Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Not sexy.

This isn’t the first time a lamp has pooped out in one of the bathrooms.  At first I actually thought it was the same one,  but when I fished it out,  it had paint slathered along one side,  so I knew it wasn’t the same one as before. 

Interior design can certainly be a wondrous thing,  right up until practicality rears its ugly head.  When you see where these fluorescent tubes are located,  you’ll be willing to cut the painter a little slack in terms of trying to get paint up in there.


So I’m sure that wonderful design looked really “sexy” on paper.  But only on paper.

Oh look!  Recessed lighting! 


That dark bit is where a 13 watt lamp used to be.  Took it out a couple weeks ago.  Just haven’t had the right opportunity to go out and get a new one.  There is a place a few blocks from here where I bought one last year some time,  but he’s pricey.  €10 for a little tiny lamp.  I thought instead I’d try my luck at one of the big box type stores,  which is far easier to reach by car.  T.C. is away, remember.  I’m on airport pick-up duty,  so the car is at my disposal.    Well, it turns out it wasn’t  that much cheaper at Obi,  at €7,99,  but at least I didn’t have to walk half way to the first district.


I was a little concerned that it wasn’t the same breed,  but the fellow at the store reassured me that they were all the same.  13 watts is 13 watts apparently.  Just the same,  the little beggar was a tight fit,  and will only go in if you shove in one end first.  Naturally I chose the wrong end to start with.

While I was in Obi of course,  I couldn’t help but walk around and check out at least a couple things.  Seems I’m always drawn to the BBQs for some reason.   We already have two different Webers, I don’t know why I keep looking.

These puppies are a wee bit pricey I thought.




€229?  Jumpin’!   I bought ours at the end of the year in the Netherlands for €150,  and even that was a might painful.  Maybe I keep looking to try and reassure myself that I actually did get the best price?  Not sure.  Mind you,  them coloured ones is purdy.


I also saw this rather intriguing little Makita electric bike.   I was too dumbfounded to take my own picture of course,  so I had to pinch (a rather poor) one off the net. 


  makita bike

As near as I can figure,  these little suckers are pricey as well.  Some outfit in Australia has them on Ebay.  I’ve never been overly impressed with fold-up bike technology, as most of them are way too heavy to be practical.  Brompton makes the bike that everyone should be trying to emulate.  Also pricey,  but well made.  Note that a Brompton weighs in at between 9 and 12 and a half kilograms, (20-28 lbs)  whereas the Makita clunker comes in at a low of 20, to upwards of a whopping 25kg!  No wonder it needs an electric assist.   That’s over 55 lbs.   Eep.

Anyway,  just a little bike diversion.  Looks like you could carry one whole book on the back there.  Just saying.






In my bag of tricks somewhere I have one of those handy dandy little telescopic mirrors that you can carry around in your pocket if need be.   I wasn’t about to rummage around in a couple different tool boxes,  only to discover that I might not have shipped it with the rest of the meagre provisions I brought along.   So thankfully I was able to hang onto Travelling Companions make-up mirror to get up in there.   You can see where the painter simply wasn’t able to get the drywall painted?  Can’t blame him.


Such fun to try and do everything “backwards”,  isn’t it?  By the time I got my brain adjusted,  I was just about ready to put the mirror down.  I was beginning to think I might do a search for the little pocket mirror,  but with enough grunting I was able to get the little bugger in there. 

Much better.

It’s the grunting.  Trust me.



Until the next time.


Mind you,  these are the only bulbs that have burnt out in the whole place.  I would have expected the tiny little halogen pot lights to have had a casualty by now,  but they’re still going strong.  Must be a different kind than the crappy ones I ended up with for the house back home.  I’ve been changing those miserable things out from the low voltage version back to the regular 110 kind on a regular basis right up until we packed up to move in 08.   It’s the stupid little pins that no longer make contact in the stupid little plugs.  Not sure who designed those things.  What’s that expression,  “They don’t know gee from haw”?   Let’s not get started on the engineers,  shall we?


Have to stop now.  I feel a rant coming on.


Hope your day is just peachy.  Bundle where you have to.  (I’ve heard some things)


Thanks for stopping by.





  1. For Europe, I think you probably did get a good price on your Weber BBQ (or is that Grill?). We were able to get ours last spring at $120 US, we know we got a great deal on that. Right place at the right time. They sure to work well though!

    Don't forget to vote for us, aussieexperiences.com/contest/entry/red-centre-kevin-read/

    Kevin and Ruth

  2. Same thing here, we got our Weber under $200 US. It's some years already and I forgot the exact price. Never even tried to buy it in Canada.
    I bought a folding bike at Canadian Tire for CAD$190 five years ago. I just love it. Fits in the Jeep when we are travelling, and is ready in a jiffy to "walk" the dog when needed. Of course no electrical outfit. Just knee power.
    By the way, Phillips is launching a new 60 watt lamp that shall last 20 years. Read about it in "Der Spiegel" yesterday. Cost: € 60

  3. We have a baby weber and love it but you are so right they are pricey BUT they last forever... OK maybe not forever but a long time!
    Have fun

  4. You really are the handy man about the house!!


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