Saturday, October 29, 2016

I got three years.

And no,  that's not a sentence,  that's a reprieve.

See,  since the early part of 2014,  I've so far had three "visits" involving a certain "procedure",  for which one has to do something referred to as "prep".
Any of you who have had this lovely experience will know exactly what I'm talking about.  It's something everyone should start doing after about the half century mark,  but of course,  I procrastinated just a tad, and then there was that whole European thing,  and I didn't really want to get started on something in Austria.  As it was,  I did have another issue investigated when I was in the Netherlands,  and that diagnosis was somewhat inconclusive.
But that's another story.
And this ain't a "medical" blog,  so that's enough of that.

Anyhoodle,  there's much more than a hint of a family history of colon cancer (Mom had a colostomy,  my Uncle Ernie had a colostomy,  should I go on?)  so needless to say,  these "visits" could be considered somewhat life saving.  At least in my case.

I don't mean to be overly dramatic,  but really,  them polyps can eventually kill ya.
Just saying.

Last Thursday was the day of my "visit",  which was scheduled for eight a.m.   The instructions direct  you to take the second package of that nasty powdered stuff at five,  but (and this is where past experience comes in)  I decided to get up at four and get that started.  It really blows to be feeling somewhat "stressed",  shall we say?  on the way to the procedure,  or looking for a bathroom when you're waiting to go in.
And again,  for anyone who has done this,  I ain't just kidding when I use the term "blows".
Wakka wakka!


Anyway,  the Doc did say he found three little guys,  but depending on the pathology,  I won't need to go back for three years.  Oh ya,  baby!  Under the category of,  "what makes you happy?"   That one's right up there.  That and beating the spread in the football pool,  but hey,  if I suck at making my picks,  ain't gonna kill me.

Meanwhile,   T.C. and I put the truck to use this week,  as we headed in to Toronto to the "Tile District"  for lack of a better term,  to fetch all the tile I'll need for my bathroom reno.
When it became evident that I had a truck,  we were asked to hang out at the warehouse door for a few minutes while they put everything on a skid.

I suppose this is the first time T.C. has ever been with me in a truck when something somewhat heavy is loaded into the back,  since she was ever so slightly wide eyed when I got back in after checking over and signing for the skid.
I did a little quick arithmetic, knowing that each box of tiles weighs at least 50 pounds (52.5 actually) and came up with a conservative load coming in at 1100 pounds.

So needless to say,  the truck did "squat" ever so slightly,  which was just enough to freak out T.C. just a tad.

Initially,  we put it all in the garage,  but over that last day or so,  I've managed to bring it all inside and stack it in the room across from the bathroom where it'll eventually end up.

The only other little job this week was to put in a couple shut offs for the tub,  so that I can isolate the water when I rip it out.

 The shut off with the green handle is for an outside hose bib.

This is an area that is in the garage ceiling,  so it's entirely doable,  but a bit of a tight spot just the same.  You'll notice my "heat shield" up in there.  Burning the house down wouldn't be good.  I also keep a spray bottle of water on hand,  and give the wood a bit of a bath after I'm done.   It wasn't easy getting all the water out of the lines to get the brass up above its "kindling" temperature,  but the valves are in and tucked up out of the way.

We're still waiting on the rest of the components to come in,  which means I'll mostly only be working at taking out the old tile.   We'll use the bathroom for as long as possible,  and then "move" downstairs to the basement.  The bed in that bedroom is the one we had in Vienna,  and I'd dare say it's better than the one we sleep on now,  it being a King size and all.

Stay tuned.

And thanks for stopping by.


Friday, October 21, 2016

Came a knock at the door.

And I immediately think, "Gah,  somebody wanting to sell me something".  And good luck with that,  unless it were say,  Girl Guide cookies?  I'll admit,  I'm a sucker for cookies in general,  and Girl Guide cookies in particular.
You know,  "supporting the cause",  and all?

But NO,  it was my friendly neighbourhood postal delivery Dude,  who leaves the packages next to the front door,  knocks once,  and buggers off.
And that's OK really.  I'd sooner have that happen, than getting a "delivery" from the knobs at Purolator,  who then are obligated to leave a little card,  instructing me to drive half way across town to pick up the package they "couldn't deliver".
And at that point of course,  I have to prove who I am.
What's the point of shopping on line,  if I then have to drive half way across town?

OK,  got that out of my system.

It never ceases to amaze me at just how quickly some items get delivered.  Well,  some others not quite so quickly,  Travelling Companion is still waiting for a pattern she ordered from the States.  Lord only knows where that thing is.  That whole cross border thing is a crap shoot.
But that's not my deal.

There's a bit of a theme going on here:

One of my sisters-in-law sent me a birthday card that was somewhat timely,  as we had not so long ago been "shoe shopping" in Bobcaygeon.

