Wednesday, April 4, 2012

That’s more like it!


I think you get the idea.

We had a few days there last week when it was disappointingly cool,  but today makes up for it.

Of course,  if you didn’t know what time of year it is, the following might be a bit of a hint.  At least to our “western” way of thinking at least. 



This was at one of the stores down on Mariahilferstraße, and was actually only part of the display.  I didn’t ask the clerks what the deal was, other than the obvious,  since I didn’t really care to start with,  and they were having a fine chat.  I didn’t want to interrupt or anything.  Besides, I don’t think I really came across as someone interested in one of these eggs.  Only the possibility of taking a picture.   I asked.


It’s interesting to note by the way,  that’s there none of that “political correctness”  crap going on here when it comes to holidays and celebrations.  Christmas is Christmas,  and Easter is Easter,  and you can take part or not.  Suit yourself,  but nobody’s going to tell the Austrians to call Christmas something else just to please anyone who thinks they’d like to immigrate.  Oh,  and by the way, if you’d like to immigrate,  you need to learn German. 

Kind of refreshing actually.  I don’t even know what the German equivalent to “Happy Holidays”  is,  and I’m sure the average Austrian would think your brain was fried if you tried to explain it them.   If you want to celebrate Hanukkah,  or Eid,  or Kwanza,  then go right ahead.    But that big green tree they stuck up in front of city hall there back in December is called a Christmas tree.  Don’t like it?  Tough beans.  Stay home.  Don’t look.  Whatever.

Of course,  the only reason I know about these other celebrations,  is because I used to work in a school.  Oh yes,  we have to be “all inclusive” in our schools! Talk about confusing.  No longer did we do “Christmas Concerts”.  No no,  that would never do. It would have to be called an “End of Year Concert”  or some such bullshit.  Honestly. 

Mind you,  as for my part,  they could have given the whole idea a pass anyway,  since then it wouldn’t have meant having to set up three or four hundred “nylon rippers".   Such fun.   I sure don’t miss that part of life as a Caretaker.

Didn’t mean to get off on a rant there.  Truth be told,  I was just getting started,  but that’s not really why were here,  is it? 



Today’s offering:



There,  that’s a more positive thing.

Travelling Companion does indeed like her banana bread each morning for breakfast.  I usually dole out two slices.   She has them with that fancy schmancy coffee that comes in the little pucks.   I’ve actually lost count of the number of times I’ve baked one of these.  Seems to be just about a weekly occurrence.   Of course, T.C. can smell it as soon as she comes in the door,  which I suppose is a nice thing to come home to.  Better than looking at my ugly mug.


Not a whole heck of a lot else going on.  Slowing getting ready for the hoards that will be staying over night here on Friday.  Seven bodies!  Gah!  I have it figured out though.   This is the “Grind/grunge”  group that is presently touring Europe,  and one of the kids in the band is the son of one of our long time friends.   The things we do for our friends some times.  Should be interesting. 

I seem to recall when I was about 22,  I was willing to sleep just about anywhere.  If it happened to be indoors,  that was a bonus.   We won’t talk about that one morning when I woke up in a farmer’s field outside Freiburg,  way back in ‘78.  I was having a fine sleep too,  until the silly farmer drove by on his aging Deutz.  The nerve!   See,  if it had been a gas powered Massey-Ferguson,  I probably could have slept in a little.    Well maybe not,  there’s always that annoying sunlight to content with.   Ah,  fun times!


So in keeping that particular concept in mind, I’m sure all seven of them will be quite delighted to have actual mattresses to sleep on.  I know I would have been.


There will be photo evidence.  Trust me.


With that,  I’ll bid you a “fine day”.


Thanks for coming by.


  1. you make banana bread?.whoohoo!..good on you!!..want to come and live here?

  2. Do you have a stand mixer? 'Cause I'm sure missing ours.

  3. Haven't had banana bread in years and years. And since we are being so good about Jim's blood sugar, we won't have any for years and years more. How sad. You are going to have so much fun Friday night. Do you feed them also?

  4. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  5. Nothing untoward about that last message even though it sounds menacing. It was a duplicate and I removed it. Blogger has had a couple "moments" today.

    I suppose I'll feed them.
    Probably a big pot of sauce and a gallon or so of pasta. That's usually something that works for a big crowd. It'll depend on when they get here etc. It's all a mystery at this point.

  6. There's something in the wind today (excuse me!). Are you worried about a "war on Easter"?

  7. Yes, those things do look like some sort of arsenal built up. I think though there was some sort of hidden treasure in each egg. Like...a good thing.
    Not, a little hidden "treasure" that a cat might leave behind.

  8. Are those eggs the confetti filled kind? I guess kids like them but I don't like the mess.... We saw a huge truck go up the road today totally filled with flats of eggs... I can't even imagine how many eggs ... but kept thinking that if it hit these bumps too hard it would be one heck of an omelet!

  9. Ich würde einfach sagen: Frohes Fest! Passt immer.

  10. Didn't know you were an experienced baker. Sure looks tempting. All we need now is odours on the Internet. Or maybe not? Who knows what that would lead to! You must be something of a perfect husband for TC. Does she know that?

  11. Yummy banana bread,Mr Baker Bob will you share your recipe?

    Good luck with the gang this weekend.


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