Friday, December 25, 2015

The Green Green Grass of Home.

Just a quick note to wish everyone out there in Blog Land a very Merry Christmas.

We're having some "record breaking warmth" here at the Ponderosa, and I'm not just talking about the gathering of twenty-two of us for dinner last night.


Thursday, December 17, 2015

The Bionic FLy.

Sounds like the title to a science fiction short story by Ray Bradbury.  But no,  it was just a fly, but I swear those things are beyond normal.  It was one of them big suckers.

How can you stay aloft that long and fly that fast?  And what are you doing in the house at this time of year?

And you know, my visual acuity ain’t much to rave about these days, so I’m not quite the “dead eye” I used to be with the fly swatter.

Man, that’s annoying.

No pictures of the fly by the way.  He’s slightly mangled.  It took some doing though.  Had to trap him (her? it?) in the office, close the door behind me so he couldn’t escape, and then try not to flail about too much with the fly swatter and possibly hurt myself.
There’s usually a way that I can hurt myself, but let’s not go there.

Anyhoodle.  In other “news”,  Travelling Companion and I did get to experience the most intense pine scented air freshener that I've ever had in the car with us.  Well, I've never had one of those “Pine Scented Air Fresheners” so it wasn't much of a contest actually.

Yes,  that’s our Christmas tree.  And yes,  it’s in the car.

And man!  Did that thing smell great!

No really!

It’s been a few years since we’ve gone out to cut down a tree,  mostly as; 1) The kids are long since grown up, and; 2) It got to be that the choice of trees was getting really bad. 
Like,  we’d be there for way too long, wandering from one sad looking thing to the next.  All the while,  cold and miserable.
So ultimately, I just figured it wasn’t worth the effort,  and would simply snag one from in front of one of the local retailers.
I mean, I paid for it and all.
I can’t run that fast.
Certainly not with a tree under my arm.

Photographic proof.

I was particularly pleased with myself, having remembered to bring along a piece of closed celled foam to kneel on. 

I ain’t no fool, that ground was cold and wet. 

There were nine of us altogether,  with only one token child.

One of the other “children” (also really an adult away at University) was getting a glimpse of the tree that was going to be at her home when she got back there.  The “kids” are all mostly finishing up their exams and coming home to roost.

“How about this one?”

Such is the internet age.

The tree’s not up yet, but that’ll likely happen before the end of the week.  Today was “cleaning lady” day,  so we figured we’d wait just one more day.

Once upon a time,  we’d only put the thing up on Christmas Eve, and take it down and punt it out after January sixth.  The Twelve Days of Christmas,  in case you’re wondering.
I think that all changed when we were home “for the Holidays” from out little side life in Puerto Rico,  and knew that we’d be taking it down on the 27th,  since we were all flying back to San Juan for New Years. 

Talk about mixed feelings.  On the one hand,  throwing out a perfectly good Christmas tree, but then on the other hand, “we’re heading back South! Yee-Haw!”  
These days,  I’d just as soon stay home.  Until of course,  about the dead of winter when it’s really rather bleak out.  But of course,  you may recall the plans we made for February.  It’s just simmering there in the back of my mind.

Not particularly looking forward to the flying part.  But those mai tais are awesome.  Never knew I liked them that much. 
Mind you,  the way the Loonie is dropping,  I’ll need to be drunk most of the time I’m thinking.
Again,  let’s not go there.

Oh and by the way,  I just discovered what many of you have come across in the last little while.

 "Live Writer" no longer talks to "Google".  Or something like that.  And that sucks.  Someone always comes along and decides to F**k something up.
Just my opinion on "progress".  Or maybe it's more like "greed".  Whatever. It sucks.

So I've been very painstakingly copying and pasting everything from Live Writer over here.  PITA.

Thanks for stopping by.


Monday, December 7, 2015

Watching in hi def.

And this isn’t a “ooh,  lookie what I got” post,  so much as a “sometimes I wonder” type of post.

Like,  sometimes I wonder if I’m a complete idiot.

I went on a while back about a TV that I bought, (my anniversary present, thank-you) and then the stand/support thingy that I built to hold it.  You might have noticed that I didn’t have too danged much to say after that?

