Monday, April 23, 2012

Early morning Monday.

Which is why I don’t seem to be all that fired up with any great pronouncements today. 

It was 4:40 a.m. when the alarm went off,  which is one of the few times when we actually use an alarm,  since I’m normally still fast asleep right about then. At least that’s the plan.  Doesn’t always happen that way.

If it’s along towards six or so,  I just wake up.  Mind you,  just my luck it would be that morning when I’d sleep in,  instead of getting up,  even if it was as late as six.

Departure time this morning for Travelling Companion was 7:00 a.m.  From there of course,  you have to count backwards to the time to leave,  and then from there back to when to get up.  There needs to be at least 10 to 15 minutes of coffee drinking time built in there as well.  Preferably while still under the covers.  Just one of our little habits.  Hate to be rushed.  It’s even worse if there’s been no time for coffee.


It’s “Balance Sheet Review”  season again,  and T.C. will be in the UK until Wednesday afternoon at some point.  Well,  I know when her flight arrives,  I have it written down here somewhere.  

I think.  Now what did I do with that piece of paper?

Kidding,  really!


Yesterday?  What happened yesterday?   Right.  Nothing.

We had a very loose plan to get out….somewhere,  but the weather started to get a bit snotty,  so we gave that a pass.  Cool and blustery just doesn’t work for me if I’m going to be a reluctant tourist.  That’s just the way it is.

I happened to notice this on Saturday morning when out for a few groceries.  Hadn’t seen it before.



Well there you go.  Gluten free beer.  At first I didn’t realise there was gluten in beer.  But of course there is,  since any “Weißbier”  (which I used to think only meant “white beer”)  is actually a wheat beer.   The other term for it is,  “Weizenbier”,  since “Weizen” is wheat.  

There’s your beer lesson for today.

So,  for those with Celiac disease,  you too can have a beer belly.   Aren’t you thrilled?


Other than that,  I only have this to offer.   Mostly since I had taken one more bike related picture on Saturday but forgot.  (like that’s a stretch)

This was taken at about 9:00 a.m.,  so the bike had been there for the night I would think.   With a book sitting on the rack.


Just sitting there.

The funny thing is,  it took me a couple minutes just now to find something on the web having to do with the author,  and then the book.

My impression,  which quite possibly is wrong, is that the contents of said bicycle rack book is something along the lines of a dime store romance,  which may very explain why it was left there untouched. 

I suppose if you write enough cr*p,  somebody is bound to read it.   He *the kettle* said,  while calling *the pot* black.  Hey, Ms. Wood is a published author,  so I think I need to shut the hell up.


Anyway,  such are some of the little mysteries of city life.  I’ve not been back to see if the book is still there.  I’m sure whoever owned it realised they were missing it and went to fetch it.

T.C. called at around 2:30 p.m. to say she was in a cab on her way to the UK location of TCTCBN.   They have several locations actually,  but the main one for the Electrical Division is in Birmingham.   That’s all the information you get. 


I’m sure she’ll call again tonight when she’s in her hotel room.  That’s the usual protocol.


So keep those sticks…. right where I can see them.


Thanks for lookin’.




  1. We had to get up at 4:00 a.m. last week to take my sister and her hubby to the airport. Just about did us in. Took us two days to recover.

  2. Even having gluten free beer, I still won't drink it. I was never really a beer drinker, it had to be super hot out and I had to be super thirsty to drink one. Keeps Kevin happy for sure, he doesn't have to worry that I am going to drink HIS beer. Give me wine any day.

    Don't forget to vote for us,

    Kevin and Ruth

  3. Not too sure about that gluten free beer, what is in it!!?? Yuck! I'm with please.

  4. Worked on the firepit patio that I'm making for the daughter at her place yesterday out in 50 F ( 10 C ) but 35 mph (60 kph) winds. Came home froze through like it knocked the stuffing out of me. Even nodded off before supper could be eaten.

    Just the thought of setting the alarm keeps us both awake most of the night. Hate it! Would rather have afternoon appointments and an easy going morning.

    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.


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