Sunday, March 29, 2009

Paris, part deux

Need to go back.

That's pretty much the entire summation of the trip. The hotel was fine, and provided a reasonable view of the city, although the Montparnassus tower was blocking the view of the Eiffel tower. That was unfortunate.

We could at least see Notre Dame.

Of course, while peering out over the city, there's the rare occasion when you do see something a little bit out of the ordinary...

Pretty sure I don't need to explain.
I wonder if it's easy to keep the weeds down at that elevation? How high do dandelion seeds go?

I guess I had never really done any research on the Louve, since I had been there often enough that I felt that I didn't have to. Turns out a few things have changed. They've sorted out the whole problem of getting into the place with the entranceway now in the middle of the courtyard.
I mean, I just figured you went in the way you always did, at one of the many doorways, like here at the south end.

So....maybe I didn't want to come off as the "know it all" when it came to getting around and such?
You believe that, right?
That's my story anyway.

Turns out you go down through the goofy pyramid, get your ticket and then you go underneath to which ever wing you'd like to visit.

Surprisingly well organised considering that it's well.... Paris. This shouldn't be a repository for too many personal opinions or political diatribes. That's the theory anyway. We best not go down that road. Funny how one's point of view can change?

I was told that most of the impressionist stuff had been moved over to the Musée D'Orsay.

Again....need to go back.

My hope was that the large pieces hadn't gone anywhere, and sure enough they were all hanging right where I had seen them last. Some of these things are the size of the side of a barn, so I'm not sure just where they'd get moved to.

Because of the sheer size of the larger paintings, I really wanted Gabe to see them. Also, you really have to be aware of your surroundings, since the building itself is pretty danged spectacular.So no, that's not our living room ceiling.

You'll no doubt notice that the place is pretty much mobbed all the time. This was a Wednesday fer heaven's sake, and it's not even tourist season. I did notice a number of school groups and such.
So it's rare to be able to take a shot without having some twit in your way.

There were those visitors who were taking pictures of everything. I guess I just don't see the point. If you're willing to do a little searching, there's enough stuff online these days that you can refresh your memory without too much trouble.

Of course, if you're into a possible bathroom reno, they had a couple ideas to explore...

So here's the underlying problem of being a tourist. It was easier say, thirty years ago to wander around all day long and then, perhaps without so much as taking a rest, wander around for half the night as well.
To quote inspector Clouseau...."not anymore".
(clue: wait until 3:45 in the video)

I can sort of get by for a while with an adequate supply of say, advil.
My travelling companion doesn't do quite so well however.

No amount of pain killer was going to help the situation, since her knees were on fire from about half way through the second day.
So it was time to tour around a little by car, and that would have to do.

One thing to consider for our next visit is taking a supper cruise on the Seine, since you then get to see stuff from your seat....

On a final note, there was truly only one souvenir that we brought back. Can't seem to find these aluminum pans around here, so I was quite excited to find them in a dollar type store in Paris.

Thrilling, huh?

There will be more.....

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