Friday, February 27, 2009

Back to the "prikcentrum"

At least that was worth a chuckle.

The very nice lady only needed one vial of blood, and I was the first one there, so the whole thing was done rather expeditiously. Turns out, I could have actually had a coffee this time, since it wasn't a mistake that they had crossed off "nuchter" instead of "niet nuchter". A little hard to explain, but one means "no food or drink" and the other doesn't. I just figured, they f*cked up once already, so I wasn't about to take a chance only to then be sent home, and have to go back on Monday.

The very nice lady agreed.

We'll see if I get any surprises in the mail this time.

Now, it just so happens that this morning, as we were briefly lounging in bed, I without my coffee today and Gabe sipping on hers, she brought up the subject of our Dutch lessons. (this coffee in bed thing is the morning ritual before I send her off to the salt mines btw)
While I realise that I do struggle from time to time with picking up Dutch, her head is firmly under the water, with little chance of coming up for air. So it looks like Nico (Dutch teacher for those of you who haven't been following along) is going to have to go back and review a bunch of stuff, or at least that's her take on things, to which she added, "I need, like a 'Dick and Jane' type of reader. Something simple...'see Dick run, run Dick run'".

I'm sure I had seen kids readers somewhere or other, but didn't give it another thought.

Now we move forward to after the blood letting.

Since I was in town anyway, and in spite of running on empty in the morning coffee department, I figured I might as well stop into Dinks and pick up a few things. Even though they handle mostly groceries, and let's not forget beer and wine, they do have a small section where they bring in a bit of junk from time to time, put it in a big bin or on a couple racks and flog it at some sort of reduced price.

Here was one of the items that was being offered this morning:

Looks simple enough,

but I think I'll have to put my foot down if she asks me to read it to her at bed time.

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