Monday, April 2, 2012

A “run” on beans.

That’s the only explanation I have for it.  It would seem there’s a shortage.  Not sure if it’s temporary.


I had let my “stock” get low,  and was therefore unprepared to see the empty space where the beans used to be.  



Don’t laugh.  Beans are good for you. 


Had to go to a couple different stores on Saturday to come up with those.  T.C. wants to make “Bean soup”.   Next weekend presumably.

While I realise there are a lot of cute and cool things to see and do in Europe,  the one thing I do find I miss here is the consistent supply of “stuff”.   That’s the only way I can put it.   That picture above is of a product from Billa,  that represents their “store brand”.   So how is it even conceivable that the Store Manager could say that they can’t always get these things?  

I would be more inclined to believe that,  due to incompetence on the part of said Store Manager,  this item wasn’t put on the order sheet this time around.   Some of them don’t strike me as being the sharpest tools in the shed.

Mind you,  there was another brand that was missing as well,  so maybe there really is some sort of shortage of kidney beans.   But seriously?


The only short term and notable by-product of this minor annoyance was a slightly more aggravating hip that decided to wake me up a few times in the night.  Not sure what the answer to that one is.  It actually feels better if I’m up and about,  but then it proceeds to get sore if I’m up and about. *sigh*  Maybe I need to hang upside down or something.


And that,  Ladies and Gentlemen,  was the highlight of the weekend.    Lame.  I know.  Kind of like my hip.

I had even started writing some of this on Saturday night,  and at one point I just couldn’t get my fingers to move any more.  I figured that,  if I wasn’t even interested enough to look at the screen,  what the heck was I trying to accomplish?

Oh,  and the “some of this”  that I had been trying to write?  Gone.  Drivel.  Wiped it out.   It can be painful enough to lose an entire post if I’ve forgot to “save” it as I go along  (we’re talking Windoze Live Writer here,  so it’s not automatic)  but to summarily  “cut”  and then not “paste”  again?   Some times these things can be necessary.


Before I go,  I would just like to add this one below to the “doggy in the window”  collection.



He seems totally as ease.  Most dogs will be looking intently inside to see when their owner is coming out again. Not this guy.  Maybe he has some cat genes mixed in there?


Then of course I couldn’t help but notice the heels on the woman just a little farther down the street.

Hm,  it’s Saturday morning.  Are these “Ladies of the Evening” who are just getting in after a late,  late night?

Um,  no.


I had seen these two ladies before,  on previous Saturday mornings, heading for this one particular doorway a little farther down the street.


This is some time around 9:00 a.m.  They’re going to a church service.   

It’s true.  Trust me.  

I guess I’m a little out of the loop when it comes to lady’s shoes,  but I never really figured high heels were something one would wear to church.  Especially stilettos.


Only since I couldn’t for the life of me come up with just what KIND of church this might be,  I went back and had a gander at the notice board at the entrance.  I had a suspicion that it was Croatian,  and with the help of some internet snooping,  it turns out I was right.  Sometimes I can make a good guess.


Right along with that, they’re “Seventh Day Adventists”. 

Click the picture and read the notice board.  I’m not kidding.


Now there’s a combination for ya!  Croatian Seventh Day Adventists.  Where apparently stiletto high healed shoes are “de rigueur”.  


If that’s not an incentive to join up,  I don’t know what is.


I think I’ve made you move your eyes back and forth quite enough. 

Enjoy your day, wherever you are.


Thanks for coming by.



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  1. Beans beans the musical fruit..the more you eat the more you..?..well you get the idea!


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