Thursday, April 19, 2012

I got me hoose!

And that’s only because I’ve been wanting to say that for most of the week.  I know my daughter is chuckling.

I don’t need a “noozle” though,  since it’s an air hoose.

She picked it up already from the “pick-up window” at the Lee Valley location in Burlington.  Man, what an invention!

I wasn’t sure if she had to print out the email that I forwarded to her,  but she said she didn’t have to.  Not only that, but it would seem that she only had to mention that she was there for a pick-up for me,  and that was it.  “Bob’s yer Uncle”.  Or in this case,  her Dad. 

Cripes,  I don’t buy THAT MUCH there.  Seriously.





Well,  we wouldn’t want to be kinking under pressure.   No leather whips and high heels.   Oh wait,  maybe that’s “kinky”.   Never mind.  Easily confused.

Actually,  an air hose isn’t going to kink under pressure anyway.  What the heck are they talking about?

It used to be kind of tough to get stuff from Lee Valley,  and then I was delighted to see that they opened a location in my home town!  Only thing was,  they did it the year that we moved to Puerto Rico!  Man,  talk about being torn!  “What?   I have to leave?  But they’re opening a Lee Valley!” 

Meh,  I was able to tough it out.

And now of course,  I can order stuff,  have my faithful servant er, daughter run over and fetch er,  pick it up for me,  and it can be waiting for me when I get home.  Heehee!  *ahem*

Hey,  sometimes you have to do these things for the Dad.  I don’t ask much.  And of course,  if I’m there,  I do my own shopping or picking up.

I swear!  That whole pick-up window program is the best.  You order it on line,  they send a note to let you know it’s ready.  You go there,  glance sideways (trying not snigger in a mocking sort of way) at all the schmucks waiting for their number to be called out,  pick up your little treasures and leave!  It’s just another extension of the “Commando,  swooping in”  kind of shopping that I prefer.   Even if it’s tools.  Really. 


Today’s title might be ever so slightly misleading however,  since when I say “I”,  along with the “Hill-Billy speak” version of “to have”,  as in “I got”?     Well, what that means is,  it was picked up is all.  I have to go home first to use it.  *mumble*   And the “hoose” business?  I never quite identified with “Groundskeeper Willie” from the Simpsons,  but those two words do tend to get tossed about at our house for some reason.  We’re a wee bit simple that way.

And really,  “hoose”,  would be the Scots version of “house”,  if we wanted to split hairs over that one.


We won’t split hairs.

I don’t have that many left.


Other than that,  you’ve quite likely begun to suspect that there’s not too danged much else going on here in Wienerland.  Nary an idiot to be found.  Just another Thursday.

Actually all the people I’ve encountered today were quite pleasant and seemed well, reasonably competent.     Even the little guy on the corner from whom I now buy a paper on Saturdays gives me a cheery “Guten Morgen”.  Almost like a scene out of “It’s a Wonderful Life”,  only without all that snow.

Our weather today has turned out to be quite pleasant, with it being sunny and up in the high teens.  (Celsius people,  Celsius!) Not quite so warm today as it was the other day in Nova Scotia however.  I just happened to give one of my brothers a call on Tuesday, and he casually mentioned that it was in the high twenties.  I really had no reason to doubt his word,  but I just now thought I’d look that up anyway.

It’s always useful to have graphic proof,  yes?


Nova Scotia weather

He’s about 10 minutes from Greenwood,  where they broke a record that was set in 1973.   OK then!   That’s 79°F by the way. 

They’re not actually used to those temperatures,  but he didn’t seem to be complaining.

I sure wouldn’t be.


The well has run dry for today I’m afraid.   So keep it between the ditches.

Thanks for moving your eyes back and forth.





  1. Gah! I forgot about the oil change! Oh well. Mañana...

  2. We've used that "pick-up" service... and if you use your Discover credit card at some places you get an extra 5% cashback bonus. I see you used the tilde... Donna K sent me a note telling me where to find it... but for some reason my laptop won't do it... but then, neither does it seem to have the place to calm the nervous cursor... Don't know if it's me or it... but I guess I'll wait until we're back in the States and it speaks English again.

  3. nice shoppin' service you got going on there!!

  4. Sometimes it is the little things in life that make you happy:)

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  6. But inquiring minds want to know whatever will you use the hose for?

  7. I deleted my previous post as I had Bea look up the internet and confirm those insane temps for last tuesday. But I can sure tell you out here on the island we have'nt even been close to those figures. So the entire 'heat wave' has gone unnoticed over here. lasted only one day anyway.


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