Thursday, November 27, 2014

For the peeps.

So I’ve been sending out emails,  making phone calls.  Texting.  But there only remains the blog.

T.C. came through her surgery yesterday morning just fine.  She opted for a version of a local anaesthetic,  even though she was fearful that she’d hear some sort of “chain saw massacre”.  However, the Doc assured her that they’d mix up a nifty cocktail that would either put her mostly to sleep or erase the entire event from her memory.  Seems to have been effective.  Plus, then she didn’t need to have a general anaesthetic which,  as we all know, can present its own set of issues.

Anyhoodle,  I’ve been hanging around the hospital for the last couple days.  Yesterday (surgery day) was a bit of a long one,  as we had to be there by something like 6:30 a.m.,  and the only thought that I had was, any time we have to be up and out the door at that hour or earlier,  there’s usually a flight involved.  Preferably to some place warm.  We only got to go to the hospital. Bah!

She has a “pain pump”.  I think that was the term they used.  It’s a method of injecting a morphine derivative directly into her IV.  Seems it only really takes the edge off,  and she hits that sucker about three times an hour,  or depending on what little event might be coming up,  like physio,  then it’s about ten minutes before any moving about. 

I mostly sit and read,  just to be there with her,  since the pain drug tends to make her sleepy.  That’s kind of a good thing,  as she was able to sleep the entire night through last night.  I don’t think I’ve ever made it through the entire night when in hospital.  Mind you,  it’s been about 20 years since I’ve spent a night in a hospital, so I’ve forgotten most of that experience.  Probably just as well.

They’ll be punting her out tomorrow afternoon,  providing that she can demonstrate that she can manage at least a half dozen stairs.   That’s her passport out.  And that’s only because we have stairs here at home.  Why did we let that slip out?

So I’ve got the cane,  the walker,  the various other gadgets.  I think we’re good to go.

And really,  using a walker?  Probably something that should be practised ahead of time.  It’s like rubbing your head and patting your belly.  It’s a certain skill set, with a very steep learning curve.  Just my two cents.

A walker is provided for her in her room, as she did have to use it a couple times to shuffle into the loo.  Well supervised I understand.



No pictures today.  Nothing of interest to photograph.   Did you want to see more snow falling??

I didn’t think so.


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Sunday, November 23, 2014

Cookies for breakfast.

I actually considered it.  For at least a few seconds.

But considering I woke up at some time after 2:30 this morning with just a wee bit of heartburn, most likely from eating too many cookies last night,  I decided to maybe have something else for breakfast.

A couple nights ago I had been rummaging through the cupboards for something,  anything to snack on.  There’s usually at least one cookie to be found.  I’m not big on chips or popcorn.  Can’t eat just one chip so I don’t even start,  and the kernels from the popcorn tend to get stuck in my teeth, so that doesn’t work either.

Of course, *thinks* I did drink maybe a couple glasses of red wine.  Right.

Red wine and chocolate chip cookies = heartburn.

At least in my case.



Anyway,  as I was preparing our salmon for dinner last night,  Travelling Companion thought she’d bake up a batch of cookies.  Alrighty then!


Here’s the salmon,  by the way.



Hey,  if I bother/remember to take a picture,  it’s probably going to appear here.

The deal with the salmon is,  grated garlic and basil mixed in with some olive oil,  which gets basted on top of the salmon,  then approximately twenty minutes an inch on the BBQ.  It also tends to cook in the olive oil.  Pretty damned good.   Of course,  the salmon has to be fresh, at least for us anyway.  No “fishy” smells.  And it was.  Bought it earlier that day at Boffo's in Oakville.  Who now finally,  and partly thanks to our daughter,  have a website.  Gotta have an on line presence!  Couldn’t convince the previous owners of that,  but that’s a whole other story.


Not much happening today here at the Ponderosa.  The original plan was to head off to Kingston for the day for a “confirmation”,  but we started to think about the possibilities of T.C. picking up something from some snotty nosed person somewhere,  maybe in church,  and we just figured that wasn’t a risk we were willing to take.  Heading in for surgery while fighting a head cold?  Probably not advisable.  We’ll stay home.

There’s one last appointment with the Doc who did the “Stress Test” last week coming up on Tuesday,  and then Wednesday is knee fixin’ day.   We have to be at the hospital all bright eyed and bushy tailed ready to jump on the gurney at 6:30.  Um,  not me.  Just T.C.

