Sunday, March 22, 2009

The visit.

I was somewhat disappointed that Jenn had to go back already on Saturday, but at least we did have a bit of a visit.
I haven't really gotten into the habit of taking a pic of the "Friday meal", and I'm not sure if it's really all that necessary. I don't think I'll ever get the "passion" for cooking, but it did go down well just the same.
Not sure why their eyes are closed here, but you'll no doubt notice we went with the "good stuff" (Masi) in the wine department. I tried to remain lucid long enough to get the food on the table.
Oh, and no, the wine and cheese was not the meal either.
Turns out Jenn had just so much to do at home before the movers come on Tuesday that she felt she needed to be there.

Saturday morning though, after our customary croissants, we felt a little jaunt out on the bikes was in order.
Jenn got the princess bike and, although she hadn't ridden a bike in a little while we'll just say, it wasn't too long before she once again had the hang of it. Biking in Switzerland isn't really all that common.

We did a couple loops around the Delden area. Not really exciting stuff, but enough to give a feel for the place.

Made sure we headed for the canal.

The canal was also on our agenda for the now somewhat compulsory Sunday afternoon bike ride.

Happened to catch this fellow going by.

Came from somewhere in Germany.

One of these fine days I'll actually take the time to figure out the format for these flippin' videos, since I seem to get a slightly different result each time. I suppose as long as the thing shows up on here, then it's all good. Would be nice to know what to expect though.
Sorry, today's episode doesn't include any nauseating bike videos.

Almost forgot to mention. I barely got this photo this morning, since I wanted to catch Gabe on her way back from church, but she was kinda bootin' it.
Turns out there was some old guy with a cigarette hanging out of his mouth, and there was no way he was going to beat her.
Hasn't quite figured out how to "let it go"...

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