Well,  that’s because I was somewhat disappointed with the picture.  Of course,  the “Home Theatre” system that I have down there is getting quite long in the tooth,  so it wasn’t really any means by which I was able to judge picture quality, and it wasn’t until I hooked up a Blue Ray player,  and it started playing a disc that was already in there, that I did one of those “deer in the headlight” moments when I saw the picture the way it should be. 

I have to say, pretty freakin’ awesome.

Then I figured there must be something wrong with my cable hook-up,  and was all set to run a new, higher quality run of cable to the digi-box.  Because the signal I was getting from our cable provider was dreadful.

Or so I thought.

Turns out,  I just needed to go hunting for the “High Def” channels.   Nothing wrong with the cable.



And no,  I don’t watch day time TV.  I had taken another photo during one of last nights games,  and it wasn’t what I had hoped for.  (it sucked)

Of course,  one of the games that I wanted to watch (Buffalo vs Houston) was on one of the regular channels, (go figure) but me watching the game doesn’t change the outcome.  

So here I’ve been watching this set for a few weeks by now, mostly on Sundays (NFL football, hello)  all the while thinking, “Man that picture sucks.” 


Just shaking my head here. 

At least I didn’t throw something at it.  But I did actually entertain thoughts of sending the thing back.  I mean, I went back over all the reviews of that particular TV set,  and there had been some that were less than stellar. AND, these weren’t the reviews I had found when I was doing my research.

I figured I had been duped.  

Not duped.  Just a dope.


So it’s all good.

Son-in-law even gave me an early Christmas present in the form of a little do jiggy that allows me to watch Netflix,  even though it isn’t a “smart” TV.   Sometimes the difference you pay in price for a smart TV is far more than what it would cost to simply add a device such as this set top TV box.  Not sure what else to call it.  There’s a bunch of them out there. Works nice.  It’s “android”,  so I may end up getting a little remote thingy,  or add an app to my tablet to make it easier to navigate.  No big deal.

Meanwhile,  Travelling Companion and I have to go out at some point and pick up some grout for the fireplace hearth.  I *think* we’ve decided on a colour,  but I never act unilaterally when it comes to these types of decisions.  We picked out the slate together,  and it’ll be the same for the grout. 

I might be a dope,  but I ain’t that dumb.




You can see my really “high tech” method of holding tiles in place until the mortar sets up.  Strips of wood and masking tape.  Seems to work.

I want to have this wrapped up before Christmas, (is that a pun?)  since “company’s coming”, and I just want one more thing off my plate.  I have to manufacture some trim that will go around it,  and then that’ll be it.

And now of course, I’ve been eyeing the firebox downstairs.  

That’s a whole other kettle of fish.  I might put in a wood burning stove/insert/thingy.  It’s presently a perfectly functional wood burning fireplace, but I’d really like to have something that’s more efficient. 

Time will tell.

Good thing I don’t mind doing this kind of stuff,  even though it sometimes (sometimes?) seems to take me forever.  I think if I had deadlines it wouldn’t be nearly as much fun. 

Well,  that’s a loose definition of fun.


Thanks for stopping by.


Keep it between the ditches.

Monday, November 23, 2015

Quiet days.

Well, except for a little while there last Sunday when the neighbour fired up his pack-pack style leaf blower.  I appreciate the fact that he wants to get every last leaf,  but I also didn’t mind when he finally packed it in.  Barking dogs and leaf blowers seem to be the two things that just make me want to well, it’s probably a good thing there’s no ordinance in the house. 

I wouldn’t look good in an orange jumpsuit.


The days go by,  and I seem to find enough to occupy my time. 


This has been my latest obsession:



Doesn’t make a lot of sense,  I know.  But I had seen something “on the line”,  and then started to cogitate something similar. 

See, we used to have one of those “knife block” thingies.  Hated it.  First of all,  I don’t like sh*t on the counter. And sometimes they’re made in such a way that the knife actually goes down too far and comes in contact with the counter. 

Not bloody likely.

I think the one we had that came with the knives ended up in the fireplace.  Burnt real nice.   Hardwood and all,  y’know?

