Monday, June 18, 2012

Lack of enthusiasm…

Maybe it’s a Monday thing?

Even though Travelling Companion and I did next to nothing yesterday, it’s still a more enjoyable experience than sending her off to the salt mines on a Monday morning. 

It doesn’t help much that it’s gotten stinkin’ hot in the city either.  Supposed to get hotter as the week progresses.  I finally gave in when the inside temperature hit 29°C.   There was a breeze,  but it was just a lot of hot air.  Didn’t seem to be doing it for me so it was time for some air conditioning.


I did make a point of taking a picture of last night’s dinner,  but then I lost all ambition when it came to doing anything about it.

This is the deal where I get the butcher to cut me off a couple steaks from a tenderloin?  A *little* pricey (we won’t say)  but oh so good.   I plop them into a sealable container first thing in the morning with a little Worcestershire Sauce and Denninger’s Steak Spice.   Seems to do the trick.




That’s exciting. 


Hm.  I think that’s about it.  We did do some back and forth in the planning department in terms of upcoming visitors.   Daughter number two comes in July.  Daughter number one in August/September.   She may have a bit of an entourage,  but they’ll arrive in shifts.

Then we heard from Travelling Companion’s older brother,  who is now making plans to come over with his wife in August as well.   There may be some overlap there,  but we can handle it.   We had the seven,  or was it six?  The band.  Remember?   Mind you,  that lot didn’t mind sleeping on the floor.   It’s a little different when you’re past the half century mark.   The curious thing is,  the wife of the older brother was good friends with T.C. when they were in high school.  Funny how that worked out.   They got married back in the dark ages.  You know,  when our hair (when some of us had some)  was long.  We might have had moustaches,  beards.


Kind of like this guy?

crazy chainsaw bastard

I’ve only inserted this to break the monotony.

I wonder why I thought it prudent to wear a watch?  Could have maybe used some safety equipment? 



Enjoy the rest of your day.


Thanks for coming by.



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  1. Looks like our dinner last night with the steak, corn and baked potato. Sooo good. When can T.C. retire? Or is she happy working?


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