Friday, July 1, 2016

Happy Canada Day!

And yes I know,  I haven't been around much.   Not much to say,  and anything that pops into my pea brain usually gets dismissed as just more drivel.   There's enough crap on line,  don't you think?

Anyway,  we're getting some much needed rain here today,  in spite of it being "Canada Day" and all. I'm pretty sure rain is not permitted,  but then again, it'll likely clear up by later tonight.
Just in time to scare the bejeepers out of all the dogs that can't quite tolerate loud far off unexplained noises.

Speaking of which,  Daughter Number Two and Son-in-law just so happened to have adopted another dog (yes,  they now have two),   and aptly named him "Pugsly".  
He's a pug/something or other mix, go figure.
It turns out that,  and they knew this going in,   Pugsly is as deaf as a post.   Seriously.  Unless he smells you coming,  a skill he has aptly demonstrated whenever food comes in the door,  chiefly in the form of take-out, he hasn't a clue if you're around or not.
Meanwhile their first dog Kermit has always been terrified of thunder.  To the point that,  they had to get him a "thunder shirt" to try and keep him from virtually shaking himself out of his skin.
Now here's something interesting.   Having endured at least a couple thunder storms since the arrival of Pugsly,  Kermit has now become much more tolerant/immune/whatever to thunder.
Seems that,  if your buddy sitting right next to you has absolutely no reaction whatsoever to all those loud noises outside?  Maybe you just need to quit being such a big ole scaredy-cat?  And calm the hell down!   So,  you can make any assumptions you'd like about "dog psychology",  but I just thought that was interesting.  

Don't you love these little tidbits?

Clearing up by later tonight will be a good thing,  as I'll be on the boat for the next three days.   Emphasis on days.  I don't do overnights on the boat.
Just well,  no desire.
It's an annual thing that's been going on for about eight years now, having to do with something called  GHYRA.
And in case you're reluctant to click on that link,  that stands for "Greater Hamilton Yacht Racing Association".    This event involves basically sailing for the next week to such exotic locals as Oakville and Youngstown, N.Y.   I'm only going to race the first two days,  and then hook up with the boat on Friday again to sail from Newport to Bronte.
Should be fun.  I did a couple days last year.  I find that a couple days out on the water is just about enough for me.  No matter how much sun block I slather on,  between the sun in the sky and the sun off the water,  I'm just a bit pooched after two days.  
Just the same,  I'll head back out on Friday.

Of course,  a lot of the participants simply live on their boats for the week,  which can be said of the skipper and one of the crew.  Like I said before,  I have very little desire. I guess I'm just at that point where,  I'd much prefer to sleep in me own bed.  Thanks.

Even when we had the RV,  I was still "sleeping in my own bed".   There's a lot to be said for that.

Speaking of sailing,  we're well into our Tuesday night outings.  We've pretty much sucked in terms of our performance on the race course,  but as was brought forth after our evening out this past week,  "we're getting a little bit too old for this".
Just the same,  I wear my knee pads and keep the Tylenol handy.  Not about to pack it in just yet.

(Of course,  most every Wednesday I wonder just why my knees are kinda hurtin'...)

I've only included this pic of one of our competitors sailing by before the start of the race to point out the colour of the sky there.
After the first leg I think it was,  we very quickly hauled out our foul weather gear,  since it proceeded to rain like crazy.   Of course,  even though we were relatively dry,  all the sails that we had up got soaked,  which means having to hoist everything up again once at the slip and wait patiently.
You might think that it was raining at the slip as well?   Well no.  Didn't get a drop on land,  where we needed it.

I guess that's all I got.   They're calling for good weather after today,  so that would be a good thing. Sailing in the rain is certainly do-able,  but just as happily avoided.
Hey,  who knows,  I might take some pictures?

Until next time.

Thanks for stopping by.