Monday, June 25, 2012

It’s Monday and I got nothin’.


Did NOTHING this weekend,  except the usual looking for food kind of shopping.  Well you know.  We ate, slept and took bathroom breaks,  but that was the extent of it.

I’ve been getting a little better at not being a complete dope when it comes to making sure the larder is well stocked.  That’s about all I have going for me.   Travelling Companion did the Chicken Risotto recipe last night,  so that was a nice break.  Plus,  it’s good for left overs the next day.  That’s a bonus.  This is one of those rare occasions when having a microwave would actually be a good thing.  We have learned to live without one though. 

Hm, I’ve heard about people ‘blogging about nothing’….


Oh,  *thinks* funny little thing!   Heard back from our last guest Ljuba, the other day.  She got her sock!

Yes,  she left a sock behind and I mailed it to her.  I was kind of ruminating on the idea for a day or two,  since it did seem like a bit of silly idea,  and while I was trying to figure out if I wanted to do such a silly thing,  a belated birthday card arrived for her here from a sister in Toronto.   So aha!   I had a “hidden agenda”!   I could forward the card and just include the sock,  and then it wouldn’t seem like I was being quite so extravagant/eccentric/whacko.

Pick one. 

I mean,  what kind of an idiot mails a sock??  I think the postage (actually,  I KNOW…) was more than the stupid sock was worth,  but of course,  that card arrived and it was all good,  because then there was a “plan”.

Should have opened the card too I hear,  since there was cash in there.   Yes I know.  Not something I would ever do.  Putting the cash in the mail I mean.  Now that’s silly.

Opening someone’s mail?   Well probably not.  I’ve even left mail on the counter for Travelling Companion to open,  much to her bewilderment,  since she figures I’d just open it.  Why?
Used to drive the kids nuts when the mail would arrive and I would leave it sitting.  “Aren’t you gonna open the mail??”    Nope.  Just looking at it,  I knew it could wait.  Bills.  Cr*p.  More bills.  Really. It could wait.



I wanted to mention something about this thing called “Google Plus”.   Or I guess it’s simply “Google +”.  Whatever.

I see where people keep adding me to their circles?   I certainly beg your indifference,  but in a similar fashion to “game requests”  or stuff like that on Facebook,  I just don’t do that.  Sorry.  Maybe I should be more “with it”,  but I find it just becomes a never ending spiral of keeping up with notifications et cetera,  and to quote a rather off colour comedian of a few years back,  “Homey don’t play dat.”

Glad I got that off my chest.

So carry on. 

Hope everyone’s weekend was just peachy keen.   There has been some crazy-assed weather in a few different spots,  so I certainly hope there are no drowned rats out there.  Those are “rats” in the strictly metaphorical sense.  Take it easy.


Thanks for moving your eyes back and forth.




  1. You mailed a sock? Unbelievable!

    Hey, Bob, I'm going to create a G+ circle called 'Guys who don't want to be in my Circles' and put you in it, o.k.?

    1. But but....there was an *important* birthday card that I *had* to send. The sock just jumped in there somehow.
      That circle sounds like it would work for me. But then I'd have to join. What did Groucho Marx once say?

  2. No G +, no Twitter, no Facebook, the blog is more than enough for me thank you very much.

    Well at least you aren't growing mushrooms in your living room like we are:(

  3. Ok mailing a sock, love it! Sounds like something I might do, but have not had the opportunity to do so yet, someday..... We can always keep busy even doing nothing is good for the mind, gives the old brain cells a break

  4. I love it...mailing a sock is something I would definitely G+ for me tried it and too thinks I would need a course in it and I'm retired and retarded so no schooling for me thanks...have a super week..we had a wet weekend...:(

  5. Well, I'd mail a "special" sock but not a cheapy kmart one. Was it a special sock?

    You did do quite a bit of reading blogs and commenting this weekend Bob. You popped up all over the place, including at my blog. Thanks for dropping by! I hope you have a peachy keen week yourself! (Today is a great weather day on Vancouver Island, British Columbia and we're still dealing with the damn importation issues with the vehicles. Customs/Immigration did turn us around at the border initially. It took days to get them to let us enter Canada with our RV and the truck. We had to leave the car behind for a few weeks.)

  6. you mailed a sock?..well what ever floats your the time she gets the mate she probably already threw out the other one!..thanks for the laugh..I love blogs that are about a whole lotta nothing!..our weekend?..peachy keen!..not really but I can pretend!


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