There’s no word on any hint of a cancellation,  so I’m guessing this one last appointment is some sort of information thing.  I think we’ve already pretty much signed everything we have to.  I even had to sign up as the “Caregiver”.   Ya, I’m in.
What ever.


Oh right.  I did do one little thing up in the “Veranda” the other day.  See, it’s all done on the outside,  but I have a ways to go when it comes to getting it all spiffed up on the inside.  But that’s OK,  I can just plug away at it.

There will be some milling of trim over the next little while.  And it’s not exactly anything I can go to the local lumber supply place and cart home either.

This was kind of a two day deal.  Mill the piece to fit,  put on a couple coats of finish,  stick it in place with some really good construction adhesive,  and there we go.



Needs to be under pressure until the adhesive cures.




I guess that’s about it.  Not sure what’s coming up for tomorrow.  If I want to start on the next big thing,  I have to sit down and draw up some plans.  Gah.

Not my favourite thing,  that’s for sure.


Supposed to warm up a bit this week,  but we’re not on the flood watch like our neighbours (or maybe “neighbors”?)  just across the border. 

The snow is already gone around here.  I’m not the least bit heartbroken.


Keep those sticks on the ice.


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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Good thing for Youtube.

Or I would have been heading back to Costco.

First of all, I’m not very trusting when it comes to after market parts,  and how they’re supposed to fit “according to the list”.  Which is the reason why I didn’t buy a pair of wiper blades for the Merc when I first saw them. 

My actual agenda was to pick up a couple new smoke detectors. 

When I was making the rounds a few weeks back at “time change”,  I realised that there was one that I had installed in 2000.  It was still working.  I think.  Tested OK,  but they’re really only meant to be around for 10 years or so. 

So I put it on the list.

There’s really is no list.  Which is why it was “several weeks ago”.



I don’t expect you to make sense of that picture above.  I’m just showing it because, that’s the instructions.  There’s no other language there,  that’s all English.

And the only reason that I bothered to open the instructions was,  each detector came with this tiny little pin, and I couldn’t figure out if it was of any significance.

It wasn’t. 

Some sort of “tamper proof” pin.  Whatever.  I’m not going to be tampering with the bloody smoke detectors,  otherwise why would I bother putting them up?

Anyway,  I think there’s some CYA going on there, because they explain everything.  Like,  dead spots.  Apparently there are certain places where smoke doesn’t go? 

Doubt it.

Anyhoodle,  while Travelling Companion was in for her “Pre-Op”  (and it did take a couple hours) I went back for wipers.

Damned if I could get them to fit.  Or make sense of all the little extra pieces.  So I just figured I was beat,  and would call up the place where I got our oil changed,  and take my lumps.



But wait!  There’s the internet.

Didn’t want to order anything from any of the online vendors,  but there was a video.  Bit of a lousy video really,  but there was a hint there of a part that I didn’t realise I had.  And that was the thing.  So the new wipers are on the car,  and I didn’t have call anyone or possibly go to the stealership.


While I’m here,  have you seen what’s going on in Buffalo??

Again,  let’s go to Youtube.  They say they might get up to SEVEN FEET of snow.

Holy cr*p!



Gotta love that “Lake effect snow”. 

T.C. and I experienced that phenomenon once,  but that’s another story.  I’ll never again stay at a Day’s Inn,  and that’s all I’ll say about that.

Wuz the winter of ought one. 

But let’s not go there.


Keep your trousers done up.


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Monday, November 17, 2014

It was bound to happen.

We got our first snowfall.

And isn’t it wonderful!

Now,  I should mention at this point,  especially to those who may have arbitrarily drifted on through here and who are not aware of just how my pea brain is scrambled,  that there may be a hint of sarcasm there?

Of better yet,  say those words right after you’ve let off a little gas,  and you’re not quite sure whether or not you might have crapped in your underpants.  

That’s as close as I can get without being overly graphic.




It’s OK though.  Really.  We don’t have to go out there with the crazies,  who find themselves running late after having lined up at the Tim Horton's drivethru. 

Have you seen some of those line-ups?  That can’t be an efficient use of your commuting time. 

