Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Off to town

Before I get too far ahead here, I feel obliged to pass along a little piece of information that Gabe took great delight in sharing with me yesterday.

Not too sure if every one's German skills are up to snuff, but this little notice she received at work basically asked if anybody knows this clown, and where should they send the ticket...

So I was eleven km over. Good ole photo radar. Since I have no desire to try and muddle my way through the German court system (let alone find the place) I'll pay the stupid fine. I'm sure they figure with the minor ones, that most everyone couldn't be bothered to go to court, so it's like that "plead guilty with and explanation" scam.
Oh, and you'll notice I decided to add a little caption.

We'll see what the damages are like.

Stay tuned.

Meanwhile, I had been contemplating getting a wireless keyboard and mouse for this computer for a time now, and it just so happened that this very morning, my wired mouse decided to take a holiday. No matter how many times I unplugged and then plugged the thing back in, the computer was no longer willing to recognise it.


Just yesterday I had been in to a small shop here in Delden looking at wireless stuff, and was a little horrified at some of his prices.
I know I have been claiming to take the high road when it comes to the "Mom and Pops" but this guy should have been wearing a mask. He wanted €45 for a wireless mouse, and something like €65 for a keyboard.


Pretty sure I had seen them for less.
Seriously. Glad I was only a few steps from the door.
Thought I might have a look online and sure enough, a shop in Hengelo was offering way more for way less. It's the second one down on that page, btw.

So you can see that's a pretty good deal, considering you end up with both pieces for €26,99.

The bonus was, it turned into a really nice day, so I figured I'd head for Hengelo. Took along a bottle of water just in case, and figured that, if I somehow started to fade or some such thing then well, I'd just turn around and come back. Turns out it was no big deal.
Kind of amazing what decent weather and a nice bike will do for the travelling radius.
Not about to head off to Amsterdam just yet, or ride as far as this guy, who thinks nothing of riding 75 km to pick up supplies for his basket building business.
(hey, whatever turns yer crank)

Turns out, the one I chose was their last one. So maybe they're not kidding when they say, "everything must go". I figure that's usually just horse manure.

This is the preferred method for bringing said keyboard and mouse back home.

The only slight annoyance was that, at that price you don't seem to get batteries. Not a problem, since having spares in a drawer somewhere is pretty much obligatory.
So hey! We're wireless!
This will be sweet when we get our "new" TV on Friday, since I can hook up the computer and play dvds....or just use the somewhat bigger screen.
Should be fun.

Oh...and Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Take it easy on yer liver.


  1. I *cannot* stop laughing at the photo radar pic... Oh man, that's something you need to keep, and possibly frame!!

  2. Did ya like my added comment??
    'cause I do seem to recall thinking "uh-oh" they got me.

    Oh, and I now need to seriously resist the temptation to say, "thanks Fruit Lady!" when I leave the Fruit store.

  3. Ok that photo pretty much made me day,Thanks for sharing that.
    BTW...where's the screen door?

    Puzzled Son

  4. Hm..dawgwin..?

    ah...got it. I think I put it in the shed. Either in the "sanctum santorum", where we keep the extra meat. OR...possibly up above. Oh wait, mebbe it's in the garage? In the pit. Blimey. Memory's dim.
    You might have to go "walkabout".


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