So the knives have always been in the drawer.  Not the best.

And then I saw this:



Well now.

Stole that off the net.  I suppose I can punt out that photo that I saved in a folder labeled “woodworking ideas”.  We’re past the “idea” stage.

Of course,  I don’t quite have a dedicated space for a whole whack of knives like that, however there’s just enough room in next to the “Lazy Susan”.

It took me a few days,  since there were a number of bits and pieces to sort out.

The result:


I couldn’t figure out if it should have some sort of handle,  and then stumbled on the idea of using the “steel” (that thing in the first slot) as the handle. 

I don’t think I’ll put any finish on it.  The top and sides are maple, and the body of the “drawer” is cherry plywood.  Had a chunk lying about.




In the meanwhile,  there was that TV that arrived a few days ago.  The stand for the old one was too small,  and too low.  I just now scanned back through the “archives” and realised I had started to come up with something on the 10th.  Seems to take me forever.


Anyhoodle,  it had to be long enough for the TV,  which meant I couldn’t really settle for a couple of those “handy panels” from the local big box store.  Wouldn’t be long enough. 


It had to be longer than four feet.  Something like 55 inches.  Yes I know, we’re all metric and everything.  But I still mostly use inches.  We’re bi-lingual up here.  I can use metric too,  if it suits me.

I put it up Saturday.


It’s mounted right to the studs.  Not going anywhere.

And then it took a bit of effort to install a couple contraptions.


The contraption there on the left is a somewhat antiquated Home Theatre system that is getting a bit long in the tooth.

Mind you,  it works fine.  It’s just that it’s something like 15 years old.  Only plays DVDs.  No Blue Ray.  No HDMI. 

Not making any prognostications.  Wouldn’t be prudent.  They have them on Amazon I see.  That’s all I’m sayin’.


And that kids,  is about it. 

Same old, same old here at the Ponderosa. 

Keep those sticks on the ice.  And thanks for stopping by.

Friday, November 13, 2015

Losing my blogging mojo.

Or at least that what it feels like.  I mean, I could sit here every day and pound out a few words.  But then, you’d be bored,  and so would I.

My life (oh geez,  this is starting to sound serious) seems to revolve around either doing little projects,  or finishing off little projects that have been hanging over my head for well,  years?  Maybe decades.  And some of them maybe aren’t quite so “little”,  but let’s not digress.

That sounds pretty freakin’ sad,  but there was that whole European Vacation thing that took up about a five year span, when not too danged much took place on the project front.  

That’s my story anyway.

So hey,  I actually finished something! 


See the trim under that window?  Finally done. Only took me, I don’t know, 15 years?  Maybe?  It’s been so long,  I forget.  AND, I thought it would be oh so neato-keeno to make my own custom trim. 

What a fool.  What was I thinking??

Because,  you know, I get about half way through and think,  “Oh gawd…”


Just go to the Big Box store for dummies,  and buy some trim! 

But of course, most of it is “paint grade”,  unless you get the fancy schmancy oak stuff that I’ve installed here and there.  And that stuff isn’t available at the Big Box store for dummies,  by the way. 

Got to go to an actual Lumber Store for that stuff. 

And,  we have one right here in Burlington.  I go there, any chance I get.  Click the link.  It’s a bit of a huge operation,  (Hopefully you have the bandwidth to appreciate the rather elaborate website they’ve set up)  Their deal is mostly supplying premade trusses and such to new home builders.

Don’t get the wrong idea, I don’t just go there and hang around.  That would be kinda creepy.  I didn’t see a “no loitering” sign, but I doubt they would need one.

Anyhoodle,  we have a bit of a new addition here at the Ponderosa.

And no, it’s not a puppy. *rolls his eyes*   Maybe, some day,  we’ll get a puppy.  We’ll alert the media.  Of course,  by the time I figure we could do with some animal companionship,  I’ll be too bloody old to take proper care of the poor thing. 

So if I really think about it, no puppy.  Thanks.

Not going to go there with the “Kids vs Pets” argument,  except to say that, at least at some point, Kids move out.

Pets just get old,  pee everywhere and ultimately croak.  Stinking up the place,  and then breaking your heart for good measure.  Then,  not only is your heart broken, but your place stinks of urine.  Lovely.


