Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Almost feels like Puerto Rico.

Almost.  Having that pool available would be nice right about now though.  

It’s rather unfortunate that our stay in Cabo Rojo was,  for me at least,  in the “pre-digital age”.   It certainly wasn’t pre-digital by a long shot,  but muggins here is a tad slow when it comes to getting the latest technology.   So what that means is,  I may very well have a few photos lying in a shoe box somewhere,  right next to their negatives,  but I don’t have them right here.

So you’ll just have to take my word for it. 

Anyway.  Yup.  We’re having a heat wave! 

It doesn’t really bother me. 

Once upon a time it sure used to,  since I worked in an environment that wasn’t air conditioned in any way shape or form. 

I actually *liked* my job.  Honestly.  The only exception to that was during the two months of the summer.  We called it, “summer clean-up”.   It sucked.  Really.

It was the price you paid for having a pretty sweet gig for the rest of the year.  For the most part anyway.  Let’s not forget the dreaded Christmas Concerts or school plays.  


Oh,  and then of course there was that last week of June,  just before the kids get out of school?  They’re going nuts,  it’s hot,  it’s humid,  and the teachers are just about ready to collapse.  Bring on the “field days”,  popsicles and water bottles!   Fun fun.  Not if you’re cleaning it up of course.

Truth be told,  I used to take that week off.

Hey, I ain’t that dumb.

Had no desire to be there.  I knew there was “summer clean-up” to deal with come the first week of July.  No pangs of guilt here.  Sorry.   It was a simple matter of getting everyone “geared up”  for what was about to take place in July,  leave instructions if need be,  and get the hell outta there.

See you in September.

And on that note (waka waka)  you’re welcome to enjoy this musical interlude…(click the link,  and maybe turn up the volume a tad)  I think it’s a slow tango if you feel like dancing.  Grab your partner!

See you....

Of course,  you don’t have to believe me that you can dance a slow tango to that tune.  That’s your prerogative,  and I’m no expert.  Of that, we can be certain.

However,  if you’d like,  you’re certainly welcome to listen to this rendition of “Por una Cabeza”,  sung by Carlo Gardel.  (which absolutely makes me swoon,  by the way)

Then,  if I may suggest,  tap out the rhythm with your trusty maracas that you keep for just such an occasion.

Doesn’t everyone?



You know,   these things…



Anyway,  then keeping that tapping part in mind,  go back to the first song.  It’s a tango.  Case closed.

*Oh wait.  On edit,  I could be persuaded that you may choose to dance the “Cha-cha”.   No argument here. 


Not everyone appreciated my particular rendition of that one during those final weeks of June.  I think that was probably because the intent was to get the academic staff out of the building for the summer.  Some of them just wouldn’t leave.  Or there would be statements like,  “Oh, I’ll need to come back in sometime later in July!”   My usual response was,  “No you don’t”.  

Best to keep the doors locked.


Now,  speaking of working when people are underfoot…..(like how I did that?)  Travelling Companion and I had a little annoyance this morning on the way to the parking garage.


See what these guys are doing here?




Sure glad that’s not MY bike.  I also imagine that the folks trying to get into “McFit” (and why McDonalds hasn’t come after that lot is a mystery) this morning were really overjoyed.  At least a person doesn’t shower on the way to working out in the morning.  That’s some consolation I suppose.

It was that kind of a mess at the entrance to the parking garage when T.C. and I needed to get to the car. They had tidied up that part by the time I came back.  


Welcome to the crappiest parking garage in Vienna!



Not only do we not have assigned parking spaces for the monthly suckers, (yup,  that’s us!)  but they’ve even taken up four spots with their construction downstairs.



I could phone up and bitch to the parking people,  but it’s beyond their control since the whole building is owned by C & A. 

It’s probably best that I don’t volunteer what I think “C & A”  stands for.  I don’t want to put that kind of language on the blog.

I was sure glad I hadn’t showered.  Of course,  T.C. was dressed for work.  Always pleasant to wade through dust and dirt in your good clothes.


Enough to make a person spit! 

Especially if you’re faced with that kind of thing first thing in the morning.

You watch,  they’ll be crashing and banging at that site well on into the fall and beyond.  Good times!  I’m so excited!





Sure hope the air is cleaner wherever you are today.


Thanks for stopping ‘round.




  1. I'm not quite sure how you even get a vehicle into that parking garage. Good thing it's not me driving.

  2. Doesn't everyone have a pair of maracas? I break ours out every chance I get.


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