Friday, March 6, 2009

I'll be needing happy pills.

...Because it's been raining here for just about the last day and a half. I finally got tired of waiting for it to let up (long since given up on the 'waiting for it to stop' program) and decided to head off to the market anyway. Tops of my legs are slightly damp at this point, but I do have a good working rain coat that does the rest of the job.
Just as I was coming out of Dink's the wind picked up and blew over some one's bike. Wasn't mine.
"New and shiney" has a rather convincing kick stand, thankfully. I think the wind must have caught hold of the saddle bags on this person's bike or something, not sure.

Dreadful sound.

It's one of those stomach churning moments.

The good news about the nasty weather as far as the market is concerned? You can belly up to just about any vendor without having to wait nary a moment. Could have sworn the Dutch wouldn't have changed their shopping habits one bit on account of a little rain, unless they mobbed the place right at 2:00 p.m. and got it over with.
I didn't get there until after three.

Forgot to mention that, while I was out running the roads on Wednesday, I did remember to stop into Media Markt and pick up a power bar for the sewing room. It was the only type that was long enough, coming in at around 4 meters I think it was. I've already forgotten.
Main thing is, this arrangement will serve the purpose.

Boy, this is exciting stuff, innit?

I'd prefer not to go to the large chain stores such as Media Markt, Best Buy, Futile Shop and their ilk, except the local yokels here in town didn't have what I wanted.
I already checked, so settle down.
Something to be said for "service" at the local Mom and Pops, even though one might pay a couple shekels more, I figure it's worth it for the most part. Plus I'm not overly keen on having to deal with some pimply faced dolt who might know everything there is to know about the latest media format, but doesn't realise that smacking his chewing gum in my presence only gives me the urge to make him swallow it.

Best to be avoided.

And no, that wasn't my experience this time at Media Markt, but I've had my moments at some of those other places.
Believe me.

The only other comment I might add for today:
I've been getting it all wrong. Here I've been buying beer all these many months.... well, years and, apparently I should have jumped right to the end of the line.

I mean, where do you go from here?

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