No, it’s the big assed TV that I’ve been wanting for the downstairs.  Of course,  the converter, or whatever you call it, is of the plain old variety,  and really should be “high def”. 

Meh. I’ll survive.


Now,  it’s not a “Smart” TV,  which doesn’t really bother me too much, as I’ll likely get something like a Roku media player.   The TV in the bedroom is a “smart” TV,  which means that T.C. can watch Netflix in bed.  AND,  any files that are on this computer can be viewed on the TV. That’s kinda cool.  Of course,  it’s the pinnacle of lazyness,  since I’d only need to copy the file onto the media player that we already have and play it through the TV that way. 


No pics of the actual TV just yet. 

I’m working on a bit of a cabinet thingy for it to sit on.


This was at the preliminary stages.  It’s coming along. 

I’ll probably assemble the thing some time this weekend. (this is after many days of staining, finishing, sanding etc.) 

You’ll recall that there was a big assed CRT TV down there that we bought back in the 90s,  and thought it was just the cat’s pyjamas,  until that whole “High Def” thing came along,  and then it was quite passé.  

So it went.  And then I put a smaller model down there (flat screen, of course!) for the time being,  but it just didn’t quite cut it.  24 inch?  Maybe?  Great little TV.  For a bedroom.  But even the one in our bedroom is a 42.  So it came out.

Stay tuned.  I’ll be sure and take a picture, or two.  Enjoy your weekend.


Thanks for lookin’.



Tuesday, November 3, 2015

We havin’ pie fer supper??

To which I just get a blank look.

(meant to post this last night,  but I got sucked into watching football…)

I somehow suspect that means,  “No”.

Somebody was in a baking mood today (yesterday),  and I cleared out.

Well,  I had “stuff” to do it so happened. I can always come up with some “stuff” to do.  None of which merited a picture,  but I removed a couple well worn thresholds so I could sand them down and put on some fresh finish.  Figured I’d do that right along with the trim that I’m working on.  But that’s just so much drivel.


Let’s get back to the pie.



Two of them did end up in the freezer,  BUT wait, we did cut into one of them for dessert.   Mighty fine pie.  Rumour has it T.C. might bake a couple more tomorrow.  Or something.  I dunno.  I wasn’t paying attention.

And yes,  we did have pie later on, but supper was more along the lines of actual “supper”.

When the subject of doing things like making apple sauce and such came up last Friday at the “watering hole”,  (yes. there’s apple sauce)  I’ll paraphrase one of the comments that was overheard.

“But, you were a Corporate Executive.”  The part being understood that,  ‘why would you be making all this “home made” stuff’?   To which T.C. very succinctly replied, “Was.  Was, a Corporate Executive”.   I just might be making up that last part.  It gets hard to hear much of anything in that place some days. 

Now she’s transmogrified from Corporate Executive to something more along the lines of “Suzy Homemaker”.  Who the heck was Suzy Homemaker anyway? 

Oh, apparently,  a line of toys introduced in 1966.  And the term “Suzy Homemaker” wasn’t exactly an endearing one when it was applied to anyone who was a stay at home Mom. 

I’d best be careful.  We won’t be repeating that.


In other “news”,  I melted some toothbrushes.  I’m sure you care.

See,  we’ve had these three used toothbrushes in one of the little flip-out hidey holes in front of the kitchen sink (somewhat useless contraptions in my opinion),  and they were put there for cleaning in the nooks and crannies in the sink drains.

Never got used.

That’s mostly as they are meant for going into the mouth of a human,  and not much else. 

So I had an idea.

And a heat gun.


It’s plastic.  It bends.  They now kinda work.  Although, a toothbrush was never designed to be mashed into your teeth the way they need to be mashed into the stainless to get out the tea stains,  but at least they’re now (slighlty more) useful.  Otherwise, nearly impossible to clean the sink “basket”.

I think that’s called a “hack”.  Having nothing to do with a “Hakka”. 

Let’s not go down that rabbit hole. 

Sun’s shining.  There’s “stuff”.


I’m out.


Thanks for lookin’.

