Friday, June 8, 2012

Watch those adapters.

We’re pretty much packed and ready to go.  Travelling Companion has promised to leave from work at 3:30 p.m.,  since our car will be here at 5:30.   I hate to be on tender hooks,  so the earlier she gets here,  the better I’ll like it.

The little soirée that we’re going to tomorrow night in Shrewsbury,  or just outside of Shrewsbury I suppose,  is quite likely going to be a “dress-up”  kind of thing,  for which I have no issues in terms of preparation.  I’m only having some slight qualms about wearing my dressier  shoes for the whole trip.  The preference would be to wear my runners and pack the shoes,   not so much since the shoes aren’t that comfortable,  but moreover due to a bit of a sore spot on my left foot.  Need those thicker socks. 

Such trials and tribulations. 

You can roll your eyes.  It’s OK.


For the most part,  we tend to rummage around “The Continent”  when it comes to travels,  so I really don’t give a lot of thought anymore to how I’m going to plug in a computer or camera charger.  We only have two devices that require a transformer,  and after frying the transformer for the scanner a few years back (got a new one for a couple bucks and wired it up)  I now clearly label those things.


Just in case!  Since hey,  I could very easily forget.  Once you “let the smoke out”,  these things don’t work worth a damn.


So for the rest of the stuff,  it’s only an “adapter” that’s required.   I have a bunch of them floating around,  and it’s only when T.C. goes to Switzerland that she has to be mindful of a slightly different type that they use.  They have a three prong thing going on. 




So,  I’m only taking the small camera,  and in spite of giving it a full charge yesterday,  I figured I had better take along the charger.  It’s quite small,  and fits easily into my “Man bag”.   Don’t laugh.  Sometimes a feller has to carry around a lot of cr*p in Europe.

Then I realised,  “Ruh-Roh!”  we’re going to the UK.  I wouldn’t be able to plug it in anyway!   Not only that,  but if T.C. wants to take her Crackberry, which of course she does, then we’d need the adapter for that too.





So,  the white one plugs into a UK socket.  The grey one to the left of it is needed to then plug into the white one,  since the 110 prongs on the charger aren’t quite long enough to reach past the housing on the white one.

The black one on the lower left is for T.C.’s Crackberry.  There are a bunch of different adapters that were included with her Crackberry,  and they are interchangeable right on the transformer. 

Got that?


Oh, I almost forgot.  The new addition to the airport just opened up a couple days ago.   We’ll get to see if it too was designed by monkeys. 



The one thing I notice is that there’s now a “centralized security check point”.  Really? Well that’s the first strike.  The whole idea of having security right at the gate was one of the things that I thought they had managed to figure out,  and here they went and screwed it up.  The journalist said something about it now only taking five minutes instead of fifteen?   Well that remains to be seen.  Put down the crack pipe there darlin’.


Well,  it’s not Toronto or Newark,  so maybe it’s going to be OK.  I could tell you tales of standing amongst a sea of passengers all trying to get through one security checkpoint in Toronto to get on a host of early morning flights that would make you want to spit.  

Dumb.  dumb idea.

I feel an intense rant coming on,  so it’s probably best to not even go there.


*deep breaths*



Well then.  It’s back to the regular Friday chores.   It’ll be a two day “blog-cation”  I’m afraid. 

Until Monday then.


Have a fine weekend.


Thanks for coming by.





  1. I have trouble keeping stuff charged here in the USA. I'd really be in trouble over that direction. Have a great time. I'll be thinking about your sore foot. See you Monday.

  2. enjoy your 'blog-cation'...hope everything stays powered up!!

  3. Funny how one spends more time staying connected then just enjoying.

  4. I started to reply to your blog and... the battery in my mouse died... kaput! Your missive today (and my dead battery) just made me think of how much we rely on our electronic gadgets! We have a whole bag of "adapters" so we can use whatever we need in whatever country we happen to be in. Now when we pack to go anywhere we pay more attention to our adapters, our battery chargers, and our cables than we do to what clothes we need to pack. Who'da thought?

  5. Talk about adapters! Pft... Many transformers are good for 120V and 240V. Or so I thought and plugged in the one for my external hard drive in Germany. After all I had an adapter. When the smoke started stinking up the air, I noticed something was really wrong. Luckily the surge didn'r reach the external hard drive. The transformer went first. Yep, I saved the hard drive. 3 weeks later Bea blew it finally up - by using a 19V output transformer on the 12V hard drive. Another case of smoke stinking up the air. And all the data lost on the drive.

  6. Thanks! You reminded me I need to get plug adapters for our laptops!


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