Tuesday, June 5, 2012

All Quiet.

“All’s Quiet”?   Maybe that’s better.  

I could say,  “Im Osten nichts Neues”,  which could more or less be translated as, “Nothing new on the Eastern Front”,   if you use a very old literary work as a translation model. 

Instead of PTSD,  which was something that was alluded to in that literary work I referred to above,  we have,  PGDBS.   “Post Guest Departure Boredom Syndrome”.  Or something like that. 

It hasn’t really become terribly serious just yet,  and we are flying over to the UK on Friday night,  so I think we can keep from tearing each other’s hair out.  

Well,  good luck to anyone thinking about tearing MY hair out.   I’d just like to briefly recap if I may:



I realise that I shouldn’t clog up Google’s servers with silly pictures,  especially if I put up the same one more than once,  but you know what?  They can install more servers.  I don’t care.

I think they have more than a couple at this point?

Google data centres


Man,  I’m easily distracted!



As I write this,  our guest is on the second leg of her journey back to Vancouver.  She flew on points,  which is all fine and dandy,  but that meant having to fly through Heathrow in the UK,  with a bit of a nasty lay-over for the return trip.   Her overseas flight was this morning at 10:30.   If you recall,  and I’m not sure why you shouldn’t, we took her to the airport yesterday afternoon,  and she arrived at Heathrow some time before 9:00 p.m.  Last night.

I’m not sure if she holed up in a airport type hotel for the night,  or simply camped out on a bench.  I’ve done that “camping out on a bench”.  I don’t recommend it.  When I saw a note from her this morning that said she was at Heathrow,  I at first misread it, and thought it said “Death row”,  so I hope that wasn’t some sort of subliminal message.  Just my brain getting mixed signals is the more likely explanation. 

Let’s hope so anyway.


Just a moment of reminiscence for times passed:


Some folks like to play scrabble.  I suck at it.  I think it has more to do with attention span than vocabulary.  That’s my excuse anyway.  I’d sooner slap down the first word that pops into my head than try and maximize every little point. 

Wait a minute,  that’s kind of like the format of this blog,  isn’t it?  Maybe that’s why my blogging skills have never evolved passed the “monkey smacking on a keyboard” stage?   Hm.  Oh well.



Travelling Companion will quite possibly be staggering in late,  as it’s only a few days after month end,  and in keeping with the way these things go,  it behoves her to carefully,  carefully go over all the information that is being passed along to her,  before turning it over to those who want to know.  

The objective is to not be just another chimp.  Note. Keeping with the monkey theme here.

If you’ve ever gone to the zoo,  you’ll notice they keep those fellers behind glass?   That’s mostly since,  even though the monkey might be smiling at you,  there’s a good chance he’s getting ready to fling some sh*t in your general direction.   This is somewhat analogous to the way things work in the business world.  Never trust a monkey.

Just an observation.



Hope everyone is having a fine day.


Keep those sticks on the ice.   And be mindful of those monkeys.



Thanks for lookin’.





  1. way to keep your blog alive!..from one 'monkey' to another..have a great day and thanks for starting my day with a laugh!!

  2. Hope by the time you get to the UK all of the Queen's Jubilee nonsense is finished with. I can only imagine what the hotel rates have been jacked up to during this boondoggle.

  3. you crack me up...your blog is always alive...have a super week

  4. You are never boring.....you always are doing something or going somewhere.


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