Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Live from Paris.

Not too sure I should try uploading any pictures, since this is coming from Wifi hotspot in the hotel lobby.
We're just about to head out again to hit the Louvre, only this time I figure I might just as well take the car, since when we were wandering around there last night, there seemed to be plenty of parking, and the parking garage next to the hotel here is charging us an arm and a leg, so I may as well give up those appendages closer to where we want to be. Trick is, we sat in a restaurant on the Quai du Louvre last night and the traffic was nuts right up until about 8:30. So, as long as we time it right, I don't see a problem. Hey, if I can do Brussels, Paris ain't that much worse. I don't necessarily recommend it for everyone though. See, I've driven the motorhome right through the heart of Montreal, so I'm pretty fearless. (or chose)

Anyhoo, we're presently at the Montparnasse Meridien, not far from the Mont Parnassus tower. Of course, stupid GPS couldn't find the place. We got ourselves to the 14th arrondissement and figured out the rest with a good ole fashioned map.
Street signs are a challenge though, since they're stuck up on the side of the buildings. Typical, but annoying if you're behind the wheel.
One does need a certain hightened sense of awareness.

Alrighty, seems all is in order and we're about to head out.

I'll add more to this later.

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