Sunday, April 29, 2012

Clangin’ and Bangin’.

It’s not like we needed to have the windows wide open over night, but the top part was open just enough so I could hear the workers out on the main drag putting together some scaffolding in front of one of the stores.  I’m pretty sure they started some time around 7:00 a.m. 

Yes,  it is Sunday.  Not sure what the deal was, but they were hard at it.  Just noisy enough to be annoying. 

It was just one of those things that slowly creeps into your brain, and you don’t want it there,  since you know it’s going to wake you up.





This of course is right in front of where we have to get to every day to fetch the car,  which is in an underground parking garage under one end of this structure.   Slightly unnerving.

When you consider that the warm weather must represent the best shopping season, I don’t know why  you would renovate the front of the store over the summer?  Can’t get work done over the winter?  It wasn’t that harsh,  but maybe I’m using Canadian standards when it comes to harshness.  We work in all kinds of crud.  

My guess is this will be going on all summer.



Rather than be a couple complete lumps today,  we thought we’d get out of here,  and head over to the Stadtpark.   We were actually on our way to the Prater,  but saw an empty parking spot.  It was too good to pass up,  so we stopped to park.  When we looked around we realised we were within walking distance of the Stadtpark.  *OK, I’m being a little facetious here,  but that is a completely plausible explanation*.

In all the time that we’ve been here,  we’ve never gone to this somewhat touristy/world famous/what have you,  park.  I took a stroll through one end once back in July of 08 when we were here for a brief visit,  but that was it.

It’s a park. It’s nice.

There,  that’s the whole tour.  What else could you possibly need to know?



Oh,  and the Vienna River runs through it.



And there was some old guy hanging around.  Actually,  there were a few old guys hanging around,  but I didn’t take their pictures.  I figured the one with the sleeping ‘beaut’ on the bench from yesterday was enough.



Oh,  and there was a very pervasive smell of lilacs most everywhere in the park. 

Just a note about Travelling Companion’s Panama Hat that she’s wearing.   When we were coming back home and turning in to the parking garage,  she said,  “Who could have imagined?  Here I’m wearing my Panama hat that I bought in Puerto Rico,  and I’m in Vienna!’  

Ya,  sometimes we still pinch ourselves,  even though I have days like Friday.

*Um,  I had to crop that photo of T.C., since she’s a little touchy about her image appearing on the blog.  Some days while I’ll admit that I might want to go home, (like on Friday, in case you forgot)  it’s not in a pine box.



I was quite taken by the urns that were placed all along either side of the river.  Just very neat I thought.



Of course,  it wouldn’t be a “world class” city without some graffiti,  now would it?  *mumble*



Most everything else is pretty awesome though;



OK,  I have a number of pictures of statues,  but we’ll stop right there.

You’re welcome.


We never did make it to the Prater,  but we’ll try and get there next weekend.  Here’s a link to the Prater in German if you’re feeling adventuresome.  Good luck.



I sure hope it’s warming up wherever you are.  We’re *that* close to putting on the air conditioning.  Don’t judge me.


Oh,  and if anyone offers to sell you a Panama hat made in Panama?   Run away.  They’re not from Panama.  The best ones are made in Ecuador. They obviously don’t call them “Panama hats” there,  but rather sombreros de paja toquilla. 

Our Panama hats (of somewhat lesser quality) were made in Colombia.  Just thought you should know.



Thanks for lookin’.





  1. The lilacs here are just tiny tiny buds. I do love TC's chapeau!

  2. ".. but saw an empty parking spot. It was too good to pass
    I had to smile there. Yup, that's the way for most of the big cities where parking spaces are rare. Really good description:
    Take it before someone else gets it! And the park is gorgeous!


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