Sunday, November 1, 2015

“We’re running out of candy!”

Said no sane person ever.

But that had no bearing on my version of reality, since it was then up to me to get to the local grocery type establishment and try and scrounge up something to hand out to the little buggers.

See,  last year we had all of about eight kids for Halloween.   That was it.  I think what has happened is,  we’ve had a bit of a “turn over” in the old neighbourhood,  and there are now a bunch of new families that have moved in.

Just a theory.

So,  having witnessed stacks upon stacks of various Halloween type treats on offer at the local grocery procuring establishment over the last several days, I was feeling a bit “Old Mother Hubbard”-ish when I went there at eight o’clock last night only to discover that the shelves were mostly bare.


No worries,  I did find some cr*p… er,  stuff to give out.  It was all good.   The tricky bit was to try and get something that I’d be remotely interested in noshing on afterwards,  in case there were suddenly no more visitors at the door. 

Not that I really should be. 

Don’t judge me.  But there’s no way in hell I’m interested in anything that comes out of a Pez dispenser,  or that goes fizzy in your mouth.  Gah!  Just give me some good old fashioned chocolate bars. 

Did you know Pez was an Austrian thing?  I don’t think I saw one Pez dispenser the whole time we lived in Vienna.  Who knew?  Hell, there’s probably a Pez museum.  I mean,  there’s a Schnapsmuseum.  I kept seeing the signs for that,  but never did set aside the time to get there.

Oh well.

Anyhoodle,  I managed to prevail.  And got the car tucked back into the garage without running over any little goblins.  Did you see this?  Seriously?  There’s nothing but kids out there running around in the dark,  and you’re speeding??  I can’t even go there,  or I’ll type something here that I’ll for sure regret later. 

It seems that earlier on,  T.C. admitted that she just *might* have been giving out overly generous shares to whomever showed up at the door.  But then they didn’t stop coming.  We figure we had about 40-50 kids. 

I kept a low profile since, 1) Halloween has never been my “deal”,  and 2) T.C. refuses to acknowledge that it just ain’t the same since the kids moved out. 

Y’know,  time to move on. 

However,  my ears perked up when I heard her yell,  “Hey, there’s a kid coming up the driveway with a box on his head!”



There’s been at least one theory that he’s a character from something called “Mine craft.”

Just looked it up.  Yup.

I know nothing of these things.  Possibly since the last video game I played was along the lines of Super Mario.  Just looked that up as well.  We’re talking,  back in the 80s here kids.  Yikes.

There’s a “back story” to this you see.  Once upon a time,  when our lovely Daughter Number Two was given the task of making a hat for school when she was in Elementary School, and in spite of the fact that she is indeed a rather creative individual,  she managed to make a hat out of one of those “World Famous Chocolates”  boxes,  and wore it to school on her head!  I mean,  it was just a box.  On her head.

Her mother was just a tad mortified.  But we certainly laugh about it now.  The kid had moxy,  I’ll tell ya that much.  So naturally,  if we see a kid with a box on his head,  we go a little ape shit.  That makes perfect sense,  right?



Spent a few minutes this morning changing out the batteries in various smoke and CO detectors.   Hopefully you’ve done the same.  Damned near ran short of batteries,  since I discovered that a couple of the newer detectors that I installed last year took TWO batteries each.  They’re neat-o keen-o devices that have a built in LED light to help you get the hell out if they go off.  Hence the two battery program.  I sorted it out.

Now,  as long as we don’t burn any bacon or toast,  we’ll be good for another six months.   I find that if they go off,  the batteries do tend to get a bit weak. 


Looks like we’ll be having some outstanding weather over the next few days.  Just might have to go out and root around in the dirt one last time.


Keep those sticks on the ice.

Thanks for stopping by.

Thursday, October 29, 2015

It’s been a bit blustery.

Not talking politics here either.  We’ve had a bit of a “blow”.   Not enough to cause any damage though,  although I think there was a bit of flooding here and there.  There were dire predictions.  I guess it mostly went around us.

Anyway, we’re muddling along here.

Had another couple visits to this place.


Oh, that’s Oakville Trafalgar Hospital.  Not that you could tell from the picture.

