Saturday, March 1, 2014

I think I can get this.

Although I’m really missing the keypad from the laptop.  But I figured I’d give this a shot.

So, I downloaded “Live Writer” to the new gismo,  and off we go.

Here’s the thing about learning a new operating system:  it all has to do with that blasted short term memory.  Seems I ain’t got much of a one. 

I “learn” something, (loose definition)  and damned if I don’t forget it in about nine tenths of a second.

And truth be told,  I can’t readily say that I completely “learned” the old system,  which was XP,  but at least I could damned well find “programs” when I had to.  Gah!

But hey,  this too shall come to pass.

I don’t think I have a whole lot else to offer.  I’ve just been frittering away my time trying not to get frustrated.  Thankfully I can go out to the net and get answers,  or I’d really be stumped.

Remember when people would actually sign up for a “Computer Course”?  I suppose it still happens,  but I’d just as soon try and muddle along here on me own.  I mean really?  What do they teach you?  How to work a mouse?

There are only a couple little things that need tweaking.  I need some closed cell foam to set the thing on, since it does tend to use to desk as one big amplifier plus,  I could do with something similar for the keyboard.  Too…. “clicky”.

It’s probably the cheapest of the cheap.

Mind you,  I think I have a wireless keyboard lurking about somewhere.  That might be an option.


Other than that,  it’s all good.


We’ll pick up where we left off when I think I have something worthwhile to offer. Meh, Monday maybe? 

I’ll update on the “Oscar Pool”. 


Just for the fun of it,  I’ll throw in a pic I took on the “Road to Hana” on Maui. 


Nice to see some green.

Gotta have at least ONE picture. 


Enjoy the rest of your weekend.


Thanks for stopping by.


  1. Sounds like everything is under control! Always nice to see a picture of Maui.

  2. I'm not sure I could give up my keyboard. Good luck with the learning curve.

  3. I know damned well I can't give up my keyboard.. heck, I can't give up my mouse (Bill used arrows and touchy things... ARG!).... My neighbor was telling me about using her Mac.... I'm just too damned old and set in my ways... I'd be happy using a Royal typewriter that you flung the carriage across when you came to the end of the line!

    1. Oh I have a keyboard and mouse. Just that the keyboard has a different "feel" to it. I'd offer an analogy, but this blog is rated "PG".

  4. Good luck with Windows 8.1.!

  5. I hate the new Windows operating system, but have learned to deal with it. Good Luck.

  6. Sigh. Still have Windows 7 on my computer and Mo has XP on her big desktop at home, although I did finally get her used to the Win7 on her laptop on this trip. In the mean time, hopefully my computer will stop doing weird things and I really hope I don't have to learn Windows 8 anytime soon. Ack and good luck.

  7. Just catching up on your blog, Bob. Your new computer looks very much the same as the one I bought Paulette last fall - it rocks!

    Windows 8.1 is simply a question of mind over matter. Boot into the new Metro screen - then click on 'Desktop' and your right back into Windows 7 or even XP mode.

    Here's the good news - early in April Microsoft will be releasing a free Windows 8.1 Update that will most likely relegate the Metro Look to secondary status. Window 8.1 will boot up into the familiar desktop complete with the Start button and the Metro screen will simply be a visual of the "All Programs" which it essentially is now.

    A few months on your new keyboard and it too will become familiar.

  8. Adjusting to the keyboard takes a bit and the touchpad is even better after getting used to it. (at least for me).
    Teaching your self and adjusting makes for a good brain challenge.
    I love exploring things so much I bought a Mac Book pro, now computing is even more fun.


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