Saturday, March 29, 2014

One of the Saturday rituals.

Some folks go to their front door to collect the newspaper that they’ve had delivered,  sit back and leisurely peruse for the morning.  I’m too cheap.

Well,  I *suppose* I might consider having the Globe and Mail delivered on a Saturday morning,  since it’s similar I guess to the New York Times. 

Maybe The Washington Post?  Not sure.  Depends on ones “leanings” I reckon.

I know I can sit for hours with a copy of The Globe, even though I’m of the opinion that print media is basically dead. 

Easy now.  Just an opinion.

Instead,  I wade through the flyers.  We get a whack of them.  Mostly, they come inside the local free rag we have here in Burlington.  It’s the Burlington Post, and the online version isn’t quite the same as the print version.  In a similar fashion to the free rag that was available 20 meters from our front door in Vienna, you get what you pay for.   Once again, the online version isn’t quite the same as the print version, which was called Ősterreich. 

Anyhoodle,  I sometimes find little dealskis that I might like to follow up on,  since I never pay full price items such as paper towels, peanut butter or sh*t tickets.   But we’re well stocked,  believe me.   No pictures please.  And I have no clue why those three items popped into my head,  but let’s not get too side-tracked.

As it happened,  last Saturday night we were off to visit with one of T.C.’s sisters,  and we couldn’t help but notice that her otherwise board straight hair had a bit of a curl to it.   Well,  she had discovered this nifty little hair curler thingy, “As seen on TV”,  and was quite pleased with the results.

Let’s see if I can steal a couple images off the net.

Here we go:

1388598_Large_1.jpeg-c4db98dcf0c16bbfb98ca5223d69c623d4c24470-optim-460x460curl secret 

Of course,  now that I look “on the line”,  I see the prices are all over the map.  The thing is,  there are a couple young ladies in the extended family who have long thin hair,  and T.C. thought maybe she’d pick up a couple as gifts. 

I won’t be using one of these things,  trust me.

So,  as I was briefly perusing the Sears flyer,   I noticed they had the thing on sale,  and it was sort of in the mid range of prices,  and OH LOOK,  there’s a “Webcode”.   AND,  you can order and have it delivered.

That’s what it says.

But wait,  when I get to the webpage,  this is what I get.

What the hell?

Why I don't shop at Sears.


If you don’t want to click on it, you can still hover over the image and see the name I gave to that screen shot.  

And it’s true.   I gave up on Sears a long time ago.  Used to be,  I’d phone in a few things from the catalogue and drive a few blocks to pick them up, (Christmas shopping,  but don’t tell!)  and that was the last time I shopped Sears “on line”,  except that the line referred to was a phone line.   Seems they haven’t figured out the other “line” just yet. 

Makes me want to grab some marketing type by the ears,  look them in the eye and ask, “What are you doing?”   Why have a “Webcode”,  and then come along and say,  “This item is not available online”?   Come on!


Once upon a time I used to buy their tools.  Their mechanics tools are really top notch and are guaranteed for life.  Can’t beat that.  Don’t get me started about their power tools.  Don’t go there.

Only problem was,  they didn’t open until 10 a.m.   Then Home Despot came around.  Well now, they open at 7:00.  So if I desperately needed something to take to a job,  I knew where to find it.  And if you do manage to make it to a Home Despot by that time in the morning,  you’ll witness a host of contractors in there picking up stuff to take to a job.   Hm,  funny ‘bout that.

But hey,  what do I know about marketing?  I’m just pointing out a couple things.  That’s all.


So,  I guess I’ll turf that flyer in the recycling bin.  I won’t be “visiting my local store”.  Thanks.



Looks like it’s warming up here gradually at The Ponderosa.   I can actually make it from the back door to the garage in my shirt sleeves without dying a slow frozen death.  Makes me think we *might* have rounded a corner on the spring end of things.  Not offering any promises.


Keep your powder dry.



Thanks for stopping in.



  1. I don't miss the newspaper, but I gotta say I miss reading the flyers. Strange. Must have something to do with my need to keep up on the prices of things!

  2. When I was a lad, my Dad bought a good sized tool box from Sears. There was a wrench missing from the set. He called to let them know. A week later a complete tool set was delivered. Someone screwed up. He didn't get billed for the secong set. I'm pretty sure he didn"t return it.

  3. I too like to check the flyers and pick up some deals here and there especially food (as you know thats my thing).
    We also gave up on Sears years ago too.

  4. Don't count that hair thingy out just yet, you could use it. Think of the great curls you could put in your mustache! :cP

  5. I am watching about a quarter inch of falling slush metamorphose into the promised three to five inches of shovel ready. May Burlington be spared.

  6. I once bought a 3/8" socket set from Sears. I extended the handle by three feet with a piece of pipe to loosen a rusted nut. Broke the ratchet. They replaced it even though I told them what I did. Great guarantee.

  7. We still buy most of our household appliances from Sears (Kenmore) but even that's changing towards Home Depot for some strange reason. I don't see how Sears will be able to continue to compete with the big box stores.


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