Thursday, June 21, 2012

So we did break a record.

Quite a difference this morning when I poked my head outside.

Just a warning.  Today’s pictorial offerings will all get sized to their original (huge) format if you click on them.  So don’t get upset at me if you’re still using some tin foil outside your window trying to leech off your neighbours wireless. 



If the sun isn’t pounding in to the kitchen and living room,  that can make all the difference.

Oh,  and that’s a new crane they put up yesterday.  One day is all it takes.  I was tempted to take pictures,  but seriously?  I have enough stinkin’ crane pictures. 



Anyway,  I’m not going to go on too much about the weather.  It’s still a warm day,  but just pleasantly warm,  not brutally hot.  Much preferred.

Don’t get me wrong.  I’m quite happy and grateful that we have “Klima-Anlage”,  (air conditioning)  but would just as soon not have to use it.  It’s not about the cost either.  Our energy bills aren’t that outrageous.  As a matter of fact,  after the first year,  Wien Energie  gave us a fairly hefty refund,  as they had over estimated what we would use on a monthly basis.  This past year it didn’t work out that way,  as we ended up owing about €160.   No biggie.  At least they don’t presume to charge interest on that,  so if they figure they want to do some sort of estimate,  then that’s OK.

I always have to chuckle a little when I go to some of these Austrian websites,  like the one I linked to above.  The German version is usually quite elaborate.  Then you click on the “English” icon,  and it’s pitifully sparse.  Just no “Englische Sprachkenntnisse”.   Look that one up.  So they claim to have an English version,  but most times it’s not a mirror image of the German site.

Anyway, what was I saying,  something about the air conditioning?   Well,  since each of the rooms can be cooled all by themselves,  all that really is happening is that the air is getting dried out and cooled down,  but you’re eventually just breathing your own re-circulated air.  I like to crack a window,  but it doesn’t always do the trick.   So if it has hopefully cooled down in the night,  then at least the place can be aired out in the morning.   Gets mighty stale otherwise.

Much ado about nothing.


Which is pretty much the theme for today I’m afraid.

Travelling Companion called last night after she had left her office to say she was on her way over to Gmünd,  where it had rained for most of the day,  and that she was following someone from work,  as one of the roads had been closed.  Apparently this was pointed out to her by her navigation system when she was on her way up there,  but there were no alternate routes given,  so she thought it best to rely on local knowledge.  She did mention when she thought she might head out for home,   but it was at one of those precise moments when the signal was lost.   She always calls when she’s either underway or getting close,  so no worries.

Meanwhile I dropped off the prescription at the tiny little “Apotheke”  down the street a ways,  and I’ll stop by tomorrow morning to pick it up.  I could go into the humongous Kaiserkrone around the corner from our front door,  but I gave up on that a long time ago.  First of all,  the place is always mobbed,  with every Greta, Gertrude and Gabi lined up to sort out all their little aches and pains,  and then I belly up to the counter only to discover that they have to order whatever I need anyway,  and so I STILL have to go back the next day.   AND stand in line again.  Gah!

Sadly,  it took me a few visits to figure that one out. 


Oh,  speaking of figuring things out.   Remember how I was in a bit of a snit a few months back because Google Maps was using the wrong name for that town I mentioned just now?




Someone at the big Mother Ship at Google thought it was OK to stick Gmunden in two different places.   Or they just didn’t do their proper homework.

Anyway,  apparently they fixed it.   There was a note a while back in my Gmail account (which I don’t check too darned often it turns out)  saying something to that effect.  

Who knew??  There was a response from the Mother Ship!  Glory be!  I feel honoured.

Well OK,  maybe not.


I suppose though that an actual human would have had to do some sort of “clicking on buttons” in order to affect such a change,  so I guess that counts for something.  



Hope you all have a fine day.


Keep those sweat bands handy.

Thanks for stopping by.




  1. glory be...stay cool on the west coast are still waiting for summer to actually arrive and stick around long enough to enjoy it.

  2. My morning chuckle has now been satisfied. Stay cool.

  3. You're funny - another crane picture? I read somewhere that there is a "hotel" room up in a crane somewhere in the world. I think it is called Harbour Crane Bed and Breakfast, in the Netherlands. Are you familiar with it?

    1. I had never heard of that B&B but I just looked it up! That looks pretty cool, although I'd be crappin' my drawers. Not a one for climbing up things I'm afraid.


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