Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Stuck here.

By that I don't mean in this country, but rather in this house. Mind you, there are times when I wrestle with the previous notion, but that's just the way it goes some times.
I had made mention a while back that we no longer have any kind of TV reception. That hasn't been that much of a hardship, really. Gabe tends to sew or listen to this one Dutch language CD she bought. Not sure if it's helping. I tend to muck about on the computer, since I can get news from home there anyway, or beat away at the guitar. Not sure if that's helping either. At least I've once again developed some callouses on my finger tips.
I was at it so long yesterday they were pretty tender just the same.
Today is the day that supposedly KPN is going to drop off some little gizmos that will enable us to once again watch TV. I had specifically mentioned that in a very short while, we would in fact have two TVs, but their letter says something to the effect that they're only sending one set of whatever it is.
Honestly, I don't know how many times I repeated that little snippit to the young lady on the phone.
The thing is, I'm supposed to sign for this stuff, and show my passport (I think) so running up to the butcher at this point is a bit of a dicey proposition.
Typically by this time of the day (we're approaching noon time here) I've been out at least once, sometimes a second time, if for no other reason than to just get out there even if that only means riding aimlessly around some of the back streets of Delden.
That reminds me, I have to do a search for this little hobby shop I found in one of the tiny little streets that would otherwise be considered a back alley most anywhere else. Surprisingly, I haven't actually gone on every single street in Delden at this point, so I was a little amazed to find some shops in some really out of the way places.
Can't have too many.

Meanwhile, there was a plan afoot to relocate the sewing machine, so I figured I'd sort that out and then at least feel like I had accomplished something. This is the best use we can come up with for the rather goofy room that is above the garage.

So, (sew? sorry) it used to be here.....
I didn't think to take any pictures before I moved the cabinet. I wasn't moving it back. It sat right there next to the ironing board. Note the nicely places receptacles? Oh, and the heater? I did mention it's a room over the garage, right?

Well, now it's sitting nicely next to the serger. Seems like a fabulous idea.

And yes, muggins here made the little cabinet on which it sits.

Here's the slight head scratcher...up here, is the only source of power.
Right away there are three things that need juice, not including the heater. (c'mon summer!)

Note the two extension cords.

So lemme see, you can sew as long as you don't need to see, or keep warm for that matter, since there's no way to plug any more than one item into an extension cord over here. They design them that way. Only thing I can figure is I have to try and find a power bar with a long enough cord. Haven't seen any so far. I've tried every combination of stuff that I've bought so far, along with a couple items the landlord left behind and it ain't happenin'.

I think I've had enough of that for today, since I'm not really feeling in top form. Up in the night a couple times. Not sure what the issue was exactly, but I went to bed at a proper time, was sleeping away nicely when I bolted out of bed like a jackrabbit with the overwhelming notion that I was gonna blow chunks. Must have been a confused burp. Not sure, but it got me up in a hurry. So I came down stairs and paced a little, sipped some water and waited for things to die down. I was fine after that, so it might have been a combination of eating a bit late and too quickly. Trying then to get back to sleep was another matter however.
Hopefully delivery dude gets here soon, I can sort out the couple little errands I need to do, and then maybe nod off a bit.

Oh, I'd have to hook up the TV first then, wouldn't I?


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