We did make our way through a Tim Horton’s drivethru at one point this morning,  and that was only because by that time it was too late to go anywhere for breakfast.  There was nary a soul in front of us,  so that was a breeze.

Which is more than I can say for Travelling Companion’s “stress test” this morning.

The test itself started right on schedule,  but then we somehow got lost in a sea of incompetence afterwards,  when we were asked to “just wait for a few minutes”  until the results were ready.  Or something like that.

You know,  it’s a funny thing,  but after about an hour and a half of waiting,  I was beginning to have a better understanding of the concept of euthanasia. 

I mean,  if my later years are going to be spent waiting in Doctors offices,  then I can see how one might look forward to “Sweet Death”. 

There was the offer of an excuse,  but it was pretty f**king lame.

Apparently (and I’m paraphrasing here) “it didn’t come up on the computer.”  “You should have knocked on my door”. 

Say what?

You mean,  you don’t know who is in your office?  And who are you, anyway? 

Like we’re supposed to know.  Maybe next time I’ll just go throughout the office (it was quite the labyrinth) and just knock on all the doors?  That should be really swell. 

The doctor was blindly out of the loop, since he seems to rely on his assistant to bring in the next contestant.

There’s more than one “service” being offered at this place, so patients are coming and going.  Some are there for allergies.  Some are there for EEGs.  It’s a mixed bag.  They were all getting called.  Some of them over and over again.  We just sat there.

Back in the day when we were using the equivalent of a Commodore 64 for all our computing needs,  I might have let that one slide.  But I’m sorry, these days there’s no excuse, so don’t blame your ineptness on some “computer”.   Not overly impressed.

Travelling Companion was really close to getting up and walking out.  I was fine either way, because I didn’t want to be the instigator,  but I was starting to get a little peckish towards 10 a.m.   And we had been there since well before 8:30.

Wishing for death. 

Or maybe just a muffin.


Travelling Companion tells me that the doc was matter of fact,  so there wasn’t much of a feel for his “bedside manner”,  but it’s understandable how a person might not be overly thrilled with the whole experience?

And that’s when you start to wonder about those reviews.

But let’s not be digging up subjective BS.   I never saw the guy face to face,  so I have no opinion.  He could be the next best thing to Jesus raising the dead.  Or he could be a total horse’s hind end. 




We’ll be making another trip in the morning.  This time it’s back to the hospital for, “Pre-Op”.   They say, “three to four hours”.  


I did a “Pre-Op” once upon a time for a hernia,  and I think it was maybe an hour start to finish. 

I’m going to “opt” out of this one.  I’ve offered to drive,  drop her off,  and go back and fetch her.  We’ll also save on parking that way.

We’ll see how that goes.


Keep your socks pulled up.


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Saturday, November 15, 2014

Decided today was the day.

I’ve been putting off a little chore for way too long,  and figured I’d better just do it.

Of course, it could have been just a wee bit warmer today,  and that wouldn’t have bothered me one bit, but it was fine.

Meanwhile, a couple other little tidbits.

Travelling Companion and I had to go to “class” on Thursday in light of her upcoming knee surgery.  I’m considered her “care giver”, so that meant I get roped into these things.  It was at Joseph Brant hospital.

Was there something in the marriage vows?  My memory’s a bit dim.  I remember that “until death do you part” business,  but I don’t remember the part where I had to sit through two painful hours of the worst dog and pony show I’ve ever had to witness in my life. 

Oh, just a sec.  Maybe it was that whole, “in sickness and in health” part?

But I think that’s a stretch.

Anyway, I know I muttered something about “Antiques Road Show” at one point,  when I saw the old TV, VCR and (oh my!) a DVD player that was going to be part of the “presentation”. 

That got a bit of a chuckle from the ladies in front of us. 

Other than that,  I tried my damnedest to keep my mouth shut.  For the sake of Travelling Companion.

So there was a nurse,  a pharmacist and a physio-therapy type person.

All three walked into a bar.

No wait,  that’s another story.

Never mind.

They proceeded to explain things to us that we could all see written down in front of us.  The only part that was of any use was measuring to see what size walker would be needed.  And that was at the very end.  Could have just blown in for that one,  and saved on parking fees.

I have to say that, towards the end I began to realise painfully, the real reason they felt the need to have one of these sessions is,  folks be stupid.