Well,  not me actually.  I looked.  Prices too high.  I left.

Pretty much spot on.

Mind you,  if there's a place to sit down,  I'm good.  Or,  I can wander outside and check out the boat traffic at the lock.  This last visit was Thanksgiving weekend of course,  so there was scarcely a boat in the water. So that back up plan was kind of a bust.

For a time now,  and by that I mean maybe a couple years?  I've been meaning to replace a pair of ageing sandals that I wear just about every day in the warmer weather.  I don't have a picture of them, as I don't want to upset your sensibilities.   They're just nasty.   They do stay on my feet though,  but are so worn,  that "staying on my feet"  on the fore-deck of the boat was getting to be a challenge.

So this (below) is my answer to "shoe shopping".


Amazon.  Forty bucks.

Oh and,  just ignore the nose hair trimmer thing.  That was another thing that wore out and fell apart a few days ago.
In my estimation,  it's an appliance that ranks up there in importance with the coffee maker or the fridge.  No random hairs growing in places where I don't want them for me,  thanks.
That purchase was further precipitated by the sight a couple days ago, of a young man in a bathroom fixtures type of store who was in definite need of a good trim.

Like,  it was all I could look at.

And was the immediate topic of conversation in the car when we left.   The "post visit debriefing",  as I like to call it.

"Did you see that guy's nose hairs?"  

Um. Ya.

Let's move on.

So,  I tried them on.  I mean,  nothing beats trying things on in a sticks and bricks store,  but I'd like to refer you back to photo one.

Because even if it's ME looking for shoes or whatever?  Just not enthusiastic.

And no,  I don't wear sandals with socks.  Oh GAWD no.  
But trust me,  you don't really want to see my toes either.
Not that they're all gnarling or anything,  but men's toes?
Just no.

In other "news",  we're off to Tobermory tomorrow to celebrate the completion of the Bruce Trail by one of our friends.   She and a hiking buddy have by now done most of the 840 kilometre trail,  and are wrapping it up this weekend.
With slightly better weather we hope.  
Just google "Bruce Trail" if you're unsure just what that is.
Now,  this wasn't a thing that they did all at once, (um, we're not kids anymore?)  but has been something they've been doing piecemeal for a couple summers now.
We've all booked rooms to stay for the night,  and will toast their final part of the journey at some point tomorrow (Saturday) afternoon.

I'll take pictures.   I promise.

I think that's all I got in my pea brain for today.  Trying to be a little more "up to date" on the blogging end of things.  Not that there's all that much that's of interest,  but hopefully I can offer a chuckle from time to time.

No more pictures of feet.  And sure as hell no pictures of guys in need of a nose hair trimmer.

Thanks for stopping by.



Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Ah yes, another birthday.

And you know,  there was really and truly only one birthday that was somewhat disconcerting, shall we say?  And that was some thirty years ago.
I don't know, I guess I had some ideas as to what I thought I should have been doing by then,  and clearly hadn't managed to accomplish that.
Silly bunt.

Meanwhile,  seems when you hit a certain age, (OK fine,  I turned 60 today,  and according to some , "Just a baby")  .... you can look forward to certain discounts.

And that,  Ladies and Gentlemen,  is exactly why Travelling Companion and I will be taking a little train trip out East in a couple weeks.    I'll try and keep y'all posted.
We had been wanting to get out East for some time now,  but had to take a bit of an emergency trip out West back in July,  and that was just enough air travel to make the thought of going most anywhere else by air less than enticing.  That's the best way to put it.
I don't mind the flying part.  Matter of fact,  I love the flying part.  It's the rest of the crap that makes my anal sphincter get all twitchy.  And you know exactly what I'm talking about.

So,  there was talk of taking the train,  but then,  I had to wait until I turned 60 to get that coveted discount.
Plus,  it's been so bloody hot this summer,  that I'm now trying to finish up a few jobs that I really wasn't motivated to tackle in the stifling heat.

Just "stuff" like,  I really need to paint the trim on the shed.  It's coming up on a couple decades old these days,  and looking a little worn.  Stuff like that.

At first blush,  train travel can be heaps more expensive than getting squished into the tiny seat of an airplane.  HOWEVER,  if you apply that wonderful "senior's discount",  and pick certain travel days,  it's actually just about the same price. This revelation is according to T.C.,  who just today was doing a side by side comparison.  AND,  the plane trip would have involved a stop over in Montreal as well.
Sooner take the train.
Don't worry,  I'll take pictures.
It's a "day trip" to Montreal,  and then we have a cabin reserved for the overnight on to Halifax.  Hopefully the trees in New Brunswick will still have their leaves on when we pass through the following morning.   Much more civilised I'd say.

Oh, and there was also something to do with going on certain days.  Like we care.
*pfft* we're retired!

