Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Not a day to be ‘out’.

Looked out at the thermometer at around 7:00 a.m. and it was already showing 29°C.   Not sure what that is in Fahrenheit,  but it’s pretty toasty,  that’s for sure.  I like room temperature to be something like 22°,  so you can take it from there.   By this afternoon the temperature is up there in the mid thirties.  I think I’d just as soon not know.

It’s a “double hump” day,  by the way.  Of course it’s Wednesday, like that’s a big deal,  but it’s also the Summer Solstice.

solstice global (without title)   

*Harumph* We’re not on there.  We’re at 48.2088° N, 16.3726° E which is,  wait a minute,  farther north than Toronto?  Well that’s a new one on me. 

Of course,  that also means that from now on,  the days will be getting shorter and shorter,  until once again I’ll be grumbling about having 15 minutes of daylight.  I'll try not to grumble,  but I can’t promise.

So you would think that I’d be very clever and stay bottled up here in our somewhat comfortable apartment.  I mean,  I did the usual “out and about” this morning,  even though it was already by then just slightly north of pleasant but no,  I had to go out this afternoon.


In keeping with what is by now a tradition,  Travelling Companion left it too late to get in to see her Doc,  which meant that Muggins here had to go and pick up a prescription for some diabetic thing ma jiggies.

Two things.   First of all,  I was quite happy not to be dressed like this:


Snapped that yesterday afternoon on the way home through the car window.  It was just as hot out.  I can’t see why anyone would dress like a ninja in this heat.

And,  although it was quite comfortable at the doctor’s office,  I still had to wait to pick up the prescription.  I spend a lot of my time waiting it seems.  This too shall eventually come to pass I suppose.  No grumbling.  Really.



Just looooove  waiting.  yessir.  I live to wait. 

Travelling Companion left this morning for her other office up in Schrems,  which then means Bob takes public transport.  Admittedly the subway stations are reasonably cool,  being that they are underground and all,  but for the reverse trip I decided not to hoof it all the way back to Südtiroler Platz,  but instead jumped on the streetcar. (that link is a little map there if you’re at all curious)

Just a little warm.  Not stinky,  thankfully,  since it wasn’t crowded.  This in spite of it going part way around the Ring.   Then it was a matter of switching to the subway at Volkstheater.   As I went down,  so did the temperature.


I just discovered that there’s a much better picture in that Wiki link above.   That page is in German.  Sorry ‘bout that.

I actually wasn’t too sure where I was going to end up on the return trip, but I knew the “bim”  as they’re called here (streetcar) was heading in a favourable direction.  And I would be sitting down.

It’s kind of neat in a way to know a city well enough to just think, “Well,  I’m going to head in that direction and figure out the rest later.”  

The ticket system is such that,  as long as you have one,  and it has been validated,  all is well.   You’re not allowed to cross back over your own route,  and you can’t really get off and dally about and then get back on again.  I’ve never been stopped by any of the roving officials,  but I know that all I would have to do is try getting on once without a validated ticket and I’d be stopped for sure.  It’s like removing that spare can of fuel from your vehicle to make room?  That’s the day when all the gas stations are closed,  and you run out.  Or you’re just a nervous wreck the whole time.


Thought I’d take a stab at getting a picture of the Grand Hotel,  since T.C. is always looking to see if anyone important is coming or going there.  Not much happening today. 



That’s about all I have on offer for today I’m afraid.


I saw this place yesterday.  


Pretty much sums it up.


Thanks for coming ‘round.





  1. And I'm running the heat here in MT. Cold and rainy today but up to 93 by wedding day Sunday.

  2. its pretty warm and hot and sunny here also...last week were were complaining about the cold this week its a/c time...good thing your good at waiting..I'm sure not patient enough to be a waiter....have a super hump day

  3. Likely the poor lady has no choice but to wear that burka. Please send any extra heat you have.

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  4. Wow, those subway stations sure are clean and neat. Not used to seeing that after years of working in NYC and DC.


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