Tuesday, March 10, 2009

No more tripping

It always amazes me how you can be looking for something and have to search far and wide, but then stumble on the solution without so much as the tiniest bit of effort.
It so happens that next to our postage stamp sized driveway, there is this crazy post, the purpose of which is to keep one half of the garage doors from swinging open too far. Unfortunately the little hook doesn't quite line up with it's counterpart on the bottom of the door, but judging by other constuction issues I've found so far, this doesn't surprise me.
Trouble is, at night this sucker can be a nasty surprise. It doesn't move out of the way at all, and the lighting at that particular spot is not the best, since the car tends to block any help from the street lighting coming from just a few feet away.

Yes, that's a hook.

On my way back from setting up an appointment to get our winter tires switched, I figured I'd stop into Dink's and there, in their junk bin was my answer.

Couldn't beat the price of €4.00.
I'm sure the garden centres have the same critters, but I neither need an entire set, nor do I choose to pony up too much dough.

There we have it. Now if the sun would only come out, we might get to see if this thing will actually do the trick.

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