Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Our little absences.


Saw this on the side of a car this morning.


Best to be alert when out and about it seems?


Anyway,  this was on the way back from the airport,  where I dropped off Travelling Companion for her flight to Romania.   She’ll be there for the rest of the week.  Fun times.  Another one of those financial hokus pokus thingies.  (Balance sheet review)


As usual, the traffic is pretty predictable.  My view is mostly like this:



Nice blue sky though.  Must admit.


But then it sometimes improves.



And I know what you’re thinking.  I’m talking about the lack of cars,  not the young lady on the bike.

Interestingly enough though, since we’re doing a little “traffic study” here,  (you believe that, right?) even though I was in the car (hello!) and she was on the bike,  we were kind of keeping pace with one another. 

I didn’t mind.


What? Oh!

I mean,  back to the traffic study…


I did pass her a couple times.  Really.  I didn’t just hang back there and watch her pedal although,  it did cross my mind.  Had I done that, I think somebody behind me might have got upset.  Best not to upset the natives.   They do get restless.


So you can see that,  it’s just as fast by bike,  or just as slow by car,  to come up the main drag.   This is the only “drag” when it comes to being in the midst of all the hub-bub.  There’s just a lot going on.  But hey,  we decided we’d live right in Vienna,  and that’s the name of that tune.

Using public transport mitigates the delays when it comes to getting around,  but you know how I feel about sitting in a box with other people.  Especially smelly ones.

There were a couple places that we looked at, that were “out there”,  and certainly more peaceful,  or at least less congested,  but why move to Vienna if you’re then going to live out in the burbs?  Even though I’ll admit that I’m no “City Boy”,  it wasn’t going to be forever,  although T.C. is having some difficulties extricating herself from her job here.  It seems the folks at the Company that Cannot be Named are beginning to realise that,   with 10 ledgers within her realm, her business is “complicated”.   Nice of them to finally figure that out.   Oh, and let’s not forget, she deals in seven currencies.   So,  the hunt is on for a replacement.  It’s a challenge.


I don’t want to sound like a whining Willie here,  but we just found out that the relocation folks (the *smart* ones in Texas,  but that’s all I can say)  are asking if they should put the wheels in motion to renew my Residence Permit for another year?  (See,  mine expires before T.C.’s) 


Are you kidding me?   C’mon!   I think I’m just going to stamp my feet,  hold my breath and refuse to go to the immigration office.   I won’t go!  Can’t make me!  There.  That should do it.

My permit is up on the forth of October.  I just figured we would be “done” by then.   The movers would have come and gone,  I would have gathered up all the sh*t like appliances and extension cords and other items that are of no use to us in the Americas and given it all away to some charity or other,  and we’d be outta here!   Now I’m not so sure.  Geez.

It’s been four years.  Bob wants to go home.


As things develop I may be able to supply more snippets,  as long as I keep within the “rules of blogging”.    It’s a very strict set of rules by the way,  and basically spells out how I can only talk about “me”.   Nothing about the Company that Cannot be Named (and no,  it’s not the CIA)  nor too much about T.C.  and GOD FORBID,  no pictures of her either!   Danger Will Robinson!

It ain’t easy.  Trust me.


Keep those sticks on the ice.  


Thanks for coming by.




  1. I hope that some day you'll be able to fill us in on this mysterious company and why they are so secretive.

    Four years is a pretty long time to be out of your home country alright - that's a lot of Vienna Sausages if you look at it that way.

  2. Four years?!?! I don't think I would like that. But I bet you have picked up a lot of language in that time. Now you can come home and impress everyone with your skills - or you can let loose a stream of curses and no one will know what you're saying!!

  3. Four years is a very long time...unless you want to be there. Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment. If you hadn't done that, I wouldn't have found you! Looking forward to following along. Can hardly wait to see if you'll ever be allowed to tell who the Company that Cannot be Named is :)

  4. 4 years is a long time...no wonder your ready to go home..heck I'll bet you were ready to head home long before the 4 years was up....not sure stamping your feet and swearing in different languages will get you off the hook on this one :)...

  5. Maybe if everyone had to put there score on the side of their car, folks would be more careful:)


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