That’s all.  No more,  no less. 

There were a couple rather obvious examples in that room. 

I mean, when the professionals who are a part of this whole ordeal are there to offer their advise?  Take it.

Or better yet, shut up and take it! Gah!

You’re perfectly welcome to do whatever the hell you want, but that doesn’t mean they necessarily think it’s a good idea.  I really wanted to blurt out,  “Would ya just shut the f**k up,  so we can get this over with?”.

However,  in deference to T.C., I abstained.

That was my “inside voice”.  Sometimes there’s a whole bunch o’ yelling going on in there. 

Just saying.


So now we have as good an idea as to what is going to happen as we did Thursday morning, before the “class”.  The only difference is,  it cost me fifteen bucks in parking fees to find out that I already knew stuff.






Yes,  those are two random pictures,  having nothing to do with boredom at a hospital.

From time to time, Lee Valley Tools have a “free shipping” event. 

Well let me tell ya.  I do seem to have a few items sitting in my “wish list”,  just raring to go. Yup.

Plus,  for birthdays and such, there have been a few Lee Valley gift cards. Perfect gift for me. And perfect combination for ordering on line.  I rummage through a couple cards.  I punch in some numbers,  and Bob’s yer Uncle!

What amazed me was,  I ordered late Wednesday,  and the box arrived Friday.  Yiminy.

Anyway,  it was a moment of fun,  so I thought I’d mention it.  And the “honing guide”? 

Well,  I’ve been meaning to get one of those things for quite some time now.  I have to swallow my pride and admit that I kinda suck at sharpening.  It’s that simple. 

I can get a pretty good edge on a chisel or hand plane,  but it seems it never happens on the first go.  So I’ll see if this thing helps.

Can’t hurt.

And I also wanted to point out how they include a “return shipping label” in the package!  If you don’t like it,  you just send it back! There’s no back and forth.  No, “we have to issue you a special number” type of crap.  This is why (I think) they do so well.  Just my humble opinion.




And now you can see what the little chore was that I’ve been putting off.

The generator is now bolted to the pad. 

I didn’t realise that bolting it down was the thing to do, until the other day when I had a sparky type Dude come by to take a look,  and hopefully get back to me with a quote on installation.  He tells me they’re not that hard to steal. 

Really?   That sucker is heavy.  Like,  we’re talking over 400 hundred pounds.

But no,  it seems it’s doable.   Cut the juice.  Shut off the gas and cut that line.  Two bars,  four guys and a pick-up and it’s gone.

The thing that I had previously been fretting about was the clearance,  or lack thereof that I’d have next to those steps.


I think I’m pretty close there.




I really should have taken one last photo,  but it was just about dark when I was all done,  and I was thinking more along the lines of heading in for dinner.

The steps are back together,  and I’ll now see to installing a handrail.  I have no issues with not having a handrail,  but that’ll never fly. 

There’s “domestic tranquility” to be considered.


And on that note,  I’ll bid you all a Good Night.


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Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Winter Approacheth.


What a contrast to yesterday.  I was *this* close to putting on my shorts yesterday. 

I just held up my fingers,  in case you missed it.

But today?  Whoa.

Just went out to put the car in the garage,  and there was definitely that “winter smell” in the air.  Not sure how else to explain it.  Going below freezing tonight for sure.

Which is why I was hard at it yesterday to get through with a few minor things.  Like, putting the trim on the windows upstairs,  as well as getting the rest of the foam in.  I was up and down that ladder a few times,  but I think I’ve put it away for the last time this year.  That’s the hope at least.

The other “little job” I wanted to get out of the way,  was to cover up the remaining cedar that was left over from the big cladding job.  That stuff is like gold, so there was no way it was going to be out over the winter,  and there was no way it would fit into the shed.

Hey, I was leaning towards building a shed larger than 10 x 20, but I didn’t get approval!  And I don’t mean from the city. 

You figure that out.


I wanted the lumber up off the ground,  and wrapped up in such a way that the little critters couldn’t get in amongst it and start storing provisions. 

Or pooping.



I think that should work.



There was a question about the steel roof and scratches.

The honest answer?  I’m not entirely sure.  However,  Masonry Dude did have a lot of grit on the bottoms of his work boots,  so I’m sure he would have been scratching big time.  So he took ‘em off.  Paid a lotta money for that pretty roof, so I’d just as soon not intentionally scratch the sh*t out of it.  That’s all.


