Sunday, March 8, 2009

More Cycle Trips

Yesterday was a good day for two reasons. It was Saturday was sunny!.
This latter fact was not something that went unnoticed by my significant other who at one point asked, "what.... are you giddy 'cause the sun is out or something?". I tried to control myself after that, since I didn't realise it was quite that obvious.
After the usual couple trips to various shops in the morning, it was a very easy decision to then take the bikes and simply head out.
I should mention though that we did stop into the local bike shop where I bought new and shiny and briefly perused some of the bikes on offer. We may end up having to once again pony up what any sane individual would consider to be a hefty sum for something decent, but we're slowly coming to the realisation that it's a worth while investment. Something in this price range. Try not to be horrified. The sales dude took a look out the window at the bike that Gabe is presently riding and only commented that it was, "rather sporty". What he meant by that was, "it has way too many gears for you". We did have a brief look at the used bikes, but they looked kind of ratty. I'm thinking folks must just ride their bikes into the ground, so maybe there's not a lot of trading up going on.
Now, there is (well, was) a picture that I took of Gabe in front of the company that cannot be named, showing that she could in fact make it to work by bike. However, I did not realise that the job of photographer also meant having to be responsible for hair and make-up. I thought I had stepped back the obligatory 50 paces, but apparently not.
So much for having a better camera that picks up every little thing. You'll just have to use your imagination.
The scoop is, it's slightly over seven kilometers and there are no marauding gangs of wild geese.
That's in a slightly different direction.

Oh, and if need be, one can always stop at the golden arches for a McP*ss.

So in order to appease you in the picture department, we went out again today and took a totally new route on the other side of the canal. Really rural, with narrow roads and some deep ditches.

You can make up your own story line.
Oh, and a good section of the road was "pavement", which consisted of what looked like bricks in a herring bone arrangement (kind of hard on the posterior) and the road for the return trip was rather soft. There was a brief section of asphalt in between, thankfully.
We'll not go back over there until that one section of road is completely dry, since the soft bit made for a few kilometers of hard sloggin'.

Plus, "new and shiney" got a little splattered.

Can't have that.

For your further amusement, I've taken a couple night shots from one of the rooms upstairs. I'll figure it out completely at some point. But this stuff is kind of fun..

You can't actually see the car going by, just the streak of light from the headlamps.

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