footwear!  Oh geez!  So now I need to check my feet too?

Did anybody notice?

Probably not.  Sad to say,  I probably could have gone barefoot,  and nobody would have batted and eye.  Well,  until I started limping of course.  But even then,  maybe not.  It’s that big city thing. 

Oh man,  the things I see.


We have these el-cheapo flip-flop type of things that are for the express purpose of going out on the terrace.  Sometimes I might venture out barefoot,  but there’s always that one little stone that reminds me how that’s not always such a bright idea.   The ones I bought a few weeks back are really surprisingly comfortable.  So much so that a person just might forget that they have them on their feet.  That is, until they’ve walked about a kilometre of course.   That’s when the tops of the feet start to get abraded?  Ouch!

No calluses up there to speak of.   Certainly hope not anyway.  That would be just wrong.


See, the ones on the left?  The comfy but, “go no farther than 20 meters”  variety.   Whereas the ones on the right get strapped down.  

Simple stuff really. 

Kind of like cinching up your seat belt when there’s turbulence.   It does help to be strapped in.  The same applies for the tootsies too.


I see folks walking in those ‘between the toes absolutely flat’ kind of flip-flops,  and I’m just awe struck.  I can’t even conceive of how it’s possible to walk any farther than from the showers back out to the locker room in those things.   Besides,  I can’t abide by anything between my toes.  

We don’t even own any,  since I consider them to be pretty much an abomination.


And those socks with individual toes?? 

toe socks


How should I put this?  ‘Water boarding’ or making me wear those.  Those would be reasonable choices for ways to torture me.

The whacky colours don’t help either.


Now,  speaking of shoes….

Don’t you love these segues?


The other day,  Travelling Companion was lamenting the condition of a pair of shoes she’s had for a while,  and was wondering whether or not she should part with them.   When I say "a while”,  that basically means that she can no longer remember when she bought them. 



There were two things to consider however:   They are comfortable and,  they still would have a few more miles on them (well,  kilometres if you prefer) if they only had new heels.   Many folks don’t realise that good shoes can in fact be repaired.


See,  the soles are pretty good.  It’s the heels that are shot. 



So I took them to a Schuster this morning.  He promised to heal those heels.   €13.   A heck of a sight cheaper than new shoes.  I think those puppies were pricey.  I’ll have a “pricey puppy” shoe story for you tomorrow.  I promise.


I’m starting to get a little long winded here,  so when I pick up the shoes with the new heels on them,  I’ll post an “after” shot.

Meanwhile,  the night pic I took the other day of the outside screen was really pretty pitiful,  so I went up last night and took one with the Nikon.  Big difference.  Someone said we’d be seeing more of that place.  Good prediction.


This was during the game between Spain and Portugal.  Not that it matters.



There we go.  Heaps better.  Click on that sucker.


Keep those sticks on the ice.


Thanks for coming ‘round.





  1. feet issues..I can so relate..and as for the skimpy little between the toes flip flops?..bad really bad for your feet..
    nice to hear about a man who cares about those trusty nose/ear hair issues and eyebrows too..
    where I work you can always tell the older men who don't have a woman in their lives?..the hairs have gone 'crazy'!!
    you really should make friend's with mr. big screen projector tv guy'!!..just think of the fun you would have!..even more fun than you are having now!!

  2. It seems that I can only grow hair in the unappreciated places :(

  3. Well at least you had the same pair on! could have had one of each and not noticed.....that is way worse and of course Colin has done that!

    Great idea about the huge projection but what about when it rains? And no I won't discuss nose hairs.....nope, nope, NO!

    1. We have a niece who has worn two different shoes, but on purpose. Just a crazy thing. She's in University now, so I'm not sure if that still goes.
      If it rains it rains. I suppose you hang around under an umbrellas for a time and then call it a day.

  4. If I couldn't wear my flip flops, I'd have to stay home. After wearing them almost exclusively for the past few years, it's almost impossible to fit my feet into real shoes. Guess they *are* bad for you...but they sure are comfortable.

  5. I guess you're not a fan of the individual-toe-shoes? Don't know if I would like them or not, because you have to try on shoes while wearing socks, and you can't try on Indie-toe shoes with socks. That's a catch-10.

  6. I've seen those. They look kinda creepy to me. Plus, I'd have to be unconscious to wear any individual toe things, whether socks or runners, so that would most likely defeat the purpose.

  7. I rather like the colorful socks... but don't think I could wear "individual toe" kind. And those flipflops that have that strap between the toes are definitely out of the question. It's not so easy to find a shoe repair shop in the States these days... but I still get shoes re-heeled when they need it.

  8. Now, I am a hairdresser and whenever I cut hair on a man's head I always included the eyebrows, ears and the odd time the nose hairs. All part and parcel in my books.

    As for looking in the mirror before going out for the day, I would say that there must be a lot of people out there that don't own mirrors and I'll leave it at that!

    Kevin and Ruth

  9. Say, I remember having a pair of socks just like that in the 60's. Didn't wear them much, they drove me crazy.

    So what is it that makes your one foot not like the other? :)

    1. It's as if I have the feet from two different people, and that's all I'll say.


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