Monday, June 4, 2012

A slight bungle.

I screwed up ever so slightly and I humbly beg your indulgence.  I was messing around with stuff yesterday and wanted to publish an entry to see just exactly how it would look,  which resulted in that link taking you to the wrong place. 

So if you clicked on “Playing with watermarks” as a result of this blog being linked to someone else’s,  as in ‘on their list’,  you had to then click on “home” to get anywhere.   Sorry.  After 679 posts spanning four years,  I’m still a “pretty good beginner”.  




Where was I?


Today is Ljuba’s last day here in Europe.  She spent the last week down in Slovenia visiting here and there.  She did go to one place where we’ve never been,  which is out to the salt producing area of Slovenia on the Adriatic.  Daughter Number two and here hubby were there last year.  Last year?   Oh geez,  maybe it was two years ago?  Never mind.  Here is a link to the Google search page if you're remotely interested.


Although she certainly could have made her way to our front door on the public transit system (hey,  I’ve done it to and from that train station) we went to pick her up last night.  Everything is pretty quiet at that time of night. 




I probably should have taken the Nikon,  but then taking a short video would have been out of the question.



There was actually quite the hoard on that train.  Ljuba had very wisely reserved her seat both going down and for the return trip,   but it’s still heaps better when a train is only half full,  since then you’re not packed in for five hours.   Actually the report was that the train was mostly empty and that more and more people kept getting on after they crossed into Austria. Folks getting back in to town after the weekend?  Sure beats Sunday night traffic on the 400.



There was some mention of the architecture yesterday,  as well as something to do with coffee.   Yes,  the architecture is pretty awesome for the most part.   It’s very easy to muddle along from day to day with out really looking up once in a while to appreciate the work that has gone into the buildings here.   There are a few “plain Janes”,   but for the most part,  there’s a certain pride in making things look nice.

Now,  as to the coffee plus water question?  Well,  as near as I can figure from wandering around the net,  it’s a habit that came out of Turkey,  since the coffee there is pretty high test stuff.   The water also helps to clear away that “crud”  in your mouth that tends to linger after a cup of coffee.  Not only that,  since coffee is a diuretic,  the addition of equal parts water to the experience helps to balance out that situation.   It’s a multi-pronged solution,  if you will.

So basically,  there doesn’t seem to be one pat answer.  And this probably could be filed under,  “Bob is making sh*t up”, but I’ll stand by my utterances just the same.  You’re certainly welcome to search it all you want.  Your mileage may differ.

Now,  on the very opposite end of things in the “fancy building department” (and you knew I mentioned the architecture for a reason),  I’d like to offer the following:




Oh man!  Gotta go there! 




The plan for today is,  Travelling Companion is going to *try* to get out of work early enough so that I can first go and fetch her,  and then she can accompany Ljuba and I to the airport.   We need to leave our front  door by some time around 5:30 p.m. in my humble opinion.  Ljuba’s flight is at 20:05  (OS457),  so even if it takes me an hour to get out of the city,  she’ll still have plenty of time.   This is the same departure time I have set up for the coming Friday when T.C. and I are heading to Shrewsbury for the weekend,  so it’ll be a good test. 


Keep those cell phones charged.


Thanks for stopping by.




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  1. I really enjoyed that video clip of the train pulling into the station and seeing the people get off - I always find that interesting for some reason.

    Thanks for explanation on the water and coffee. I've seen Turkish coffee and it looks like mud.

    As for the blog problem, heck, think of it this way - you made it all the way to June before making your first mistake. That beats me!


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