Sunday, June 3, 2012

Around the Neighbourhood.


Kind of struggling here with Google maps,  so I thought I’d revert to the print screen program and then muck about with Paint. 

Seems primitive somehow. 


I also think I’m going to start putting a little watermark on stuff. 

Just well,  because.


This was the beginning of the walking on Saturday

No,  actually it wasn’t,  since I had been out shopping before that already.  Doesn’t really count I suppose.


Sometimes I see things that at first don’t make a heap of sense.

Cops + Firefighters.   




It looked as though the firefighters were moving a couple cars around,  and I’m not sure at what point I stumbled on this scene.  Usually they call an “Abschleppdienst”  and haul your car away.  Click that link if the concept has you sitting there slack jawed.


The first pic was when I was headed in one direction,  and then later when I came back,  it started to make a bit more sense.



Obviously they had closed the street for some sort of festival or whatever.   Maybe it was yet another selling extravaganza?  I didn’t check back later,  since I didn’t really give a hoot. 

The following is a bunch of “made up stuff”,  and may not be accurate in the least,  but I’m going to theorise anyway:

Rather than take these two cars away,  it would seem that the authorities moved them closer to a point where they could safely be driven off,  after which they put the two notices on the windshields.  The top (larger) one points out that the street is being closed,  and the smaller one doesn’t appear to be a ticket,  but rather a Verständigung.   The only thing I can come up for the meaning of that second one is an “understanding”.  I suppose we’d call it some sort of notification?   Meh, not sure.  I didn’t I want to do anything more than observe from a safe distance.   

Yet another slight Wienerland mystery.  At least the owners of these vehicles (who apparently have some issues with their reading skills,  since the signs looked pretty obvious to me) could actually come out from wherever they were holed up and drive off.  It would totally suck to come out in the morning and only find a bit of a dry spot where your wheels used to be.   Even in this case,  if your car has mysteriously been moved up the street,  I’m sure a person might have a brief moment of panic.



The little jaunt that Travelling Companion and I took was actually in search of a particular jewellery store that I thought was on Gumpendorfer Straße.  That’s what the address said,  but that too is a bit of a mystery.  Gave up on that,  and decided to take the subway down to where all the action is:



Yes,  that’s Stephansplatz,  a place where I rarely like to go.  On a Saturday?  Too many people.  That is all. 




I don’t dare mention the amount of people that go through here on a busy weekend.  I can’t find the article anymore.  *drat*.   But suffice to say,  it’s a lot.   Something like 750,000?  Don’t quote me.


So we shop.

I just sort of bide my time,  waiting for T.C. to finally declare,  “OK,  I’ve had enough”.   This is usually after we’ve taken a little break to “set a spell”  and have some sort of liquid refreshment.  *Thinks*  Since I wasn’t driving,  I could have had a beer,  but instead I had a “Melange”.  Which was just as welcome,  so it wasn’t like I regretted my choice.  (Oh goodness!  There’s a French word!  Better be careful!)  



For some reason that once again remains a mystery,  the waiter wasn’t using a tray of any kind,   which meant that he could only bring out what he could carry in two hands.  Silly bugger.  So the caption of that photo above was going to be,  “What’s wrong with this picture?”

If you’ve ever had coffee most anywhere in Europe,  it’s always served with a glass of water.  It just seems to work somehow.   Well,  moments after I took this,  he brought our water.  But I like the picture anyway.


I was going to drone on about our side trip to Kutná Hora,  on our way back from Prague on Sunday afternoon,  but that’s kind of old news at this point.   I might stick in a snippet in a day or two.  My eyes are getting tired,  as are yours no doubt.


Hope everyone has a fine Sunday.


Thanks for lookin’.





  1. Another fine day in wienerland with enough mystery thrown in to keep it exciting.

  2. Those beautiful old buildings and narrow streets are always an amazing sight to see. I wonder why a glass of water is served with coffee?

  3. Never knew that about water and coffee....hmmm!!

  4. wow I love the architecture there..its amazing...they sure know how to are always a good read :)


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