Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Off to town. Part deux.

Not only did I choose to go back into Hengelo once again today, but I shot a little video yesterday and decided to upload it.
It's a slightly lengthy process, so I didn't quite get it sorted out yesterday afternoon. The time on the video is still Eastern Daylight savings time, so you need to add five to get the correct time. So no, I didn't head out at seven a.m. Hello?

Notice at about the 1 minute 30 mark, that there's no need to go anywhere near the 347, since there's a tunnel under the roadway. No cars on this road, but notice the traffic signs for the bikes. All very civilized.

I thought I'd best break it up rather than bore you with the entire trip. Since the camera was rolling, I wasn't about to stop for the yellow. Matter of fact, on the way back today, I was following a guy who actually ran that light. I tried not to look on in horror.

Here at the very beginning up to the right, you'll also notice there's a one way sign for bikes, which is why I need to go left. Not sure why that section is only one way.

I was a bit annoyed with this person, since I had to pass her once, then she chose to not observe the "one way" sign, so I had to overtake her again. D'oh!

She probably figured that, since there was this construction, it was ok. There is no longer a bike path on the other side of the road at this point. Looks to me like they're putting in new sewer lines. Near as I can figure anyway.
I took this today heading back to Delden.

On the way back, I noticed that the "museum" part of the sign had been put in place at the Saw Mill, so I took a little detour to have a look. There are more pictures on the site, which happens to be in Dutch. Sorry.

Lots of wood.

I tried not to drool over myself.

There was a model of what I thought was the structure situated inside the museum. It looked very much like this used to be a wind mill, since that's what the model looked like. In that case, you have to imagine a honkin' big windmill perched on top of the structure.

I wonder if they're looking for volunteers?

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