Monday, June 11, 2012

Back to spotty internet.

It figures that on a day when I wouldn’t mind doing a little catching up on my internet reading,  that someone down at the monkey house keeps unplugging the big round spinning thing.  It’s been quite frustrating.  The load times seems to go from blazingly fast,  to “the connection has been reset”.   C’mon!!

We didn’t have any sort of connection over the weekend,  nor did we really want any.  So now I’m sort of having some withdrawal symptoms.

Anyway,  doesn’t matter I suppose.  If that’s my biggest problem in life,  then I need to perhaps just suck it up a bit. 

Of course,  there is the slight matter of someone’s birthday coming up,  and a useful internet connection would be helpful.

I’ll happily skim over the weekend trip whenever we emerge from this internet fog.


There will be a few more photos,  but in the meanwhile,  this is a view of Munich airport from my window seat.


That’s going to be it for today.  I’m going to hit the publish button and go away for a while.  It’s kind of like waiting for high tide to launch a boat,  except that I have no idea when the tide is next going out,  so who knows what’ll happen.

It’s really bad form to put one’s fist through one’s computer screen,  so I’m just not going to risk it.


Fingers crossed.


Thanks for coming by.  I’ll see how it goes tomorrow.





  1. well good luck tomorrow hope the internet is back up and running and not so sketchy....glad your remembering the 'birthday'...:) have a super week

  2. Will check in tomorrow....nice shot from the plane.


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