Monday, March 9, 2009

Why do Mondays suck?

Not sure why it is, but I was never overly keen on Mondays when I was working, and they still suck. What gives?
Managed to get around this morning to the Groenteman (fruit and veggie guy) and then over to the Dr's office to make yet another appointment for a little chat. Since I became immediately aware of just how dead as a fart Delden is on a Monday morning, I decided to go back out to do a little messing about with the video making apparatus, and instead only managed to get caught in the rain. Had an umbrella with me, but it was raining just hard enough that I would have only done bad things to the camera.
Had a nice chat with one of the neighbours. (she's the one whose dog cr*ps on my lawn, but we'll just keep that to ourselves)
Come to find out her husband is a retired surgeon, (boy are we in the wrong neighbourhood) and has been retired for about three years. He just turned 65 recently, and is still a pretty active guy. She was telling me about their recent skiing trip to Switzerland that didn't go all that well. There had not only been several avalanche warnings but a whack of fog. Neither situation works for skiing I'm afraid. We did compare notes on Swiss xenophobia.

One of the things that becomes glaringly obvious when the sun comes out after a long absence as it did yesterday is that you start to notice just how dirty the windows are.
To keep the heat in (this is a joke btw) some genius thought it would be a good idea to attach a thermopane on the window of the door that leads from our bedroom out to a little rickety balcony. This "balcony" will be the subject of another entry I'm thinking, since it deserves some special consideration.

I mostly wanted to take this thing down to clean it, and get rid of the condensation between it and the original glass.

So I'm working away, popping out screws and thinking, "hm, the number of times I've had to install or remove things by myself...." when it occured to me that, in keeping with the title of the blog, this might in fact be a reflection of an event that could very well have taken place in my former life.

So I went to get the camera.

There was no way to properly get a picture of it, so I didn't really even try, but there's air coming in all around the door. That perfectly good thermopane isn't doing a danged thing.

You're welcome to put whatever word in my mouth that you think should be appropriate.

So I dutifully put it back on after having cleaned it. Probably have to do the same next year.
I think at this point I was wondering to myself if these people had ever experienced an actual cold winter.

Turns out, until I buy some weather stipping for around the door, this:

will be the best way to keep the heat in the bedroom.

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