Thursday, April 26, 2012

Change of season.

I had a couple ideas pop into my wee brain yesterday,  but therein lies the problem.  It wasn’t really anything worth mentioning.

I was a little bit annoyed yesterday morning to get woke up by someone snoring loudly in the bedroom.  Turns out it was me. I think I’m preaching to choir here when it comes to that whole,  “getting old ain’t for sissies” program?  There are so many new things to discover!  It’s just wonderful!



I’m not even sure where the day went to yesterday,  to be quite honest.  I did the usual out and about,  and then Travelling Companion called from the Frankfurt airport at one point to say she was between flights,  but that there was so much time in between that they hadn’t even put the flight up yet.  I never like when that happens,  and it happened to me once in Barcelona.  It turned out that I was in the wrong spot,  and that was because the flight was so late it had been switched to another gate.   I still had lots of time,  and only had to move over by a couple gates,  but it’s still kind of unnerving.


So then it was a matter of heading off to the airport in plenty of time for the pick-up.  Not knowing just what the traffic would be like I left early,   which turned out to be completely unnecessary,  meaning that I had a good 40 minutes to kill while waiting.   The way these things go of course,  had I left at a proper time,  you know exactly what would have happened.  Some idiot would have pranged into another car on the way and I would have been sitting in traffic.   It’s always the way.


Couldn’t help but notice a building they were working on along the Danube canal.  In November of 09,  just after we moved here,  they were knocking the old building down.  It used to be a UN location at one point,  at least that was what our Relocation Lady said.  I’ve never really had reason to doubt that.

So we’re into the third year of construction and there’s still a ways to go.  Just thought you needed to know that.



They are displaying two of the state symbols of Vienna there you’ll notice. 


While I certainly hate being late,  being really super early can be a bit of a drag too.  I did manage to stay awake.  That wasn’t necessarily the case for everyone who was waiting though...





We’ve seen this scene before.


Of course,  if you’re that early,  the flight isn’t even up on the board yet.  *mumble*


Which means there’s no harm in gawking around from time to time (and noticing old guys sleeping).


Oh dear,  looks like SpongeBob won’t be going home with whomever it was he was waiting for.  I think I’ll be looking up now more often. 



Today it was off to the garage to get the winter boots taken off.  Thankfully I’ve done this often enough that  I’m not quite so confused with the routine anymore.  We have a bunch of forms in the back of the Leaseplan folder,  and I’ve filled out enough of them by now that it’s become old hat.   Sometimes I have issues with filling out forms when they’re written in English.  Just saying.



I suppose I could have stuck a picture in here from any of the last visits I’ve made to this place,  but that would be cheating. 


You can see by the clear sky there,  that the weather has once again taken a turn for the better.  Up into the teens today.  I can dig it.


It’s a curious thing about this place,  but for a little while there, it was dead as a fart,  and then when I went to leave,  I could barely get out of there.  There were three or four vehicles at the pumps,  and another two or three getting dropped off for tires or oil changes or whatever.   It wasn’t like it was “lunch time” or anything,  it just suddenly got busy.  Something else you needed to know.




And now,  just for your amusement,  I’d like to leave you with some world class artwork. 



Yup,  that’ll bring in the crowds!

Let’s just hope the cooking is NOT being done by the same guy who did the sign.  Or maybe if it is the same person,  he/she is a better cook than sign painter? 

That question will remain unanswered.  Trust me.


Thanks for coming by.





  1. Those critters look more like wolves than coyotes to me.... but... if you're hungry, you probably don't care.

  2. even a day filled with 'nothin' winds up being somethin'!..glad TC is home safe!

  3. That sign is a classic!
    Collecting people from airports really turns me off. Specially in London where you have to pay a fortune to park... and then the flight is late... sods law....

  4. wow you've had a few busy days...glad TC is home safe and sound...we also have to get the sneakers off the car..been home almost a week and still haven't unloaded the coach...

  5. It's great to see someone is keeping super busy.


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