Sunday, March 1, 2009

The Friday Meal.

I got it into my head that one of the five meals in a week that I prepare should somehow end up as a post.
See, there's this guy whose blog I've been following since well, 2002 maybe? Don't really recall. He has this thing about putting pics of a meal on his blog from time to time and as of last August I think it was, he had had over three million hits.
You're welcome to have a look if you wish. He's presently in Mexico. It's warm there.
Admittedly he does have a bit of a "simple" style, but maybe that's just the trick. Who knows? Certainly not my style, but to each his own.
On the weekends I tend to not cook, although now that I think on it, I did end up having to come up with something last weekend. Don't remember how that came about.

No big deal.


Since the market is in town on Fridays, I like to pick up a couple pieces of salmon and cook it on the Weber. A little garlic, some olive oil, and basil....mmmmm.

At least I think that green flakey stuff is basil.

Plus...can't have too many veggies...

Yes, that would be my lovely assistant.

On a couple other fronts, today (Sunday) turned into a rather nice day ( 10) so we took the bikes into Hengelo and back. We're getting there, stamina wise. My ass wasn't completely on fire, but a tad toasty. The problem had more to do with bladder capacity. Good thing we have two washrooms. Further details shall not forthcoming.
I only find it ever so slightly well, irksome that bike riders who are well, older than the two of us, still manage to blow our doors off on the straightaways.


Of course, it might just be the fifty or sixty years of biking every single day that has something to do with it.
I can handle getting passed by some young snot, but when Opa and Oma go zipping's all I can do to just "let it go".
If you want a chuckle concerning some of these old guys and just how speedy they are, I'd like to recommend this guy's blog entry from back in January.

Also, I hear from the home front, that our team did extremely well in the Annual Poacher Curling Bonspiel. I'm very proud. On the other hand, the fact that they did so well without me is a bit of a concern. Maybe I had best simply shift my position to that of team manager, since they seem to have found a winning combination?
Mind you, when it comes to curling maybe the position of "team manager" really means "towel boy".
Might have to take what I can get.
I was only pressed into service on the one occasion last year, and felt quite happy that I only fell that one time. For those who have never been on the ice at a curling rink. It's just a tad tougher than it looks. That's all I'm gonna say.

Hopefully a plethora of pics will appear on Facebook as I've been promised.

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