Friday, March 20, 2009

And now we wait.

Pretty normal Friday for around here.
I have my little tasks that I must perform. There's the usual quick trip out in the a.m. for a couple things, but then the rest of the morning was pretty well taken up with domestic issues.
A couple trips to the wonder machine, accompanied by the annoying machine. Oh, that would be the very cleaver vacuum cleaner that the owners left behind. Try not to accuse me of looking a gift horse in the mouth here, but a piece of junk is a piece of junk.

Thankfully I had a bungee cord hanging around is all I'll say.

Throw a visitor into the mix, and that does add just a few minutes to the job list.

Needed to get a couple things ready here at, "Bob's bed and get yer own breakfast".

Seems today is the vernal equinox. This is good.

A little more sun also means other things. Yesterday I had to cut the grass. Was mildly astonished that the mower started, since I broke my cardinal rule and left fuel in the tank. Didn't even change the plug. Talk about lucky. Well, if you call then having to cut the grass "lucky", but you know what I mean.
Had a look at the blade though. Pretty sure my toenails are sharper. (but that's another story) Have to deal with that at some point I suppose.

Our visitor is our friend Jennifer, who is happily tooling up the autobahn from Bonn as I write this. She's been there all week, and will be hanging with us until Sunday or maybe Monday (we hope).
Thing is, Tuesday is moving day for her, so she has to boot it back to Switzerland in time to sort that out. Seems like we just caught up to her, and now she's been reassigned back to the States.
Happy for her move but sad she's going back.

So there's still more to do in terms of digging, sweeping...washing.

Maybe next week.

We'll see how it goes.

Oh...this is worth mentioning. One of my other little "assignments" this morning was to stop by the "Apotheke" and see about getting a prescription filled. Not mine btw, I still have oodles of laying mash to go through.
Here's the thing, the Doc is away this week. I figured we're beat, but thought I'd ask anyway. Well, they simply renewed the whole thing!


The very nice lady simply said they'd send a note to the doctor, and he'd send them the prescription later.
Are you kidding me?
That is truly amazing.
Wouldn't happen at the boneheaded pharmacy down the street from our house back in Canada. Don't even get me started about those idiots.
We've been getting prescriptions filled there since 1992. That's what? Sixteen years? And they still don't know who the hell we are.


She went on to say that this is not something that is done everywhere in the Netherlands, but hey, it's a small town.

Not so bad being out in the "boonies", now is it?

Tomorrow is supposed to be sunny and 10°, so we'll no doubt throw a few miles on the bikes.

I'll see if I can get make my brother Angus nauseous again with another video.

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