Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Watching the show.

Because there seems to always be a "show".   And I'm not talking about the Eclipse,  which was kinda neat.  And yes,  I did watch some of that,  but only on line.

I wasn't about to fool with pin holes in cereal boxes and such,  when there were several entities such as NASA who very conveniently had live feeds that one could watch on YouTube.   I mean,  if you have "unlimited" internet download capability (which is not really "unlimited",  but whatever)  why not watch on line?

Anyway no,   the show I'm referring to,  and one of the reasons we open the curtains in the front is, the neighbours across the way.

Not the best picture,  but this is the third boat they've had in a couple years.

They just keep getting bigger and bigger!  Hey,  whatever floats yer boat.

Sorry for that one.

It's presently away, and just the trailer is there for the last few days,  so I'm guessing they're on holidays.   Which means the kids are at home.  Which means,  there's usually some other type of "show".

I was in bed by then,  but reportedly the cops showed up the other morning at around two. Went in.  Had a chat.  *rolling my eyes*

Beats TV some nights.

Anyway,  we seem to be muddling along.  Had visitors off and on this summer.   Sister-in-law and Hubby have moved from B.C. back to Ontario and have bought a place in Kingston.  If you look at real estate prices,  you'll get it.

Kingston is nice.  They're a couple blocks from the water,  and are hoping for a mild winter.  Fingers crossed.
I think I'd sooner have cold and clear rather than the type of weather they get in Vancouver.

I'd be totally depressed.

Meanwhile,  my bathroom is pretty much done.  Well,  except I think I'm going to paint the inside trim,  as I'm not happy with the way it looks.   Went back to the paint store and had them tint what was left over from the painting I had already done,  and voila!  I now have "trim" paint.   Really just paint.  But a darker version of what I put on the walls,  and they tinted it for free!   

No brainer.  Already had the paint,  and I like "free".

Annoyingly,  the sink drain was NOT cooperating,  so I had to get serious about cleaning it out.   Turns out there was a lump of gunk in the line that had hardened up over the time it took me to do the work,  and no amount of coaxing either with a plunger or liquid plumber was getting it to work.
It was hair,  but let's not go there.

So I had to cut the drain pipe (after first removing the plaster ceiling in the garage.  Such fun!)  and shoved a air hose up in there and gave it a blast.   Worked like a charm.

Then I installed a clean out for the inevitable time when it decides to back up again.

Because it will.

That bit of white stuff there is just teflon tape.

Due to the location of the laundry chute,  the original plumber had to make a couple 90 degree bends up in the wall behind the cabinet,  and I simply know it'll be prone to a stoppage at some point in time.  No worries.  I'll just blast it out again.

Um,  I suppose that's about it.  We're still sailing on Tuesdays until the long weekend.  Then after "Bronte Rocks",  we switch over to Sundays.   Something to do with sunset and days getting shorter.

Oh,  and we did do a couple cottage visits.   Nothing extraordinary.

Thanks for stopping by.

Keep that stick on the ice.

Thursday, August 3, 2017

Why it's good that some regattas are only two days.

Since that's the maximum number of days I can stay out in the sun.

It's one thing to be "outstanding in your field",  like haying or such,  but being on the water seems to fly me up real good.  No matter how much I slather on sunblock,  and reapply after sweating it off,  I still manage to get ever so slightly toasted.

Anyway,  this past weekend was the "Can-Am Challenge' in Youngstown, N.Y. which,  for us is just across the boarder.   Kind of odd really,  as we go to the States,  and then ended up sailing in Canadian waters both days.

Whatever.   It was a great two days.  A little lumpy on the Saturday morning,  but that was the only glitch.  Well,  and the Race Committee was a bit of a "shit show",  or at least I seem to recall that that was the term we used.  I mean, I've never seen anyone change the course over seven races so much due to the slightest wind shift.   Totally bizarre.   And well,  our skipper signed up (and ponied up a fair amount of cash)  as he was led to believe it was going to be a "pursuit" race,  but instead it ended up being an "around the cans" type of deal.
We were not in the top three,  let's just say.

These two delivered the boat on Friday,  and as it happened,  I decided to go down to the slip before their departure just to see them off.  
Well,   that was well played,  as there was some help needed putting a reef in the main sail and generally helping getting them away.  The wind was a wee bit strong for the rest of Friday,  and I think the skipper said something like "gusting to 29 knots"?  
Neither of them were able to dare leave the cockpit for the entire journey,  which turned out to be almost seven hours!   That's a long time to hold yer bladder.

One of the rare times Brian wore his life vest.

I however,  decided to drive down that afternoon.  Of course,  that means crossing the border in a vehicle which,  once I actually made it to the booth,  went quite quickly,  so I'm not sure what was taking so long for the vehicles in front of me.  The usual questions,  "Citizenship?"  "Where you going?"  "How long?"  and this one I thought interesting,  "Will you be leaving anything behind?",  to which my answer was,  "Oh,  I'm pretty sure we'll be drinking all of the beer."    

Off I went.

I could bore you with boat pictures and such,  but you get the idea.  

Um,  this:

...was my sleeping accommodation.  I set it up (last) Monday afternoon (shown here)  just to make sure I could,  and that it was in good shape. We've had this tent for,  oh I don't know,  15 years?  But it's only been used a couple times.
 I also went out and bought myself one of those "self inflating" mats.  Went with three inches.

The first night (Friday night) it did take me a bit to get to sleep,  as it seems that the house here must be really,  really quiet,  since every little sound was waking me up.  And I was wearing ear plugs!

Saturday night was better.   It's been a long,  long time since I've slept in a tent.  T.C. was mocking me ever so slightly for my foolishness,  but it was actually not bad.   Plus of course,  they have showers at the yacht club,  so being able to get cleaned up at the end of the day (all that sweat and sunblock)  was the best thing ever.   I swear,  the "shower"  has got to be one of mankind's better inventions.

The thing is,  with these types of sailing regattas,  there are those who sleep on the boat (not me,  too claustrophobic)  and then everyone else who pitches a tent where ever there is some free space.   There just happened to be a park  (that's a google map link)  where others had pitched tents,  along with a couple motor homes.  I was kinda missing ours,  to be honest.

But,  I had the truck parked nearby,  which allowed me to bring all the "stuff" I needed to make the stay more comfortable.  The most important of which was of course,  a small camp stove,  water,  a kettle,  and coffee.   Gotta have that coffee in the morning,  or forget it!

We then had breakfast on the boat.   The skipper cooked up awesome breakfasts both mornings.

Meanwhile,  I've fixed up both the table and the dresser that I mentioned last week.

Originally I wasn't going to bother with the table,  until we had to get it out of the way.   When I flipped it over,  I was then able to see why it was starting to split.  So,  couldn't let that alone.

This is my alteration:

See,  wood moves,  and the way it was,  the table top couldn't move at all.  So I made some retainers to allow for wood movement.

OK,  gotta go.

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