Nothing serious.  Had a “Bone density scan” on Friday,  and then a CT scan on Tuesday.  Was supposed to be on Monday,  but the machine was on the fritz.  I think they tried to call me,  but the Hospital comes up as “Private Caller”,  and those calls are blocked on our phone.  I’ve since unblocked it, (I think) but if I start getting too many phone solicitors using the “Private Caller” ruse,  I’ll just block it again.  Didn’t realise it until I checked,  but we have 28 different numbers that are blocked.  I just find it tends to discourage the annoying solicitors or worse,  the annoying robo calls that try to get through to ascertain whether or not anyone is home. 


Anyway,  had a young technician of Friday who was trying to find a vein.  OK so, I have this very naive/biased/old man type of idea that anyone named “Tiffany”,  shouldn’t be handling a needle.  After I was starting to turn into a pin cushion,  she gave up and asked “Daisy” if she’d do it.  Daisy was successful. 

And no,  I’m not kidding.  Her name was Daisy.  Who names their kid Daisy??

And I mean,  I could SEE the f**king vein,  but she was trying to be a hero.  Or something.  I don’t know.

I was nice.  Really.  I know that seems out of character.  But why would I be mean to someone who is about to poke me with a needle full of stuff that is being stored in a lead container?

So,  the whole “scanning” thing isn’t terribly serious, or at least that’s my take on it.  I’ve had this “pain” in my side off and on for a few years now,  and nobody seems to be able to pin it down.  Probably nothing.  Comes and goes.  The “serious” stuff is when I have to do that whole “prep” thing,  and then go in for the anal probe.  No aliens involved.  You know what I mean. 

I’m hoping to get maybe a two year reprieve after the last visit.  I mean,  c’mon!  

Shouldn’t complain. 

In another era,  I’d simply get cancer and croak.  So, I’ll shut up now.

Oh,  and the reason for the “finding a vein” thing?  Well,  I’ll be radioactive for a few months methinks.

No immediate plans of crossing the border into the States, thankfully.  Otherwise the alarm bells would be going off.  Or something.  I’ve heard stories.

You can read a bit about it here. 

For the return trip on Tuesday,  I requested that they put a lead collar around my neck.  I think I’d like to keep my thyroid functioning for a little while longer if possible.   Too many x-rays can’t be a good thing.



Couldn’t help but notice that our neighbour has decided to get their driveway paved.  Talk about parking your big assed trucks where nobody can actually get through!  Mind you,  they weren’t there long.

Wonder how long it’ll take for the paving crew to come back and finish it.  I’ve seen some driveways sit all freakin’ summer after they’ve done the prep.  “C Valley Paving”.  I wouldn’t hire them on a bet.



Um, lemme see.  Anything else? 


This is when you know you DON’T have too many clamps. 

I’m making up some trim for a window “stool” in one of the upstairs bedrooms.

A little tip,  the “sill” is on the outside,  the “stool” is on the inside.  Just sayin’.

It’s only been missing the trim for, oh I don’t know ten, fifteen years??  Just one of those little *things* that got left behind.  Decided a few days ago to get it sorted.

That’s it.  I’m empty.

Hope all is well,  where ever you find yourself.


Keep your stick on the ice,  and thanks for stopping by.

Monday, October 19, 2015

Pie for dinner.

And I’m not kidding.  There was a somewhat substantial lunch,  so I’d best cut down.


Daughter Number One had called earlier today to say she was finished with her “site check” up in Bolton,  and would T.C. and I like to go to lunch?

The fact that she was willing to come by and fetch us was no doubt a good thing,  since a crew showed up this morning and proceeded to rip up the street right in front of our driveway.

I guess since the car was in the garage,  they maybe figured nobody was home?


Anyhoodle,  lunch was just fine, especially as T.C. and I don’t get to see DNO all that often since well,  life can get busy.

Needless to say, there are always enough things to keep me busy as well.  Not that I need “busy work” or anything,  but it’s probably just as well that I don’t lounge around too much. I’m sure both brain and body would quickly go to mush.


Right around this time of year, there’s always those little chores that need to be done before the onset of winter.

Pardon the language.


