Friday, April 20, 2012

Just a Friday.

I had another title that I thought I’d use,  but I had second thoughts.  It had to do with the number of hours that T.C. works and a few other pithy remarks.

The secondary reason for my frustration,  and hence the need to ‘beak off’ in Live Writer (since I started this missive last night already),  is that just about every afternoon from about 3 or 4 on,  the internet in these parts slows to a crawl.  Actually,  if it were at all possible,  it think it turns right around and goes backwards.

Of course,  I know it doesn’t work that way.  It just seems like it.


And that’s because the rest of Austria has gone home for the day and is on the internet.  That’s my theory anyway.   I think it was a bit beyond that last night though,  since by the time T.C. decided to pack it in and tried to call home,  she couldn’t get through,  since the net was down.  Thankfully I keep my mobile phone handy.

Our phone is through our internet service provider,  in whose office someone manages to trip over and unplug an extension cord every evening.   Oh, did I mention the internet going backwards? 

Right,  I think I need to move on.



I am entirely thankful and aware that it’s a good thing to live in a place with gobs of windows,  but what started out as a nice day yesterday didn’t actually stay that way.  And why is it that the wind needs to blow against the windows that I’ve just cleaned?  

I suppose I need to be less anal about the windows.  And our internet speed.  Did I just say that?


OK,  I’m done with that.  Really.


The “storm”  or whatever it was that we had,  didn’t seem to last too long,  but every time I looked outside,  the rain was being blown in a different direction.  Makes for half decent sunsets I suppose.



This one could have been a tad nicer without the construction crane.   It wouldn’t seem like Vienna though if we didn’t have construction cranes.



The oil change for the car turned out to be considerably less complicated that we had originally thought.  As part of the service,  BMW Wien will come and pick up the car. 

Now,  I thought they’d somehow just come by with a second driver and drive the thing off.  Silly me.  But no, they use a flat bed tow truck.  Makes blindingly perfect sense I suppose,  as it only involves one other vehicle anyway,  and there’s no need for a second driver.

Travelling Companion didn’t quite realise what the slip of paper was that she had brought in with the service manual when she got home Tuesday night.  It was only then that we figured out what they had done.



I imagine as well that,  whether it’s a brand new vehicle or not,  you don’t want to be putting any extra mileage on somebody’s car.  


There was a comment yesterday about being able to use the “tilde” in Blogger.   Well,  the fact of the matter is,  I cheat.

Not only do I have a file saved in a folder called “blog notes”,  (‘cause then I can find it again,  ‘cause I’m not that bright)  giving me all the html code for the little gems I might need once in a while,  but every so often I quite simply will copy and paste something if I have to.

I really don’t know if this is going to work,  so hopefully you can click on that (below) and see the html codes all spelled out.   There are many others as well,  but this is all I’ve ever needed.



So if I want to use a word like “Mañana”.  it helps to be using a platform like Live Writer,  in which you can do all kinds of things with Hyper Text Mark-up Language.   (Um,  that’s what the HTML stands for.)

Down in the lower left there,  there’s a tab marked “source” which takes me to the code page,  I scroll down to where ever I left off,  being careful not to muck up anything.  (Speaking from experience here)  I then type in,   & # 241,  and when I come back to the “Edit” page,  it’s ‘ñ’. ← that.

¿Verdad?  (oh look, he’s doing it again!)

So there you go, Bob’s yer Uncle!   I wish I knew them all off by heart,  but I don’t.  I used to have them all on a piece of paper,  and then one fine day I had this flash of clarity and thought maybe I could save it as a file!   Wowsers!  

It’s a learning curve,  but in my case it’s such a gradual curve you can barely see it.  

Oh,  so to shove something like that into a comment section on a blog,  I just cheat.  I open the program,  type in whatever I want,  and copy and paste it. 

It has to be kept simple for the old guy,  believe me.


You also have to understand that this is sort of like me giving someone tips on baking.  I’m a one hit wonder when it comes to most everything,  and I only know what I know. 

Your mileage may differ.


I see you’re starting to nod off.  OK, maybe that was me. Time to go.


Thanks for stopping by.





  1. In case you ever get stuck on special keyboard characters, here's a great website:

    Nice sunset pictures. Perhaps the "building crane" is the national bird of Austria??

  2. It opened up well. I even could copy it down. Now I have to try.....

  3. Hey, it works!
    Found under EDIT something called "special characters".
    Click on it, and there it shows.
    ㊗ Mañana ҉

  4. Mac has the special characters under the edit menu; and Windows has a character map under Programs » Accessories » System Tools » Character Map which can be pinned to the start menu for quick access. Sometimes, though, I just find the word that has special characters on the web and just copy and paste it :-))


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