So,   got a gaggle of cards for the birthday.  A few gifts here and there.  Plenty of greetings on the Book of Face and,  although it wasn't planned as a birthday present,   I did coincidentally pick up something last week that did turn out to be a pretty awesome birthday present.

Well,  I certainly couldn't ask for anything more.

Here's a pic:

Not bad, huh?

Sure makes coming up for something for "sixty-one" a bit of a challenge.

After passively shopping for something for neigh on three years now,  we finally pulled the trigger on something.  Very early in my searching,  I discovered that these things are almost like rare comic books.  Hard to find,  unless they're all dog eared and "rode hard and put up wet".

I did go out and lay my hands on a couple,  but nobody wanted to budge on the price,  so I walked away.  And, I had looked at other vehicles,  like the RAV4,  but then I warned T.C. that I'd likely need a trailer.  She wasn't keen.

The fellow that I bought this through did lend me his Tacoma,  which was cute and all,  but it did seem just a wee bit small.  Or something.  I couldn't quite put my finger on it.  It might have had something to do with the fake hood scoop.
It looked very similar to this one:

I'm not sure what they're trying to prove here.  I opened the hood.  I looked.  It's fake.  What gives?

Anyway,  'nuff about that.  You'll be seeing lots more of this vehicle I would imagine,  as I do tend to keep vehicles for a long time.  Like,  had I not sold the '03 to my nephew,  I'd still have it.  He does,  and it's still a fine working truck. It's got a couple bumps here and there,  and he did admit to a bit of "truck envy" when I showed him this newer version.
This one does have a few more "bells and whistles",  and gobs of places to store your stuff.

Like I said.  'nuff about that.

I'm out.

Keep your stick on the ice.

Thanks for stopping by.

Saturday, October 1, 2016

Here it is October, and I've been mute.

Seems that most of anything I have to say revolves around "stuff" around the house.  Hate to say it consumes most of my time,  but that does tend to be the way it goes.
We've been having a bit of a blow for the last few days,  including a whack of rain.  There has been flooding.  Thankfully not affecting us.  I'd like to think I've taken all the steps necessary to mitigate any flooding here at the Ponderosa,  but we're in a neighbourhood where the storm drains and sewer drains all FLOW TOGETHER.   No bueno.   Resolving that issue would be a somewhat major undertaking I would think.  It'll never happen.

Now, in spite of the huge system that has been dumping on us,  there was a break in the rain yesterday long enough for me to finish off yet another project.

Yes,  we now have a section of fence between us and our neighbour.  There's a plan afoot to put some sort of plant there that needs not only lots of sun,  but also something to grow against.   "Wisteria",  I think it was?   Not my department, although I'll likely be pressed into service to plant the thing.

Oh,  and when I say "finished",  I'm not.    There will be more of this type of fence,  going along the front.   Next year.   Can't wait!   Not.

The neighbour's son came over to compliment me on the look of the thing,  and I did say that I'd not recommend this particular activity as "a hobby".   It's taken me several days,  my goal being to put in one panel a day.    By "son",  I mean a dude who is about my age,  as his Mom,   who lives next door on her own,  is most certainly in her early eighties.  So her "kids" come by fairly regularly to help out. He cuts the grass.

And being on the corner is one of the reasons for the fence.   It would be nice to have an extended garden,  without the thought of someone (usually kids) deciding to take a shortcut across the corner.
The security cameras have definitely been a deterrent in that regard, or at least that has been my impression.
Hey,  I'm not about to sit there watching hours of footage to see if anyone has had to nerve to take a short cut.  It's usually only if there are definite signs,  like footprints in the snow,  or depressions in a way too soft spring lawn.  Or,  when someone is permitted to step on my brand new downspout!   Still pissed about that,  but that's another story.  I think it was someones small child,  but that was before the cameras went in,  and I can only guess from the tiny footprints in the snow.)

And yes,  there are a bunch of rocks there next to the house (in the "back alley")  that I need to sort out.  I'm thinking there will be a rock garden somewhere out towards the corner.  

There was a guy (neighbour I'm guessing) who came by last year some time and offered to "take them off my hands",  but he also didn't offer any money,  so that was that.  Turns out,  rocks ain't "free",  even though I did go and collect them off a farmer's rock pile,  and he was happy to be rid of them,  my time and fuel might just be worth something.  Go to the local building supplier and check out the cost of granite.  You'll faint.  Seems to me I said something like, "That much for freakin' rocks?"  and decided to try and go off and collect my own.  Needed them for the pillars I built.

Supposed to go sailing tomorrow.  Not too sure about that.  That lake looks pretty damned angry right about now.  I'd prefer that the last sail of the season not be the worst sail of the season?  Just saying.

Maybe we'll just meet for a cold beverage and a few snacks.  

That's about it for the time being.  Thanks for stopping by.  Keep those sticks on the ice.