Annnnd,  other than raking some more leaves,  and running the lawn mower dry,  that’s all I got.  No more nipping out in shirt sleeves,  that’s for sure.  Although,  I still used the BBQ this evening.  I’m sure it’s some sort of Canadian thing,  but I BBQ right through winter. I think you knew that.

IF it’s so freakin’ cold that I can’t get the Weber up to a decent temperature,  then *maybe* I wouldn’t try it.  Otherwise,  I’m out there.  I can hold an umbrella AND flip burgers at the same time.  Just sayin’.


For those who have to,  bundle up. 

For the rest of you,  don’t forget the sunblock.  



Sticks.  Ice.  That sort of thing.


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Monday, November 10, 2014

One last thing.

So how was your Sunday?   Mine wasn’t too shabby.

Carpenter Dude came by in the fore noon and together we finished off installing the rest of the windows in the “Veranda”.




So that’s one more thing off my “list”.  

Trust me,  I don’t have a list.  It would be too overwhelming.

Carpenter Dude had offered to help install the windows once upon a time when we were doing the cedar cladding.  He just offered.  No charge.  Good for his resume he said.

He does pergolas and such,  so cladding a house with cedar was a different kind of creative outlet for him.  Happy to oblige.

You can check him out here.   I’m sure pictures of the house will show up on his site at some point in time.  I said he could take all the pics he wanted to.  It’s all good.


The installation took us just a little over a couple hours.  They’re all secured at the moment,  and I’m in the midst of foaming them all in place over the next day or so.  Have to be mindful of the temperature of course,  since the foam doesn’t like the cold too much.  No indication on the can as to how cold it can be,  only that the cold will “adversely affect” the foam. 

Well,  that’s pretty vague.  I find the cold adversely affects a number of things,  myself included.


And that one last thing? 

Not really the windows.

I put in a call to the Masonry company that rebuilt the chimney,  since there was a little finishing off that still needed to be done. 

One of those niggling little things that has to wait until the mortar has cured a bit,  but needed to be done before the weather turns nasty.

The lady on the phone said they hadn’t forgot,  but then lo and behold, by the late afternoon,  a truck mysteriously showed up out in front of the house.




The deal is,  rather than attempt to pour a cap in place,  they install precast concrete lintels,  and then come back and seal off the whole thing with tar.  Guaranteed not to leak.  Because you know,  getting water in your chimney is bad.

Let’s not go there.


But here’s the rub,  we now have a steel roof.  So,  getting on there with big ole construction boots isn’t such a great idea.

You can’t really see from the photos (‘cause I’m on the ground, hello)  but he’s working up there barefoot. 

I have it on good authority that it was a wee bit nippy. 

But hey,  I appreciated the willingness of the guy to not damage the roof.  You do what ‘cha gotta do.


Maybe a pair of “water shoes” would have helped?

water shoes

I’d be willing to bet that they’d offer pretty good grip, although I’m not sure I could do the individual toe thing

Can’t deal with anything between my toes.  Gah!


If I buy water shoes,  it’ll be for going in the water.  Not necessarily on the roof.  I think my roof climbing days may be over. 

I can only hope.



I guess that’s it.


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Friday, November 7, 2014

The week that was.

Are they going faster?  The days and weeks,  that is.  Used to be it took what seemed like forever for Christmas to arrive.  Then a few decades passed,  and now everything has sped up. 

I don’t think I’m alone in this.



The last of the roses.  And yes,  I cut them off and brought them in the house.  Normally I leave them,  but I figured I’d snip these two off.  Mind you, the stems are not very finger friendly.


Mostly all I remember from this week is going to Toronto for the afternoon on Wednesday.  Travelling Companion thought she’d see if her brain was still functioning and decided to take a tax course.  Most of which was accomplished online,  but the tale end of the course was a “case study” that took place in a building right downtown.   Not really one of my favourite places to be,  but I was pressed into service to drive. 

Story of my life.

She promised that that would be the last time I’d be pressed into service to drop her off someplace and then have to hang around for a few hours.  I’ve done this a few times,  trust me.

