Monday, April 9, 2012

Almost Easter.

To be brutally honest,  Easter kind of sucked.

Mind you,  I suppose being alive and kicking during any kind of holiday or celebration is a good thing, but Easter typically means a gathering of family for both Travelling Companion and I.  Even though that primarily mean her family,  we still were both missing having some relations around.  My siblings are all too scattered across Canada to ever get together any more than once or twice every 20 years or so.  Hopefully that situation can be remedied over the next few years.  We’ll see.   We’d have to BE in Canada to even come close to solving that one.


T.C. had to work today,  even though the rest of Austria is off.  There were going to be a couple stalwart individuals who where due to show up a bit later.  I offered to chauffeur.  There was certainly not going to be any traffic issues,  as you can well see:





This is almost as rare as a solar eclipse,  which was the reason for the photos.


Not much else going on.  Just continuing with the “clean up” from the visit.  That’s mostly laundry of course,  which isn’t that big a deal,  except that I can’t really wash any more than I have room for,  when it comes to hanging up things to dry.  Just one of those joys of living in Europe and not having a dryer.  Yay.


Oh,  speaking of cleaning up:




That,  ladies and gentlemen,  is an ear plug.  I found it (along with a pair of wayward socks) under the couch in the living room,  where one of the band members had crashed.  So this tells me that,  although they are young and play loud music,  somebody is making sure they are wearing earplugs.  Well I’ll be.

You can come to your own conclusions,  but it seems to me that this generation (or at least these guys)  would just as soon not end up stone deaf like those who have subjected themselves to loud music ever since the invention of the amp. 

Speaking of the invention of the amp,  we lost yet another contributor to loud music just the other day when Jim Marshall passed away. 

If Rock Music were a nation,  the four faces on the Rock ‘n Roll version of Mt. Rushmore would be Les PaulLeo Fender, Seth Lover and Jim Marshall.   Only my opinion of course.

I’ve included some handy-dandy links there for you, in case you just woke up from a forty year long nap,  or perhaps you’d just like to do some reading.

Have fun with that.


Keep an eye on those chocolates.



Thanks for coming by.





  1. It would be really bad if you were totally alone, but with a companion around it cannot be that bad. Some people would even say that family can be rather "strenuous" at gathering times. Just enjoy the quite streets. No threat to get run over....
    I went to an ACDC concert once with cotton balls in my ears. Some guy asked my why I bothered to come in the first place. Too loud for my taste, but great to be there.

  2. I hear your Easter angst. Our two eldest children have moved to the opposite side of the continent, and our relatives are pretty dispersed too, so Easter was pretty quiet here as well.

  3. Any special holiday can become nostalgic if you choose to let it. Although we have family they are never near us and often years go by before seeing them. Family is just the two of us wherever we might be.

    Chocolates, eh!!!! Never got any.

  4. the young ones wearing earplugs!?..aren't they smarter than we all thought!!..
    just another day your families will all be together, be patient.

  5. Holidays without family are a bit less than exciting, but there is always promise for the future:)

  6. Those streets are scary-empty. It's like the A-Choco-lypse.


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