The winter rims for Daughter Number Two’s aging car were looking kind of sad,  and Muggins here wasn’t about to buy her new ones.  So a can of spray paint would have to do.


See,  looks just fine.

It’s been so long since I’ve had anything to say here,  that there’s a certain amount of catching up to do.  Like,  Thanksgiving weekend,  for example.


For the last few years now,  we’ve been going up to the Kawarthas (Ontario Cottage country for those of you south of the 49th) for Thanksgiving weekend.  As there’s not quite enough room at the cottage where all the festivities take place,  we have managed to find a place to rent nearby every time.

This time we were just down the road,  which was well within walking distance, except for that minor wrinkle of having to lug food, beer, wine etc.   So the “within walking distance” thing was kind of moot.



It was a nice enough place,  with plenty of room, on Sturgeon Lake.  And “pet free”. 

Sorry pet owners.  I make enough mess on my own.

We had a chuckle at what was passed off as a pool table though.

What exactly is the point here?



That’s a card table its sitting on.  We didn’t play….

The place we rented last year had a crokinole board, so even though it was farther away (a ten minute drive,  as opposed to a ten minute walk),  we might go back there again next year.  Plus,  there was a ping-pong table.


Anyway,  I was quietly reminded why I’ve never had a huge desire to own a cottage.




Daughter Number One testing the water.

I stayed on shore.


Apparently,  there are these “things” that you have to take out of the water in the fall. 

OK then. 

I did offer to go in the water.  Had my trunks and such.  There were water shoes available. 

I was giving a pass. 

Mind you,  everything was still slimy and covered in zebra muscles.  If I get suckered  offer to do this again next year,  I’ll be sure and bring gloves. 

I kept thinking,  “There must be a better way to do this”.  Something involving some sort of machine?  Hoist?

Certainly nothing involving brute strength. 

Right, me?  Brute strength?  I hardly think so.


Anyway,  it’s Election Day here in The Great White North.  The Federal variety this time.  So it’ll be late tonight before we know who will form the next government. 

I won’t get into it.  It’s been 78 days of seeing WAY too much of political talking heads on TV.  That’s all I’ll say.  I can’t even begin to comprehend how they start to campaign and lobby and whatever a full TWO YEARS before the Presidential election in the States.   Not sure I could handle it.

At that rate,  they’ll start campaigning right after the dust settles for the next election in four years.  I mean,  shouldn’t there be a limit? 


Can you tell I don’t have a lot of patience for certain things?   Like old codgers who take WAY TOO LONG to cast their ballot at your polling station?   Let me copy and paste an excerpt from an email I sent off to one of my Pub Buddies this morning.

(saves me writing it over again)


T.C. (I redacted her proper name) and I already walked over to St. Pat's (the church) to linger around our polling station, where it seems there was the slowest man on the face of the planet.  (voting).   Couldn't figure out exactly WHY it was taking so bloody long at our station,  but then it became abundantly clear.   Old fart.  Talking.  Asking stupid questions.  (Like,  "are there pancakes?")

I would NOT have the patience to deal with some of these stupid old buggers.   I mean seriously,  you cannot be that old,  and it be your "first time". 

Ever see that skit of Tim Conway,  as he shuffles across the floor?  

Ya,  like that.  Not exaggerating.


You can watch it here.


At first I thought it was the fault of the two old biddies at the table,  which was partly true,  since it seemed that the one didn't have English as her first language,  which of course meant looking up addresses written with the Latin Alphabet was a challenge,  I'm sure.  (I mean,  I'd have issues trying to decipher someone's address written in Farsi, wouldn’t you?)

And the other one (a bit older, partly blind and barely able to move)  didn't have the gumption to tell the old geezer to snap it up a bit. 

Fucking near lost my shit.

Sorry,  I didn’t “redact” that last part.  That’s the way I talk sometimes.  Mostly for effect, I’m sure you’ll agree.


But I kept it together.  Especially as T.C. was standing right there. 


Suffice to say, I could not do that job. 


Right,  I’m getting a bit wordy.  And I’ve finished my pie.  Maybe a little too much pie.  Made a bit too much whipped cream.  Not sure what to do.  *Snort*!



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