Friday, June 15, 2012

Just a Friday


There’s the usual bedlam out on the streets.  I try not to go out there in the afternoons if at all possible.  The hoards can be overwhelming.  As far as driving anywhere is concerned?  It just depends on the timing.   Even then, there’s a good chance there will be some jack-ass unloading drywall out on the main drag.



Or most anything else.  Really. 

I mean,  I know he has a delivery to make and all,  but I think I would have picked an earlier time.  But maybe that wouldn’t have helped.

Two things to consider if going by car:  One, make sure you don’t need to go to the bathroom.   Two,  don’t be in a hurry for any other reason.  The traffic could almost be tolerable if it were only a question of volume.  It’s the jack-asses that really throw everything into a cocked hat.

I’ll stop now.


Travelling Companion worked from home today.  For the most part,  that’s a far better arrangement than wasting all that time doing a commute.   I only get slightly bent when I go to use the printer and all of the paper has been used up.  Just one of my little pet peeves.  I’m sure there’s an ample supply at the office of The Company that Cannot be Named,  it’s just a matter of getting some of it here is all.   I rarely use the printer,  which is probably why running out of paper tends to take me by surprise.  And no, it’s not about the money.  There’s more paper in the stores.  It’s the running out part that is ever so slightly vexing.

There’s a pretty good chance that she would have headed in to the office today like any other day,  except that she picked up a head cold somewhere.  I suspect it was from an idiot who was sneezing on the plane.  It was something that did get my attention let’s just say,  and I recall thinking to myself,  “Cover your mouth,  a**hole!” 

Oh,  sorry.  Forget I said that last bit.   Trying to keep it PG13 here.


Or possibly someone who shook hands with her,  or did that Austrian kissy-kissy thing?   You know,  it’s the “three cheek”  kiss?   We were introduced to that in Puerto Rico.  Gawd, they always had head colds.    Which,  by the way,  has nothing to do with BEING COLD.  It’s f**kin’ hot in Puerto Rico,  but you can still get a cold. 

I managed to avoid getting sick the whole time we were there.  

First of all,  I’m taller than most Puerto Ricans  (with the possible exception of their volleyball or basketball teams) which helps, and I wasn’t about to kiss anyone.  There was a funny little instance too, when at a little “going away”  party that was held in our honour when we were about to leave the island,  one of T.C.’s  associates actually asked if it was OK if she could give me a kiss?  Like, she asked T.C. if it was OK for her to kiss me.  I guess she figured it was OK with me,  since she never actually asked me.  Best not to take liberties with those gringos.   Especially if the gringo in question is married to the boss.   I knew she didn’t have a cold,  so it was OK.   Otherwise, I’m not bending down so you can spread your germs.

It sure would have been embarrassing if I had said, “no!”  And no,  it never would have occurred to me.  Maybe we’ll add that one to the list of “How to be a complete ass in any language”? 

Um ya,  guys?   If a woman in a foreign country offers to kiss you,  just say yes.  If you think she has a head cold,  just excuse yourself and go and wash your face and hands. 


I actually had more exposure when I worked in the school, resulting in at least a couple head colds per year.   Not so much in the early years when I worked afternoons,  since “I was the only one”.  (Why does that always me think about Winney the Pooh’s friend Tigger?) 



No, it was later on,  working the day shift, when I’d have to wade through a sea of sniffling,  sneezing little ankle biters.   Someone is going to get you.  It’s bound to happen.


You can always tell when I got nothin',  since there’s a lame picture and a link to a YouTube video.  Scraping the bottom here kids.  Next we’ll be doing the “Farm report”.

Confidence is high that we’ll be heading off to the outlet mall tomorrow.  *sigh*   Just one of those things a feller has to do.

I don’t mind.  But I did stipulate that we should go early.  “Early” in this case means trying to get away before 10:00.    We’ll see how that pans out.   By mid afternoon,  that place is mobbed.


If life is too boring to report on for the next couple days,  you’ll be the first to know. 

Have a fine weekend.


Keep the noise to a minimum if you wouldn’t mind.

Thanks for poppin’ ‘round.




  1. Just for fun, I clicked on the label that says "retarded people". You sure do have a lot of posts that are related to that label! Too funny...

  2. Unfortunately, it just seems to "come with the territory". Hard to explain really. I'm pretty sure I could go out every single day, and take pictures of people either doing stupid things, or looking like complete idiots.

  3. Hahaha...clicked on that video. Too funny! And you are right about those thoughtless germ spreaders. Geeez..


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