Saturday, April 28, 2012

No Complaints


While I realise there will be some of you who might want to perhaps spit when you see that thermometer,  just take it easy.  I’m just going with human nature here,  and trying to balance out any of the times that I might have *possibly* complained about less than ideal weather.

Besides,  I know full well that anyone who finds themselves in warmer temperatures when others aren’t quite so fortunate,  have a way of rubbing it in.   Now it’s my turn.

Apparently we’re getting some warm air from Africa?  OK then.  The shorts might be “put away”,  but not in the literal sense.  I did discover though that I had to put my somewhat thick socks back on though,  my bare feet were killing me.  Oy, I’ve lost all the callousness that I built up by running around barefoot in Puerto Rico.  All that’s left is my personality. 

I didn’t have anything to say yesterday,  since I was in a bit of a foul mood.  And the thing of it was, there wasn’t any particular reason.  It’s not like someone slighted me on the sidewalk or something.  I was just miserable.  Some days I just want to go home.  There,  I said it.

But hey,  the weather “back home”  kinda sucks right about now,  so I’d better be a tad careful what I wish for there.  I think it’s just about the coldest spring that many parts of Canada have had in a long time.  Seems like that anyway.




Sometimes when I’m out,  I see things.  Can’t help myself.



I’m not sure if he was there all night,  or just taking an early morning nap,  but it was that warm already this morning at about nine. 

I think I mentioned that I had chauffeured T.C. to work on Thursday,  and this was due to needing to get the tires changed over.   It never fails of course,  that there was some sort of an issue on the Ring on the way home,  which wouldn’t have been that big a deal,  except that everyone had to get shoved off onto Babenbergerstraße,  and then find their way from there. 



Of course,  the taxis can go up the middle lane.  Bastards.  We have to get in behind that horde.  It wasn’t too bad,  since we only needed to get to the second light. Nobody else was going our way.

The thing is,  I had heard something on the radio,  but it didn’t really register.  This is sometimes the problem I have with dealing with everything in a foreign language.   My guess is that,  had it been in English, I might have picked up on it?  Even that isn’t necessarily a sure fire way of snapping up every little tidbit that comes my way.  I’m just getting a tad dense.  May as well face up to it.

“Did you have eye contact?”  is the first question to be asked if there is any chance of a misunderstanding when it comes to any sort of face to face communication.  It’s usually a good “out”.    I try not to overdo that one,  but it’s usually a fairly safe fall back position.

Just thought I’d pass that along.






Not sure what this protest was about,  but they wanted their freedom,  whoever they were. 



They looked “free” enough. 

It’s a kooky place.  I was feeling a little smug that we decided to stay home. 


And then of course,  as I sit here typing this (or is it “keyboarding”?)  I realise it must be four o’clock,  since I can hear the Hare Krishnas go by.  


Must be a normal Saturday after all.


Have a fine weekend.


Thanks for stopping by.





  1. I first thought you said thigh socks, and my brain had a fit of the giggles.

  2. I've seen "thigh socks", but usually they're too flamboyant for my tastes.
    Just having bare legs is pretty scary for me...
    Especially considering their whiteness. *gah*

  3. I have to ask... what do the Hare K.'s do as they're walking by? Hummmmmmmmmm?????

  4. One of my 'secret' pleasures, well, it ain't no secret anymore now, I guess, is that when I have it warm and cozy, like during the winter in the South-west, I have to call someone, preferably a neighbour in the big white North Country and ask him what the weather in HIS place is like. I kinda enjoy that. I know, I know. It's a nasty thing to do to a friend, but it's so much fun.


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