Friday, March 28, 2014

Was that the door?

Why yes,  yes it was.

And I’m not sure why the Delivery Dude doesn’t ring the doorbell, maybe it’s customary to be somewhat discrete?  No idea.



So,  it did manage to arrive by the end of the week,  so “The Source” didn’t get kicked down to the crappy list.  I *might* order from them again.  Some day.  Maybe.  Depends.

The only slight annoyance had to do with them wanting me to sign up for a “PayPal”  account.  Not interested.  I won’t be selling any cr*p on Ebay any time soon.  Although,  I suppose there is the possibility of buying something from Ebay. 

Meh, I don’t know.

Anyone bought anything off Ebay?  Is it worth it?   Some of those deals look a little too good to be true,  so I’m somewhat leery.


Anyway,  the instructions with the camera were to the effect that the software should load automatically,  which seemed a bit far fetched,  and turned out to be just a bunch of fresh air. 

No big deal,  as I’m not completely clueless when it comes to finding and downloading the correct device driver if absolutely necessary.  PROVIDING of course,  that the driver exists for whatever gismo I hook up.  We talked about this.  We’ll not go there.


woe is me.

So I did sort it out.   Then of course,  there was the small mystery as to my Skype account.  Turns out,  these days it’s an “app”,  and there were a couple changes since the last time I used Skype.  Oh man, why confuse me any more than necessary?

And yes,  I’m also intrigued with the notion of Google Hangout. 

Oh,  I just realized there are some familiar faces when I clicked on that page.   Where have I been?


hang out

Huh.  Guess I haven’t been paying attention. 



Meanwhile,  we’re back to this.



More putting on the pink stuff and waiting for it to cure. 

I have some minor issues with the windows I installed,  in that some of the finished plaster around the edges is a bit well,  “manky”?  Some of it is due to the original plasterers difficulty with “seeing square”  and just slapping on more and more plaster.  I’ll get it eventually.

I mean,  I could leave it and nobody would notice. Except me.


And I guess that was the big excitement for today. 


Oh,  and I did put in a call to one of my brothers in Nova Scotia,  just to see how they weathered the storm they just had.  He said she was blowin’ pretty good.  

The thing that you might notice about the folks in the Maritimes is,  when the “weather folk” were out there reporting on the storm,  NOBODY was around.  (just them idiots doing the reporting!)

Well DUH!   Not like the dough heads in metro Atlanta who thought it would be OK to go out in an ice storm,  the Maritimers KNOW that, when a storm is coming,  you stay indoors!  Or at least off the roads.

Which is exactly what my brother and his wife did.  I mean,  he went out to tend to the horses and such,  but they certainly weren’t about to take a run into town for a chili dog.  

OK, I don’t think they even know what a chili dog is,  but you know what I mean.

It so happens that he has a backhoe,  and it has a bucket on the front.  This is what he uses for clearing the snow in the wintertime.  He said the wind had compacted the snow to such an extent that,  the tractor was actually SPINNING when he went to get ‘er out of the snow bank.   

That’s going some.  It’s a heavy machine,  and it takes a lot to get it to spin.

Well,  unless you happen to be digging out a watering hole and get ‘er dug in right up over the foot plates.   Don’t ask me how I know that.  *ahem*

My brother had to wade over to where I was on the machine and “extricate” me from my little predicament.  Oops.   But then I kept on digging.  It was fun.

That was a long time ago mind you,  and I’m sure I would know better these days.  He says with authority.

*pfft!*  Right.



So enjoy your weekend,  unless of course every day is Saturday for you.   And then enjoy it just the same.


Thanks for stopping by.


  1. Are you really sure you saw familiar faces on that Google Hangout? It could be delusions from all the paint fumes... ;c)

  2. We do use he google hangout a bit, but just can't get the family members on it works just great.

  3. I actually bought a used Bernina sewing machine for 900 bucks on ebay...better than the 1500 best price on ....brain know...craigs list....Turned out great. Love the machine. And bought a replacement plate for something or other. The extent of my ebay experiences, but both of the excellent. and nop....won't get a pay pal either...never

  4. I use e-Bay quite often and have always had good luck. I recently bought a waterpik there for $20 less than the best price I found on Amazon.


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