I mean,  I can rummage around in a few shops for a while,  but after an hour or so,  I’m done.  Thankfully the car was in a nice warm parking garage, so that’s where I ultimately ended up with a copy of the Globe and Mail. 


Unfortunately (at least in my opinion) the Toronto Landscape has devolved over the last few decades into a forest of rather nondescript highrises.  Everywhere you look,  there are either huge bank buildings or condos.  Just glad I don’t live there.

So any time I came across a building that was remotely interesting,  I took a picture.




Wait,  Beer Academy??  Oh, it’s a brewery.


This is pretty much what I came up with within the five block radius of King and York.  I’m sure there are more,  but I had no desire to doggedly go from street to street looking for a bit of character.

Such a contrast from Vienna,  where you’re hard pressed to find a building that’s NOT interesting.


In keeping with what is expected of a big city,  I did encounter a smattering of bums.  First ones I’ve seen since we moved home from Vienna.   Mind you,  we do have our own suburban version in our neighbourhood.


Had to go back to March to find that photo.

Lives a couple blocks from here.  In a house.  So I guess he’s a better class of bum?  We call him “Dan two cells”, ‘cause that’s an estimation of the number of functioning brain cells he has working for him. 

Long story.  Kinda sad. 

Don’t sniff glue kids!


Which brings me to why I want to replace my camera.

No, not the glue sniffing thing,  the picture thing.

We need to part company.  I think it’s starting to get tired.  Sometimes the lens doesn’t want to talk to the body,  so it won’t fire.  I tried to get a photo of this guy when he was outside the house.  Think the camera would work?  Nope.  I haven’t smashed it on the ground just yet, but I’ve had my moments.  If I unhook the lens and click it back in place, it might work.  I’m starting to get a little tired of that.

So some of my time on Wednesday was spent checking out a new camera.   I’m intrigued with the Canon G15.  (although,  by now there’s a “G16”) 



I’ve read good things about this camera.  One of my brothers-in-law has a “14”,  and it takes brilliant photos.



I suppose somewhere in the lengthy list of all the features each of these machines have,  there are some differences.  Not sure what they are at the moment.

Takes pretty awesome movies too,  as can be seen here.

So I went into Blacks.  I was a little taken aback by the price they were asking.  Started with a five.

Anyway, I still haven’t decided.  I’m terrible at that.

I suppose if I had some sort of unlimited budget, I’d simply have a bunch of cameras but then,  I’d still have to decide….like, which camera to take along that day.


Hope y’all have a fine weekend.


Keep those sticks on the ice.


Thanks for stopping by.



Saturday, November 1, 2014

Is it that weekend already?


Fall Time Change


Why are we still doing this?   Saskatchewan, Arizona and Hawaii seem to get along just fine without mucking about with their clocks every spring and fall, so I don’t get it.

But whatever.

I suppose the good part is,  I do methodically change the batteries in our smoke/CO detectors.  That’s a hidden benefit,  so I guess I’d best not complain.

Anyhoodle,   I’m starting to get a little tired (there’s a theme in there somewhere) of the whole “window prep” situation. 

I’m still at it.


These are the four “operators” that will go in the two big units that will sit in the big opening.

I did put in one more trapezoidal (I think that’s what it would be called?) unit the other day,  in time to punt out the old beat up thing. 

It’s the shape of that thing below.




No more window that’s an odd colour,  and has been chewed by bees.

Yes,  you read that correctly. 

The previous owner of this fine establishment (that would be my late father-in-law) decided at some point in time that he’d like to keep bees.  And yes, I ain’t makin’ that up either.  They made a helluva mess.   We won’t be keeping any bees.  Thanks.

Who keeps bees in the front of their house?  Really.


I did get a little reprieve the other day when I went over to Daughter Number Two’s place to install a new light fixture.   The plan was,  I was supposed to “school them”,  since they wanted to do it themselves.

Well, it took me less time to just change the darned thing than if I had tried to do a “play by play”.   There was a tutorial in there somewhere,  so they may attempt it on their own the next time. 

One of the joys of home ownership.


For me,  the most frustration part is getting those stupid little GU10 lamps in,  so I left that part up to Daughter Number One.  She didn’t mind.

Like this:


I stole that off the ‘net. 


I suppose that’s about it.  I’ll check in in a few days I suppose. 

Keep it between the ditches.

Thanks for stopping by.