Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Still fumbling a bit with Windows 8.

But basically speaking,  I like it.

Once an old fart like me figures out how to get around a couple things that at first can be somewhat frustrating like, “How the fark do I turn this thing off??”  it’s all good.

One minor annoying thing,  and it has more to do with the computer itself and not the OS,  and that is that I have only one USB 3 outlet.  On the old computer,  I could run USB 3 gizmos in just about any port and half the time I’d get that,  “This device could run faster” type of message,  but it would still work.  Well, mostly.  That was because I only had USB 2 capability.  This time around the USB 2 ports will not recognise the USB 3 drives, simply because the little input dohicky is configured differently.   Gah.

So fine, if I desperately think I need to move stuff from one drive to another,  I can just load it to the computer and then move it over later.  Transfer times with the new machine are boatloads faster than with the old thing,  so that’s a plus.  Well,  and there’s that unidirectional travel path thing going on too.


I was going to use the title,  “When others cook for you”,  but that would have meant getting my act together yesterday to write something.  I didn’t seem to have the gumption. 

But,  Sunday night Daughter Number Two and Hubby came over with a shopping bag full of groceries and prepared Sunday Dinner for the four of us.   We basically had wraps,  but rather than use flat bread or tortillas,  (or worse, tacos!  which always break apart all over the place) we used lettuce leaves.  And no, it’s not as weird as it sounds.  All you’re doing is skipping out all the unnecessary wheat/carbs/gluten/whatever and replacing any bread products with Boston lettuce leaves.  Totally doable.


Here they are hard at work.


I have to say,  Rob is a better cook than I’ll ever be.  There, I’ll admit it.  Dinner was exceptional.   The meat had just enough “zip” to make it interesting,  and Travelling Companion and I both slept very well that night.  Again, that too does sound a bit odd,  but I’m beginning to come to the inevitable conclusion that a person’s post dinner comfort is directly related to just what goes in the pie hole during dinner.  Kind of a no-brainer really.

The only minor disturbance in the Force though,  was the slight wind storm leading up to bedtime.   I think it might have been the refried beans.  

Just a guess.


I’m not going to bore you too much with the other boring sh*t going on here at the Ponderosa.

I did do some tree trimming today,  since the weather has briefly warmed up to the point where I was actually getting kind of warm out there with only a jacket on.

I didn’t take a “before” picture,  but you can see here the aftermath.



This plum tree that we have at the corner of the lot is likely in the range of 45 to 50 years old,  and has needed a trimming for a few years now.  I used to be all caught up on the trimming program before we moved overseas,  but I was never home for a visit at the right time of the year to give the thing a haircut.   So it’s been well over five years,  and the thing has gone crazy.

I know we’ve been home for slightly over a year now, and I should have jumped on this little job as soon as we got here,  but it just didn’t seem to be a priority at the time.  Never mind the fact that’s it’s just not that freakin’ easy.

There’s still a bit more to get rid of off the top,  but I was getting tired from all that sawing.  So I might tackle it again tomorrow.  Or not.  Thursday?  Meh,  we’ll see.

A number of those branches were dead,  so hopefully that’s not a bad omen.  This winter has been a bit of a tough one.


I think that’s all I have in my pea brain for now.

Keep those sticks on the ice.


Thanks for stopping by.





  1. Good post. Windows 8 will be gone in a year or two, on the new computers that is. Wonder what the learning experience will be with the next one. Tree trimming is always fun.

  2. My biggest problem with Windows 8 was also figuring out how to turn the dang thing off.

  3. The biggest problem with Windows 8 is its a windows program, Microsoft, need I say more?
    Looks like some of that snow is going away, getting ready for our arrival.

  4. Not sure I know anyone who's entirely positive about Windows 8. I've just had to update my computer and the inhouse tech support strongly recommended windows 7, which is great.

  5. Yeah, but you're a better painter than Rob... :c)

  6. You have right clicked on the little yellow window in the lower left corner haven't you.... ?? A lot of the stuff I want to do is on that menu..... Even turning it off...

  7. I for one am entirely positive about Windows 8 and 8.1 is even better and you can download it free!

    There are a few trees in our backyard that I've been looking at for years thinking I should trim them. One got so bad last year I had to chop it down!!

  8. Seems like the "turning it off" challenge was the theme of the launch so everything I read about Windows 8.1 started out with how to turn it off - thus I was denied the thrill of discovery that so many of you enjoyed :-(. Thanks Rod for the note on the right click - THAT I did not read anywhere! I am loving the new program and find it much more intuitive than past versions. Enjoy getting to know each other!!


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