Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Don’t flush!

Well,  those weren’t his exact words,  but when a dude came to the door this morning at eight,  I had the distinct impression that he was, 1) A plumber,  and 2) dealing with some serious shit.   He didn’t stink or anything (not that I really wanted to find out)  but I could tell from the condition of his cover-alls that he had been getting into it.

We had a very brief conversation in which he asked which side my toilet was on,  (huh? oh) and if I could basically refrain from letting ANY liquid of any kind run down the drain pipes. 

No problemo.

We’re kind of at the top of the heap here,  so any work below us involving ripping out pipes means carelessly forgetting about that simple request would really be a bit of a shitty deal all around.  Pun intended.

What followed was about an hour and a half of serious pounding,  which would indicate that this messy thing below was buried inside a concrete wall.


I somehow doubt that it was all that easy to get at.

This is yet another one of those things I reflect on when it comes to house ownership over being a “cave dweller”  such as we are at the present time.   I realise there have been issues with the house over the years,  but it only ever means having to dig something up,  patch something or replace something,  without having to go to everyone in the house to make sure they don’t flush the toilet.   Just an example.  No need for any interaction with my neighbours whatsoever.


Not much else happening.   I do think though that I could simply go out for a walk every day,  and odds are that I’d come up with photo evidence of people doing something stupid.


Saw these retards yesterday morning.



So,  the chick in the silver VW was backing into a parking spot,  and the Dude behind her either backed into the guy behind him, since he hadn’t given her enough room,  or simply got hit from behind.  Not sure which.   But judging by their antics,  there was contact.

And no,  there was no sun in anyone’s eyes,  and I couldn’t tell if anyone was talking on the phone, although that’s entirely possible.


Here’s the aerial view.




I realise I could have taken more pictures,  but I got tired of looking at them.  I expected at any moment one of them to haul out a magnifying glass!   Honestly!


The thing too is,  they decided to sit right there,  and block traffic for a good half hour.  Maybe more.  I really don’t know. 

I’m not sure what the “deal” is here in Wienerland,  but I see this sort of thing a lot.  Not just the stupidity either.   I mean this whole business of having a fender bender and then sitting there while it all gets sorted out.   Meanwhile,  traffic becomes just a flippin’ nightmare.

Take a picture!   I did,  and I don’t even give shit.

I vividly recall getting rear ended once upon a time on a damp fall day by a lady who somehow thought her car didn’t need to follow the laws of physics,  only to be told by a passing OPP officer that,  if neither of us were injured,  we needed to get off the road.  That was OK with me.  Only thing was though,  her car wasn’t going anywhere,  since there were liquids coming out from the front end.  Never a good sign.  I was driving a big ole Bell van,  so there was very little damage on my end of things. 


I think that’s about it for today.  A little groggy here,  since Travelling Companion had us both up kinda early.  Something to do with month end and expecting a certain measure of silliness regarding a bunch of numbers.  I think the beads fell off someone’s abacus

Something along those lines.  
I can’t really say much more or I’ll be in trouble.


Keep those sticks on the ice.


Thanks for coming by.




  1. plumbing is a 'crappyu job'..as are the driver's in your neighborhood!..funny stories today, Bob..thanks for the smile!

  2. rofl you don't give a sh*t because you can't flush!!!! I missed reading you the past week while we were busy helping friends and visiting...and doing extended happy hours..nice to catch back up again...

  3. Amazing what one can write about! However it was funny to read about it (if one is not involved).


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