Saturday, June 30, 2012

But there’s a breeze…

Not that that helps.   It’s kind of like when you open the door of a convection oven.  You do get a ‘breeze’.

I’m not sure what my thinking is when it comes to this habit,  but I like to have fresh air blowing through the place for as long as I can stand it.  Usually my “cut-off” is around 25.  

I mean, there was that “breeze” after all.

Took a while to get it cooled down from this:


Fine.  I’m an idiot.


We’re down to a much more sensible 23°C in here,  even though my trusty thermometer outside on the post is still showing 35°C,  and it’s now coming up on 9:00 p.m.

Just to save you the arithmetic,  35°C is 95°F.   Mind you, for anyone living in St. Louis Missouri,   where it was a record 109°F  (41°F) yesterday,  (holy cats!) I’m sure 95 would seem just peachy.   Or maybe not.

Which is why I need to stop this right now,  since I’m beginning to preach to the choir.  It’s hotter in other places.  AND,  at least our electricity is still flowing


Pretty much a normal boring Saturday.  I made sure to get out there and run the shopping errands before it got too stinkin’ hot.   I was the only one in at the butchers when they opened at 8:00.  Travelling Companion had a hair appointment at 10:00.   That kind of stuff.

Oh,  and I have a little story she heard from the Hair Lady,  but it’ll have to wait.


I made potato salad,  T.C. made the bean salad and I threw some chicken on the Weber.  Bada-bing.

Turns out we’ll have plenty for tomorrow,  so that’s a bonus.  Getting tired of coming up with stuff.

Just getting tired of eating.  Stupid thing is though,  we still get hungry. 


Sure hope everyone is keeping comfortable,  whatever that takes.


Thanks for looking in.





  1. Bob! I could use some of that heat you've got there. It's chilly and rainy here on Vancouver Island today. By the way, thanks for your comments on our border experiences. You've certainly had enough crossings to know what's rotten and what's right. Take care. Hope you two have a very great week!

  2. Pretty perfect here in the piney woods outside Flagstaff. I sorta wish it would get hot or fiery or something so we'd be motivated to get higher. Nix that about getting fiery - it's too possible to be funny.

  3. Dinner looks wonderful for a hot day, especially done on the Weber. Temps here about the same, but with only a 15 amp extension cord not much change of turning on the AC, so enjoy the shade a bit of a breeze and the pool here in our wonderful host's back yard.
    We never get tired of eating and always searching the internet looking for new ideas.

  4. We finally got UP to 23C today!!! I'll send over the breeze and you send me the heat. Wish it were so easy.....sigh! Happy Canada Day!


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