Saturday, April 21, 2012

Saturday shopping.

I don’t seem to have a lot of words in me today,  so I’ll do a little picture montage,  and you can sort it out.



Here’s how we got there…*link*



Not for me. 

I just thought,  “who’s going to know?”

I’ll stick with Stanfields,  thanks.



Then as we were getting close to home again,  we spotted this guy riding in a box.




Just chillin’.


I think the dog and the bike were of a similar vintage.


Then there was the prize.



Unfortunately you don’t get to see either of the two purses that Travelling Companion bought.  Some lucky person might (*might*) get one as a gift at some point.




This was more my speed.



I bought two books for a Euro.


We won’t mention how much the stuff from that other place was.

If you do choose to go on line and look around,  make sure you’re sitting down.


Hope your weekend is treating you OK.


Thanks for stopping by.


  1. Dog in a box!..we use to say that when our other 'golden girl' misbehaved.."dog in a box"..and in she would go..sometimes it was an 'Olympic event' trying to corral her!..needless to say Tucker doesn't need no 'stinkin' box!..thank goodness!..hope the new underwear doesn't 'ride up!'

  2. It seems that Saturay was special for more people than you. Al writes that he wasn't in a blogging mood either. And I, myself, have concocted something from the past. But who cares?

    That dog! In a box! Molly would not be a happy camper there. Happy weekend!

  3. I'll bet that dog's name was Jack......You know, Jack in the box:))


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